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Sarah Maria Taylor – Inside the Life of American Singer


Sarah Maria Taylor is an American singer-songwriter who was born on January 7, 1974. She is the sister of musician Ben Taylor and the daughter of Carly Simon and James Taylor. Taylor has a solo career in addition to having played in the independent band The Slip in the past. Taylor is a philanthropist who also works to address Southeast Asia’s land mine issue.

Activism in Taylor’s Life

Taylor is a supporter of land mine victims in addition to her artistic endeavors. She and her husband Dean Bragonier established “The Tranquility Project” with this goal in mind. [Reference needed] The organization works to get landmines out of Southeast Asia, spread awareness about the problem, help victims get their lives back on track, and offer hope. She is featured on the CD Too Many Years, which supports the work of Clear Path International with land mine survivors.

Singer-songwriter Wendy Woo and the band Something Underground, which consists of the brothers Seth and Josh Larson, performed at a charity event that Taylor held in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, in 2007. Since joining the group a few years ago, Taylor has performed charity performances around the Midwest and twice in Southeast Asia.

Taylor, a vegan, transformed a Volkswagen van into a food cart that sells vegan and raw cuisine under the name “Sally in the Raw.”

Sarah Maria Taylor Personal life

Dean Bragonier is the husband of Taylor. She gave birth to a boy named Bodhi Taylor Bragonier on October 4, 2007. She and her husband each have dyslexia, according to a diagnosis.

The song “Sarah Maria Taylor” from James Taylor’s 1975 album Gorilla mentions Sarah Maria Taylor as the daughter of singer-songwriters James Taylor and Carly Simon. The song “Think I’m Gonne Have a Baby” from Carly Simon’s Hotcakes album, which was released in January 1974, has a study of a pregnant Simon as the album’s cover image.

In Marion, Massachusetts, Taylor completed his studies at Tabor Academy, a residential school for college prep.

Sarah Maria Taylor Music Career

Sally’s parents did not want her to pursue a career in music. Her parents first believed that they wouldn’t wish a music career on their worst enemy, according to her. But when they realized how devoted she was to music, they gave in and began to back her.

Even Carly and James’ influence on music was beneficial, as they leveraged their contacts to advance the musical careers of their offspring.

Sarah Maria Taylor and Her Husband Are Dyslexic

Dean Bragonier, Taylor’s spouse, had a dyslexia diagnosis when he was a young child. The swimmer experienced strangeness and a sense of alienation as a child. He didn’t discover it was just a neurological problem until he was an adult, thinking there was something wrong with him.

Nevertheless, he has dealt with this throughout his life and has made an effort to aid those in a similar circumstance. In order to aid dyslexics and raise awareness, Bragonier founded the non-profit organization “Noticeability.” In order to further his objectives, he also plans fundraising.

Similar to Sally, 48, dyslexia is claimed to have been identified as early as childhood. She received a lot of support from her family as she was growing up. Taylor’s family welcomed her and the circumstance with open arms, and they even engaged in games with her that aided in word interpretation. In addition to Her Music, Sarah Maria Taylor Is Known For Her Philanthropic Work

She and her husband co-founded “The Tranquility Project,” an initiative to clear Southeast Asia of landmines. She has dedicated her charitable efforts to addressing the landmine issues in the region because she is so passionate about doing so.

In accordance with this, Bodhi’s mother has started and participated in numerous charitable endeavors. She appeared on the CD “Too Many Years” and participated in a number of charity concerts. In order to support Clear Path International’s efforts to aid land mine survivors, this appearance was made.

She is not only interested in raising awareness; she also works to get rid of landmines and aid those who have been harmed by them in South East Asia.

Upon Her Retirement, Sally Became a Teacher

Sarah Maria Taylor ended his touring career at the age of thirty. After retiring, she relocated to Boston and started teaching. She was a huge help to the Berklee School of Music and its students while also teaching music there.

Sarah Maria Taylor Is the Founder of ‘Consensus’

Consensus is a medium that is utilized to link international artists through artistic engagement. By asking them to interpret and express one another’s work in their individual mediums, the intention is to unite artists. Sarah Maria Taylor gave up teaching music to concentrate on creating this artistic community.

Her Parents No Longer Have a Relationship

Sally’s parents, Carly Simon and James Taylor, are no longer married. They were wed on November 3rd, 1972, however they divorced in 1983. Both of them afterwards began new relationships, and in 1987 Simon wed James Hart.

In 1985, James Taylor wed Kathryn Walker; they later divorced in 1995. Later, in 2001, he remarried Caroline Smedvig. Rufus and Henry, twin kids born to Caroline for the musician.

Carly claims that she is no longer in contact with her ex-husband, though. Despite sharing two children, she claims they have lost contact. She describes her ex-husband and her marriage as “non-existent.”

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