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Shari Jordan – Wife Of Lionel Dahmer And Stepmother Of Jeffery Dahmer


Late Shari Jordan was an American woman who is now recognized as the late stepmother of a serial killer Jeffery Dahmer and the second wife of Lionel Dahmer, the father of Jeffery. 

Who were Shari Jordan’s Parents?

Late Shari Jordan was the daughter of late Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller.  

When and where was Shari Jordan born?

Late Shari Jordan was born in the year 1953 on 8th of May. She was American and was born in north-eastern state, Columbus, Ohio.

Shari Jordan Husband; Lionel Dahmer

Late Shari Jordan married Lionel Dahmer in the year 1978 and became his second wife. They were married for a long period of forty years till the death of Shari did them apart. Shari and Lionel had a son called David Dahmer. David got an older stepbrother from his father’s first marriage.  

Lionel Dahmer was initially married to Joyce Dahmer and they had one boy, named Jeffery Dahmer. Later, Joyce Dahmer left Lionel when their son, Jeffery was just a little kid. Lionel then decided to marry again and he then married Shari Jordan. 

Lionel Dahmer was born in the year 1936 in West Allis, Wisconsin. Mainly known as the father of the filthiest and most disgusting serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer. Lionel is still alive as of 2022. He has appeared into many interviews ever since his son’s crimes came into public awareness. He, as a father, has written a book about his son; titled ‘A Father’s Story.’

Shari Jordan and Lionel Dahmer Son

Shari had only one son with Lionel Dahmer after their marriage. They named him David Dahmer. However, Lionel already had a son with his ex-wife Joyce, named Jeffery Dahmer. David and Jeffery naturally became stepbrothers when their father married Shari Jordan. 

Shari Jordan’s Stepchildren; Jeffery Dahmer

As a result of the marriage with Lionel Dahmer, Shari Jordan became stepmother to Jeffery Dahmer, the world knows Jeffery Dahmer as the worst serial killer in American history and also referred as cannibal and monster. He was a sex offender and murderer; he committed dismemberment of seventeen males between 1978 and 1991. His biological mother was Joyce Dahmer, she died in the year 2000. His stepbrother is still alive, named David Dahmer. 

Jeffery Dahmer died during his time in prison. He was beaten to death by a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver. 

Shari Jordan Death

Late Shari Jordan met her ultimate fate and passed away in the year 2012 at the age of fifty-eight. She took her last breaths in her own daughter’s home, having her grandchildren around. She had five biological grandchildren. 

Shari Jordan Role in Netflix Series made on her Stepson

Being Jeffery Dahmer’s stepmother, she was directly or indirectly connected to the filthy lifestyle of her stepson. A Netflix series is also made on the disgusting and disgraceful life of Dahmer, named Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story, and as his stepmother, her onscreen role was played by actor Molly Ringwald. 

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