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Sigmond Galloway – Ex Husband of Mahalia Jackson


Sigmond Galloway is best known as the ex-husband of American gospel singer Mahalia Jackson.

Born in Northern Indiana, Galloway was a talented jazz musician and vocalist who achieved tremendous success during his career.

Although overshadowed by his famous wife’s accomplishments, Sigmond played an important role in the spread of gospel blues throughout America at a time when racism and segregation were still rampant.

His influence on Mahalia’s music can also not be understated, making him an important figure in 20th century music history.

Bio, Height, Age, Nationality

Sigmond Galloway, a professional jazz singer, was born on May 18th, 1922 in Alabama, United States.

He was an American of African-American ethnicity with a dark complexion, black hair, and black eyes.

While information regarding his mother and siblings are not available, sources indicate that his father’s name was Randolph Galloway.

Sigmond had an average height and married sensational Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson in 1965, but their marriage ended in 1967.

Interestingly, Mahalia’s first marriage also did not last long.

Their shared interest in music brought them closer, and Sigmond made a name for himself in the jazz industry. Sadly, Sigmond passed away, and his contribution to the music world will forever be remembered.

Sigmond Galloway Career

Sigmond Galloway, the renowned jazz singer, was born in Alabama and spent his early years there.

However, it was in Gary Lake, Indiana where he discovered his passion for music and started his career as a singer.

Prior to that, Sigmond was engaged in the construction business. He pursued his love for jazz and soul, eventually becoming a celebrated performer.

Over time, his smooth voice and passionate performances earned him a reputation as one of the best jazz singers of his era.

With his roots in Alabama and career beginnings in Indiana, Sigmond’s musical legacy has now spread far and wide, touching people’s hearts with each performance.

Relationship and Marriage

Sigmong Galloway, best known for being in a relationship with the legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, received much recognition during their time together.

Despite coming from different music backgrounds,pior to their meeting, their mutual love for music helped them bond and eventually lead to marriage.

Mahalia’s popularity and talent were acknowledged by her fans, even today. However, as much as the couple enjoyed being together, their marriage was surprisingly cut short, leading to separation.

They got married in 1965 and did not have any children together.

Mahalia’s initial years of marriage were accompanied by poor health, as she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and even experienced a heart attack.

These health issues may have played a role in their separation. Despite the end of their relationship, their love story remains a noteworthy part of Mahalia’s legacy.

Sigmond Galloway ex-wife Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson was a renowned Gospel singer born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1911.

Known for her exceptional vocal abilities, she devoted her life to using her gift in praise of God, and her music band helped spread the gospel blues throughout Black churches in the United States.

In a time when Americans were divided by racial disputes, Mahalia used her music to promote unity and harmony.

Her generosity and singing skills made her a beloved figure, and her life’s work has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

As we continue to celebrate her legacy, we are reminded of the incredible power of music to bring people together.

Mahalia Jackson known for her selfless love and giving nature towards others. However, her life was not a bed of roses as she faced multiple setbacks, especially in her marriages.

Mahalia tied the knot with chemist Isaac “Ike” Hockenhull in 1935, but their relationship was short-lived.

Due to financial struggles, Ike lost his job, and the couple faced financial difficulties. Eventually, Ike pressured Mahalia to audition for ‘The Swing Mikado,’ a jazz retelling, which she did reluctantly.

Sadly, the situation worsened, and Mahalia and Ike went their separate ways in 1967.

Despite all the challenges that came her way, Mahalia’s love for others never faltered, and her music continues to inspire people even today.

Mahalia Jackson’s second marriage with Sigmond Galloway was short-lived due to her declining health and continuous treatment.

Sadly, it was a tumultuous time for Mahalia as Sigmond even physically harmed her. Despite all the traumatic events in her personal life, Mahalia never gave up on her dreams.

She channeled her talent towards promoting racial harmony and love among people in the US.

Mahalia’s legacy continues even after her death on January 27, 1972, in Evergreen Park, Illinois, where she inspired and touched countless lives.

Sigmond Galloway Net worth

Sigmond Galloway was well known in the music industry for his talent and passion as a musician, however his net worth remains a mystery.

Despite this, he made a name for himself through his art and inspired countless individuals with his music.

Interestingly, his ex-wife, the iconic Mahalia Jackson, had a net worth of 1 billion dollars during their time together.

Though Sigmond may not have achieved the same level of financial success as his former partner, his legacy as a musician continues to live on and inspire audiences around the world.


Sigmond Galloway and Mahalia Jackson’s love story was a memorable one, despite the brief time they spent together.

Their relationship represented how music has the power to bring people from different backgrounds together in harmony.

Although their marriage ended abruptly due to unfortunate circumstances, Sigmond’s legacy as a musician lives on today through his contribution to the music industry.

Despite being outshone by her partner’s success financially, Mahalia left behind an incredible impact with her exceptional vocal abilities and devotion towards promoting racial unity in America.

Even after all these years, she continues to be remembered for selfless spirit of giving that inspired many during her lifetime.

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