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Sasha Hemsworth – Marvel’s Avenger Thor’s Son


Despite playing diverse roles for so many movies, Chris Hemsworth would always be known for playing ‘Thor’, a fictional character from Marvel universe whose power stems from a thunder procuring hammer. Such was his remarkable acting of the said super hero.

And because of it, Chris Hemsworth became an instant favorite of many people. When someone becomes a favorite of yours, you start adoring those people too who are related to him.

So it really comes as a no surprise, when Sasha Hemsworth, son of Chris Hemsworth, already has a huge legion of fans and admirers, despite being 8 years old.

This article aims to cover everything about Sasha Hemsworth and his family.

Sasha Hemsworth Parents

Sasha’s father: Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth was born on 11 August 1983 in the capital of Victoria, Melbourne. His father Craig Hemsworth worked as a social-services counselor while his mother Leonie was an English Lecturer. Leonie was an actress as well. She starred in an Australian comedy series ‘The Hollowmen’, playing the character named ‘Dianne’.

The brothers share a variation of ethnicity. Their maternal side is made up of Dutch and Irish while paternal side comprises of English, Scottish and German.

The Hemsworth moved back and forth a lot, from Melbourne to Outback, then Outback to Melbourne. It went on like this for a couple of years before they finally settled in Philip island.

Chris began his acting career by appearing in a number of television series such as Neighbors and Home and away.

Then he auditioned for J.J. Abrams Film, Star Trek in which he was eventually selected. The film became a box office hit and many viewers appreciated Chris’ acting, even though it was only in the opening scenes.

Chris Hemsworth breakthrough finally came when he was casted as superhero ‘Thor’ from marvel universe in film Thor. The movie became an instant hit, earning US$449.3 million in the box office. It was also the 15th highest grossing film of 2011.

It didn’t stop here. The film Thor released a number of sequels like Avengers, Avengers: Infinity war and Avengers: Endgame. And Chris was casted in all of them.

Not just superhero only, but Chris played other roles in an array of films like Huntsmen in snow white or black ops mercenary in Extraction.

Chris Hemsworth is recognized among Hollywood A-list Actors.

Sasha’s Mother: Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky was born in 18 July 1976 to Jose Francisco Lafuente who was a Spanish biochemist and to Cristina Medianu Pataky who was a Romanian publicist. Elsa has one sibling; a half-brother named Cristian Prieto Medianu.

Elsa studied in CEU San Pablo university, where she majored in Journalism. While completing her degree, she took acting classes alongside as well.

Initially, Pataky starred in a television series like Al salir de clase and Queen of swords. After that, she acted in a number of movies, most of which were co-produce with UK and France. This led her to working both in English and French.

In addition to this, Elsa also played in Spanish films and co-starred in one French film.

Elsa first debut in Hollywood happened when she was casted in the film Snakes on a plane. Later on, she played the character Elena Neves in the movie Fast 5, which is the part of fast and furious franchise. She continued appearing in other parts of Fast and Furious.

Alongside acting, Elsa became the brand ambassador for Time force Jewelry line. And from time to time, did modeling for magazines.

Birth of Sasha Hemsworth

Sasha Hemworth’s parents were introduced through a talent agent William Ward in early 2010. It was too early to tell, but the way they interacted only told one thing; they were smitten with each other.

By September 2010, Chris and Elsa made their romance public. And in December 2010, they got married in Australia.

In May 2012, the couple welcomed their first child; a daughter whom they named her India Rose.

Barely 18 months had passed after the birth of India Rose, when Elsa found out she was pregnant once again.

Chris and Elsa became parents not to one, but two babies; Twins baby boys on 18 March 2014. One of them was Sasha Hemsworth.

Sasha Hemsworth twin is called Tristan Hemsworth. To sum it up, Sasha Hemsworth has one elder sister and one twin brother.

After a year or two, Chris Hemsworth moved back to his hometown in Byron Bay, along with his family. The couple felt like they would raise Sasha and his siblings better there than in L.A, which is always thronged with paparazzi.

That’s pretty much the information we know about Sasha Hemsworth. Because his mother is extremely pivotal about her kids’ life, not much is known.

Facts about Sasha Hemsworth

1) Sasha Hemsworth recently celebrated his birthday along with his twin brother. Both are now 8 years old.
2) His ethnicity is Caucasian.
3) His zodiac sign is Pisces, automatically making him a water sign.

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