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Shelley Hennig Stardom, Fan Following, Net Worth, Personal Life & More


Oh, you haven’t met Shelley yet? Let me fill you in! Shelley Hennig is a dynamic and vibrant personality, always brimming with energy. She’s got this infectious enthusiasm that can turn even the most mundane tasks into an exciting adventure. Being around her, you can’t help but feel uplifted. And trust me, her insightful perspectives and witty charm are sure to keep you engaged in any conversation.

Fans of the hit soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’ will undoubtedly credit Shelley Catherine Hennig’s portrayal of Stephanie Johnson as a significant factor in the show’s triumph. Her enchanting and dynamic performance not only brought the character to life but also earned her multiple awards and two Emmy nominations. Hennig is also recognized for her role as Malia Tate in ‘Teen Wolf.’ As a young beauty, she participated in a host of pageants and was declared Miss Teen USA in 2004, a first for a Louisiana contestant. This achievement laid the groundwork for her future career, as the prize included a one-year modeling contract with Trump Modeling Management and a scholarship to The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. As a pageant winner, her numerous guest appearances on television shows introduced her to the acting industry and instilled the confidence to pursue acting and modeling full-time—a choice the bright student had previously not contemplated.


Shelley Hennig, although always fascinated by the arts, didn’t initially envision a future in the spotlight. She was an exceptional student, with a particular affinity for English, and even dabbled in poetry. Known for her impressive typing speed and strict attention to spelling and grammar, her life took an unexpected turn when she entered and won the Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2004, and subsequently the national Miss Teen USA. This victory was a gateway into the glittering world of television and film, with her initially making cameos and guest appearances. Despite stepping down from her beauty queen title in 2005, she continued to have a presence on television, including reality shows. It wasn’t until 2007, with her casting as Stephanie Johnson in ‘Days of Our Lives’, that her acting career truly launched. This role earned her two Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Younger Actress. She later played Diane Meade in ‘The Secret Circle’ and Malia Tate in ‘Teen Wolf’. Her portrayal of Malia was well-received, earning her the 2016 Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star: Female. Additionally, she appeared in the Band Perry’s music video for ‘Gentle On My Mind’. Beyond acting, Shelley is a talented dancer and writer, with two of her poems featured in the ‘Young Authors Book of Poetry’.

Personal Life

Born on January 2, 1987, in Metairie, Louisiana, Shelley Hennig is the daughter of Cathy Distefano Gosset and Glenn H. Hennig, Sr. Her paternal lineage consists of German, Swiss-German, Scottish, and English roots, while her mother hails from an Italian background. The youngest of three children, she was adored by her two older brothers. Her life was tragically affected when one of her brothers, Brad Joseph, died in a drunk-driving accident in Destrehan, Louisiana, on August 9, 2001. Brad was only 18, and his sudden demise deeply affected the family. This event motivated Shelley to become an outspoken activist against underage drinking. She has associated with the Louisiana-based non-profit, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (C.A.D.A), to raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of drug and alcohol misuse. Furthermore, she has also contributed her time and efforts to various other non-profit organizations, such as Seeds of Peace, D.A.R.E., Sparrow Clubs, and SHiNE.

Who is the Boyfriend of Shelley Hennig?

Shelley Hennig has always been relatively private about her personal life, including her dating history. While she has been linked with a few of her co-stars in the past, as of recent reports, she appears to be single. However, it’s important to note that the status of her relationship could change, given that she tends to keep this aspect of her life away from the public eye.

Net Worth of Shelley Hennig

As of recent reports, Shelley Hennig has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. This wealth primarily stems from her successful career in acting, where she has landed significant roles in numerous well-known television series. Her wealth also includes earnings from her modeling career, endorsements, and other ventures. It’s important to note that this figure is an estimate and might fluctuate based on new projects and endorsements.

Shelley Hennig in Obliterated

Shelley Hennig continued to diversify her portfolio with her role in the 2019 comedy series, “Obliterated”. In this high-octane, action-packed series, Shelley plays the part of a professional operative in a top-secret private security firm. Her character is part of a team that deals with life-threatening missions on a daily basis, yet strives to maintain a semblance of normalcy and routine in their personal lives. Hennig’s performance was noted for her seamless blend of comedic timing and dramatic flair, once again showcasing her versatility as an actress.


From her humble beginnings in the world of pageantry to her commanding presence on the small screen, Shelley Hennig has continuously evolved and proven her versatility as an artist. Her award-winning portrayals in famous TV series are a testament to her talent and commitment to her craft. Yet, she remains grounded, never forgetting her roots, and using her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart. Her journey serves as an inspiration to those who dare to dream, demonstrating that with determination, resilience, and passion, one can turn life’s unexpected twists into a path towards success. Shelley Hennig is not just an accomplished actress; she is a beacon of strength, a committed activist, and a role model to many.

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