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Steve Will Do It Net Worth, Career, Accolades and More


Steve Will Do It is the stage name of Stephen Deleonardis. Steve is a social media content creator and that is the reason for his prominence.

He mainly creates content for YouTube but his other social media accounts also got a great kick when he started getting renowned and now, he is actively making and uploading content for other social media platforms as well. However, the challenge video journey started from Instagram. 

Steve is one of the top pranksters in the United States

Steve Will Do It YouTube Journey

The genre of his content on YouTube is posting viral challenges which are performed by himself. He does collaboration videos as well with other YouTubers.

Steve has friendly contacts with many well-known media personalities and as a matter of fact, the root cause of his popularity is his collaboration with the boys of NELK. Steve has a loyal and strong fanbase. His estimated income from YouTube was about $3500 daily. 

Unfortunately, Steve’s YouTube recently got permanently banned for violating the YouTube’s Community Guidelines. He won’t be able to post content on YouTube from his own channel. However, he has other platforms to portray his content. 

Steve is anyway connected to YouTube one way or other, as he is a member of NELK Entertainment, a Canadian YouTube Channel known for its prank videos.  

Keep on scrolling to find more about Steve Will Do It love life, net worth, possessions and more. 

Steve Will Do It Instagram Journey

His Instagram is all about displaying his posh lifestyle. He has posted some of his challenge videos on Instagram as well. Steve is an Instagram influencer and earns hug amount for posting a sponsorship or paid ads.

Steve has collaborated with big-names for instance he has posted multiple pictures with former President of the United States, Donald Trump. He has friendly pictures with famous YouTuber David Dobrik, Rapper Kodak Black, fitness expert Bradley Martyn, comedian Kyle Forgeard, and many other influential personalities. 

Steve Will Do It Early Life

Steve was born in the year 1998. He is American and was born in Oviedo, Florida, Unites States. He is aged as Twenty-Four years old as of 2022. Steve currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Talking about his educational background, he has no formal education of college and high school. Steve after finishing his high school, joined YouTube and stepped into the content creator’s industry. So basically, a very renowned star is only a high school graduate.  

Steve Will Do It Love Life

Steve’s love life is very open as he has been dating his high school sweetheart Celina Smith for more than four years. They had some ups and downs in their relationship but decided to not leave each other’s side. Celina Smith is also a content creator. 

Their relationship is adored by many fans and they keep posting appreciation posts for each other on their social media accounts. Recently, Steve gifted Celina a Tesla car and Lamborghini in appreciation of sticking by himself through his tough time. 

Steve Will Do It Family

Steve is little private and lowkey when it comes to family. He has not revealed much about his parents and their household environment. He posted a picture of mother where he gifted her a car and said that he has retired his parents at the age of twenty-two. However, basic information about his siblings is known to public. He has two siblings, a brother named Rocco and a sister named Brianna. 

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

One question that arises every time is ‘how does Steve Will Do It have so much money?’ We will be disclosing the estimated net worth of Steve Will Do It.

He has earned tremendous amount of money from making content for several platforms, mainly YouTube. He has his fingers dipped in other streams of income besides YouTube, he does brand promotions and commercials. He owns a signature line called Full Send Merch. Steve is a member of NELK Entertainment, a Canadian YouTube channel known for its prank videos. His estimated net worth is about $5 million as of 2022. 

Steve Will Do It Possessions

Steve earns a crazy amount of money and he keeps gifting expensive gifts to his fans and his friends. It will be pretty justified and understandable for him to own luxurious things with an income as high as one could imagine, for a young creator.

Steve’s list of possessions consists of Lamborghini Huracan which is worth of $300,000, McLaren 720S Spider which is worth of $315,000, Rolls Royce Cullinan which is worth of $500,000, Mercedes Benz S Class Maybach which is worth of $250,000. 

Steve Will Do It Dark Side of His Life

Getting famous from a young age invites a lot of opportunities of getting involved with the party hard phase involving bad and unhealthy habits. Steve has also been involved in using substance and even his driving license got suspended at the age of eighteen or nineteen after he was charged with possessions of marijuana. 

Steve Will Do It Social Media Accounts

His Instagram is @stevewilldoit with 3.6 million followers.

His Twitter is @stevewilldoit with 268.3k followers.

His TikTok is @stevewilldoit with 1 million followers.

Closing Up

We have mentioned above all there is yet, to know about Stephen aka Steve Will Do It. How does Steve Will Do It have so much money, his love life, his net worth, his possessions and how social he is and how rich he is to gift expensive things to his fans. 

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