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Sarah Sklash – Co-Founder & Motelier – The June Motel


Sarah Sklash was born in 1985 in Ontario, Canada. She is 37 years old and has Canadian citizenship. She is also a Christian, and her astrological sign is currently unknown.

Moving on, she was born to Michael Sklash, his father, and Karen Sklash, her mother. She also has a brother called David Sklash. Aside from that, he has not shared any information about her family or childhood.

Sarah Sklash Education

Her educational background includes Richard Ivet Business School. She got bachelor’s degree in business administration. She then attended Hurin University College at the University of Western Ontario. In 2007, she was an exchange undergraduate at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Sarah Sklash Career

She owns a business in her professional life. Before starting her own business, she worked for the government as a project manager and business analyst. From 2007 to 2016, she worked for the government, specializing in vital statistics.

Sarah Sklash worked for the government for a number of years before launching her own company. She co-founded The June Motel with her friend and business partner, April Brown, in 2016.Two of the best friends who have turned into business partners are Sarah Sklash and April Brown.

When they bought it, it was well known as The Sportsman Motel. It is a small hotel chain with locations in Suable Beach and Prince Edward County. After the first motel’s success, they began looking for and renovating old motels.

She then volunteered for TOPS. She oversaw a team of 11 executive leads and over 100 volunteers who provided learning and networking opportunities to over 4000 employees throughout the province. The show follows two best friends and their plans to renovate dilapidated motels, which premieres in August 2021.

Sarah Sklash Net Worth

Because of her career, the multi-talented model has amassed a sizable fortune. Sarah’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000 USD based on her wiki sites.

Sarah Sklash Husband

In her personal life, Sarah Sklash is a married woman. Rodolph and Sarah are getting married in July 2019. There is not much information about their wedding available. She does, however, have a happy marriage with her husband.

Sarah has maintained a low profile, avoiding rumors and controversies. She was, however, once thought to be transgender. She categorically stated that she was born female and denied the rumor.

How Two Best Friends turn out to be the Motel Queens of Canada?

April Brown and Sarah Sklash had no intention of co-owning a motel or becoming designers. In fact, they had no idea where Suable Beach, Ontario was. “We didn’t have the enough money to employ a large team when we found this underprivileged motel, so we had no choice but to roll up our sleeves and learn,” Sarah says.

April and Sarah have been best friends for nearly 20 years, and their mutual support could potentially mean creating a life that was never expected. They met in college and lived in Toronto for years before deciding to buy a run-down motel together, because that is the kind of pipe dream that has said but never done. April recalls, “I was working in public relations and Sarah was working for the government.” Nonetheless, April had renovated her condo, and Sarah had done the same for a cottage. By 2016, both had admitted that their careers had not gone as planned. There had to be a way to be happy, and they were willing to take some risks as long as they could be happy.

The original June Motel was such a success when it first opened, thanks in part to an Instagram-ready design drenched in tropical prints that the couple quickly sought out a larger property to complement it. That is how they wound up working as the unlikely owners of a 24-room motel in Sauble Beach, Ontario, on the quiet edge of Lake Huron. “

True friends are there for the good things, like sifting through vintage stores for cheap accents, but they are also there when things get tough. Sarah handled the finances and logistics for their partnership, while April focused entirely on branding and marketing. April clarifies, “We both established the dream, and our project manager, Courtney Mann, took care of the crew, timelines, and sourcing.” “We like to say that at the end of a long day, there’s someone to have a glass of wine and commiserate with, and at the end of a good day, there’s someone to celebrate with!” There’s always wine.”

Last Labor Day weekend, the new June Motel opened as a Technicolor escape to match the areas storied sunsets. In the renovated rooms, blush walls contrast with tongue-in-cheek neon signs, and rattan pendants exude the same carefree spirit as hammocks on private balconies. The pool is lined with fringe umbrellas, and the shop serves drinks alongside smooth leather sofas and plenty of plants. April and Sarah have pieces from the rooms for sale as souvenirs in case guests are interested—a friend would never keep a good find a secret.

Facts about Sarah Sklash

1 .She Used To Work In Public Service

Sarah was on a completely different path before becoming an entrepreneur. “I worked for the Ontario Public Service,” Sarah said in an interview with Flare. I had a good time, learned a lot that I am still using in my work, and I am proud of what I accomplished. Nonetheless, it did not satisfy my entrepreneurial and creative spirit.”

2. She Studied Business

Sarah has always been interested in learning new things, which has obviously influenced her approach to education. According to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with a degree in business administration. Her recent work has undoubtedly allowed her to put her education to good use.

3. She Loves Being Out In Nature

Sarah is an outdoorsy person who spends as much time as she can outside. She adores nature and is always appreciative of the beauty of her surroundings. Furthermore, being outside is one of her favorite ways to unwind. Her favorite outdoor activities include hiking and relaxing by the water.

4. Motel Renovation Is Her First TV Show

As reality, television has grown in popularity over the last decade or so, it has provided opportunities for people from all occupations to enter the industry. Despite Sarah’s lack of interest in a career in the entertainment industry, Motel Makeover proved to be the ideal opportunity for her. Sarah has not done any TV work prior to Motel Makeover, as far as we know.

5. She Enjoys Taking Pictures

Sarah has a great eye for beauty, and her work with The June Motel is not the only way she expresses that side of herself. Sarah also enjoys taking photographs and knows when to capture the best moments. Her interest in photography complements her love of nature.

6. She is An Avid Reader

Sarah’s schedule has probably been a little hectic lately because of her recent success. When she does have a moment to herself, she enjoys picking up a book and getting lost in a good story. Sarah occasionally shares photos of the book she is reading with her Instagram followers.

7. She loves travelling

Sarah has always loved to travel, and it was instilled in her at a young age. Sarah told Travel and Style, “When I was five, my parents took my brother and me on a year-long trip around the world.” We lived in Australia, France, and travelled throughout Asia and Europe. My memories are delightfully childlike – Australia had the best slides, Austria had the best cookies.”

8. She is Not Afraid of a Challenge

Challenges are an inevitable part of life, but some people cannot help but give in when under pressure. However, that has never been Sarah’s style. Sarah does not back down from a challenge, and that attitude has helped her achieve many great things over the years.

9. She Likes Trying Different Foods

Food has a unique way of bringing people together, and you can learn a lot about different parts of the world by the types of dishes they enjoy eating. One of the best parts about travelling is that she gets to try foods from different cultures.

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