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Ryan Waller Documentary – The Real Cause Of His Death


Ryan Waller was a beloved Arizona resident who tragically lost his life in the infamous Christmas Day break-in and murder of his fiancée. His story has gained national attention due to the brutality of the crime and its impact on family, friends, and community members alike.

In this documentary, we will explore Ryan’s life before tragedy struck as well as take an in-depth look into how he is remembered today by those close to him. We will also discuss the circumstances surrounding the case that led up to Ryan’s death, including interviews with key witnesses and law enforcement officials involved in bringing justice for Ryan’s memory.

Finally, we’ll examine what can be done so that no other family has to experience such a tragedy again.

Who is Ryan Waller?


Ryan Thomas Waller had a passion for music, having been able to rap along to his favorite song as soon as he heard it. Waller also enjoyed technology; information technology was his chosen field of study.

He was originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, but had been living in Phoenix, Arizona prior to his passing. Very little else is known about him, other than he was born on February 12, 1988.

Based on what little has been uncovered about Ryan Waller’s life and personality, it is clear that he was an intelligent and creative individual.

On D’Day

On that fateful day of December 23, 2006, Ritchie Carver and Waller Carver boldly approached Waller’s door in search of retribution for a previous altercation. When they got there, Ryan and his girlfriend — both of whom shared a home with Alicia and another roommate, Heather — were either sitting in the living room or in their own room. It seemed as though luck was on their side; Alicia had left the house earlier that day.

The house had been rented by Ryan and Heather and was located at the end of an otherwise peaceful cul-de-sac. Little did anyone know that this visit would be the start of something disastrous.

What happened to Ryan Waller eye?

What happened to Ryan Waller’s eye? Unfortunately, a tragedy befell him during an attempted break-in of his home.

As he was trying to keep them out, one of the burglars shot at him two times in the head. He dropped to the ground and they believed he was dead, but not before they could shoot his girlfriend Heather Quan as she tried to protect him.

The burglar’s father and accomplice took no chances in leaving any witnesses who would lead authorities to their whereabouts after the crime. It is unclear if Ryan ever regained sight in his eye or if it was taken away forever due to the shots sustained.

Ryan’s father reported a case

Ryan’s father grew increasingly concerned when his son, Ryan Waller, began to ignore his calls and messages. Believing that something was wrong, he reported the case and called the police. When they arrived at the location, they found Heather Quan dead with an eye wound inflicted on Ryan Waller.

The police immediately began questioning him instead of taking him to get medical attention because they strongly suspected he was the murderer.

Ryan statement to police

Ryan’s statement of being shot along with Heather during a robbery in their home sent shock waves through the community and the authorities. With little evidence to start an investigation, the authorities were initially skeptic about Ryan’s story, since he had miraculously survived what would have been a fatal gunshot to the head.

However, as more information emerged and his story was corroborated by other eyewitness accounts, the authorities began to take him seriously and launched an investigation into apprehending whoever perpetrated such violence.

The other story of Waller

Don and his wife, Waller’s mother, were distraught when they were unable to contact their son or get a response from his house on Christmas Day. When they drove to the residence and rang the doorbell, still no one answered.

It was only after Don called the local authorities that things started to take a turn for the worse. The police showed up at the house later in the day and knocked on Ryan’s room but got no answer. Ultimately, it was when the police peered through a crack in the vertical blinds that they discovered two lifeless bodies within.

Ryan, fortunately, was still alive but he was handcuffed straightaway and taken away in a police vehicle. Don and his wife could not have expected such an unspeakable tragedy to befall their family on what should have been a joyous occasion of hope and reunion.

After being taken into custody

Despite the harsh circumstances that led up to it, the interrogation phase of Ryan Waller’s case was particularly grueling. After nearly four hours in the patrol cars without medical attention, his state of pain and suffering only intensified when he was brought into questioning the following morning.

Detective Paul Dalton asked Ryan a series of questions, attempting to coax information from him regarding his involvement in the death of Heather Ritchie among other topics. To all inquires save one, Ryan remained silent, except to request sleep several times. Stunned by his refusal to confess under such oppressive conditions, Ryan could not be broken during this horrible interrogation stage of his detainment.

Ryan didn’t get hospital treatment

Don was devastated after learning that his son, Ryan Waller, was in critical condition. 35 days and several grueling months later, Ryan finally recovered from his illness and left the hospital. However, the lack of prompt medical attention led to irreparable damage – Ryan had permanently lost a portion of his brain, as well as his left eye.

Moreover, he even experienced seizures for years afterwards. It goes without saying that Don was profoundly impacted by this traumatic experience.

 Who shot Ryan and his girlfriend 

The suspect responsible for shooting Ryan Waller and his girlfriend was taken into custody shortly after Ryan left the hospital.

Ritchie Lee, the son of Larry Carver, was the first one to be charged with the crime and sentenced to life without parole in 2008, while his father followed suit five years later. The families of both victims have been able to find some semblance of closure due to the quick action and thorough investigation of authorities.

Ritchie was found guilty 

Ritchie was found guilty by police of several serious crimes, including felony murder, burglary, assault with great bodily injury, and misconduct with a weapon.

His wife Heather initially refused to testify against him in court due to their marital relationship; however, in November 2011 the court re-indicted him after efforts by Heather’s family resulted in a removal of this privilege from the law.

Larry now faces charges such as first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, burglary and aggravated assault. These are extremely serious charges that can carry life-altering penalties if convicted.

Jury’s final judgement

After being convicted of the multiple counts related to the murder of Heather M. Quan, as well as having been found accountable for the attempted murder of her lover Ryan T. Waller, Larry Lloyd Carver’s fate was decided on January 25th, 2013 in Maricopa County Court when he received a life sentence with no chance for parole.

This marked the end of a ten day trial which had gathered much media attention and scrutiny from both public and legal circles alike. The judgement brought an air of finality to a case that at one point had felt never-ending.

Why Ryan and his girlfriend were shot?

It is unclear what the full extent of their prior conflict was, but sources speculate it to have included physical aggression on both sides. Though rumors also suggest Richie may have made unwanted advances toward Heather that ultimately crossed Ryan’s boundaries and escalated tensions between the two men.

Evidence from reliable sources indicate this could be a primary motivation for why Larry’s son and Richie decided to ambush Waller and his girlfriend in an attempt to murder them. Consequently, the reasons behind the tragedy remain shrouded in mystery as authorities continue to investigate what exactly triggered their violent actions.

Other stories

It was widely rumored that Ritchie and Waller had a disagreement that involved firearms. Furthermore, it seemed as though tensions between Ritchie and Eric existed since Ritchie’s former roommate and Eric had been occupying the house wherein Ryan and Heather were living before them.

Some suggest that Ritchie felt threatened by Ryan’s possessions, fueling this tension between the two of them. Nevertheless, these are only rumors; nothing has been officially confirmed about any disagreements between them.

Criticism on Police & Heather’s Law

Ryan’s tragic death sparked nationwide outrage due to his case highlighting the issue of police brutality. His family was left in a state of devastation, not only unable to understand what happened, but why the police officers had refrained from taking Ryan to the hospital sooner.

Ryan could have been saved if he had received help earlier, allowing humanity and logic to supersede their judgement – instead, the officers’ decision provoked criticism of the force which then pervaded throughout society. Had caution been taken by the officers at that critical moment in time that ultimately cost Ryan his life, possibly this unwanted situation could have been avoided entirely.

Ryan’s death was an unexpected and untimely tragedy that deeply affected his family and brought the entire nation’s attention to the case.

As people began to hear of the incident, they started to express their disappointment with the police as they had taken Ryan into custody and questioned him further rather than taking him to the hospital when it was clear he was in dire need of medical help. This led to a nationwide discourse around forms of accountability that should be implemented on the police department.

The terrible passing of Ryan prompted Arizona to pass Heather’s law.

Ryan Waller cause of death

Ryan Waller’s tragic passing was due to the bullet that pierced his eye and traveled to his brain, resulting in permanent blindness and seizures. His loved ones are rightfully mourning the loss of their dear one. We pay our respects and offer our deepest condolences to Ryan’s family, friends and those touched by this heartbreaking news. May he rest in peace.

Final thought on Ryan Waller

The passing of Ryan Waller is a tragic reminder of the dangers of gun violence and its reverberating effects. What makes this tragedy even more painful is that it could have been avoided if the police officers had taken necessary precautions to ensure his safety.

It is also a harrowing example of how an altercation between two people can quickly spiral out of control, leading to devastating consequences. We hope this story serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting boundaries and taking care of one another. May Ryan’s memory live on forever.

We urge everyone to show their support for Ryan’s family by watching his documentary, “Who is Ryan Waller?” and learning more about him.

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