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Stephanie Selter Complete Biography


Stephanie Selter, an American Social Media Personality and Instagram Star.

Hey, have you heard of Stephanie Selter? She’s the CEO of ‘Selter Media,’ a talent management and creative agency based in New York. She founded it with her sister, Jen Selter, who’s a popular fitness model and social media influencer. Following her sister’s path, Stephanie is carving out her own niche as a social media personality and heading towards a career in fitness modeling.

Stephanie Selter is already a digital strategist with a solid presence on various social media platforms. With over 235,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 on Twitter, she’s making waves. You might also spot her on her sister’s Instagram, which boasts a whopping 12 million followers!

Quick Facts About Stephanie Selter

Age: 32 years old


  • Mother: Jill Weinstein
  • Siblings: Jen

Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)

Notable Alumni: Anglo-American University, Indiana University Bloomington

Childhood & Early Life

Stephanie Selter was born on December 21 in Roslyn, New York, USA. Raised by her mother, Jill Weinstein, along with her sister Jen. After graduating from ‘Roslyn High School’ in New York, she attended ‘Indiana University Bloomington.’ In 2013, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management. Stephanie also did a program at ‘Anglo-American University’ in Prague, where she interned at ‘Bus2Alps’ for social media. She then interned at ‘Amsterdam Hospitality’ before starting at ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar.’


So, after spending four months at ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar,’ Stephanie moved on to take on the role of Brand Communications Manager at ‘88 Management.’ Now, she’s the Chief Brand Officer at ‘88 Management’ and is also the CEO at ‘Selter Media,’ a venture she co-founded with her well-known sister. At ‘Selter Media,’ they have a team of social influencers and brand strategists who brainstorm digital campaigns for their clients. On top of all that, Stephanie is chasing her dream of becoming a fitness model just like her sister, Jen.

Social Media Presence

Stephanie’s got tons of followers on Instagram and Twitter, all thanks to her awesome physique that she flaunts without holding back. Being Jen Selter’s sister has definitely boosted her social media following. Her Instagram feed is filled with bikini pics and has over 235,000 followers. You’ll see a lot of love for her sister, Jen, in those pics, too. On Twitter, she’s rocking over 20,000 followers already.


In January 2018, Stephanie and her sister Jen caused a stir on an ‘American Airlines flight. Jen got in trouble for standing inside the plane and was asked to sit by a flight attendant. Even after explaining she was just putting on her jacket, the attendant questioned if she wanted to leave the plane. Jen jokingly said yes, leading to a scene with five police officers. Eventually, both sisters were taken off the plane. They later shared the whole incident on social media and chatted about it with their fans regularly.

Personal Life & Family

Stephanie and her sister Jen are super tight. You’ll notice Jen in almost all of Stephanie’s social media posts – they’re always hanging out together. Stephanie never forgets to give a shoutout to Jen for being the best around. They both love staying fit and often share pics of their amazing bodies. Stephanie’s also close to her mom, Jill Weinstein. Her mom and sis hit the gym together. Besides working out and eating healthy, Stephanie enjoys binge-watching reality TV shows like ‘The Bachelorette,’ ‘The Bachelor,’ and ‘Survivor.’ She’s got a cute dog named Graham, who’s a regular on her Instagram and Twitter.

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