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Roman Avdeev Net Worth – Children, Age, Bio & More


Roman Avdeev is a Russian billionaire and a businessman who has an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion. Born on July 17, 1967 in Odintsovo, Moscow, he started his career shortly after graduating from the Moscow International University of Business and Information Technologies. With just fourteen employees at hand, Roman bought a bank and set up the basis for agricultural business along with it. By 2006, he managed to make it one of the largest banks in Russia by assets – Credit Bank of Moscow – which now stands as sixteenth largest in size. Beyond his impressive financial success lies an interesting story about avdeev’s family life; Roman has four children with whom he spends most of his free time outside work hours and enjoys traveling around the world together with them.

Early Life and Education

Roman Avdeev is a man of humble beginnings. Born in Moscow, Russia on a hot summer day in 1967, he was brought up by a civil engineer father and a teacher mother. Money was scarce in his family during his early years, but he was always willing to work hard to put some in his pocket. Perhaps this is what fueled his strong work ethic as he grew older. After years of striving to achieve his goals, he eventually obtained a degree in economics from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics, and Informatics in 1989. It’s clear to see that Roman’s determination and perseverance have been with him from an early age.

Career of Roman Adeev

Roman Avdeev’s career began shortly after graduating from the Moscow International University of Business and Information Technologies. With just fourteen employees at hand, Roman bought a bank and set up the basis for agricultural business along with it. His determination and perseverance paid off, as he was able to transform Credit Bank of Moscow into one of Russia’s largest banks by assets.

Roman has since been credited for his expertise in corporate restructuring, particularly his ability to turn around failing companies and make them profitable again. He has also been involved with several initiatives aimed at helping young entrepreneurs develop their businesses. Furthermore, Roman is an active investor in real estate, venture capital, energy businesses, and private equity funds.

In addition to his success in business, Roman is a philanthropist who supports various charities across Russia. He has also been an advocate for education reform initiatives in the country. Roman believes that education plays an important role in unlocking economic potential and promoting social mobility among Russians. As such, he founded several educational institutions across Russia to provide quality schooling to children from all walks of life.

Children of Roman Adeev

Roman Avdeev is the proud father of four children. His eldest daughter, Tatiana, currently lives in London and works as a financial analyst. His second daughter, Anastasia, is a student at Harvard University and has expressed interest in pursuing a career in law. His youngest daughter, Darya, enjoys playing tennis and attending debates. Roman’s only son, Igor, is studying engineering at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

As a family man, Roman is very close with his children and always finds ways to make time for them outside of work hours. He would often take them on trips around the world to expose them to different cultures and new experiences. Even when he was busy running Credit Bank of Moscow, he still made sure that his children were well taken care of; providing them with everything they needed to get the best education possible.

Apart from spending quality time with his kids, Roman also actively supports various charitable initiatives across Russia to benefit underprivileged children in need. Through his foundation “Avdeev Foundation”, he provides scholarships for young students who are unable to afford higher education allowing them to pursue their dreams despite difficult financial situations. Through his philanthropic efforts, Roman has been able to give back to society by helping thousands of children have access to better education opportunities and resources for success.

Wife of Roman Adeev

Roman Avdeev is married to his wife, Irina Avdeeva. Irina graduated from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics in 1990 with a degree in economics. She has been supporting Roman in his work since the very beginning and has been a great source of strength for him throughout the years. Both Roman and Irina credit their strong relationship to open communication where they share their thoughts and feelings on various subjects. They are often seen attending red carpet events together as well as international trips where they explore new cultures and experiences.

Irina also plays an important role in many of Roman’s philanthropic initiatives. She often accompanies him to events organized by the Avdeev Foundation, his foundation which provides scholarships for underprivileged children in Russia who struggle to afford higher education opportunities. Additionally, she actively participates in charity projects by helping to organize events and campaigns that seek to raise awareness about social issues while raising funds for those in need.

In addition to her own philanthropic endeavors, Irina is involved with business projects related to telecommunications, finance, tourism, hospitality, healthcare and energy companies across Russia. As such, she serves on numerous boards of directors for leading companies in these sectors while offering invaluable advice on how best to grow them further.

Irina is also a passionate supporter of the arts which she studies regularly at the Russian Academy of Arts. Her personal works have been featured at several exhibitions throughout Moscow as well as internationally recognized galleries around the world. With her impressive achievements both professionally and philanthropically, it’s no wonder why Roman considers himself lucky for finding such a wonderful partner like Irina.

Wrapping Up

Roman Avdeev is a successful Russian businessperson who has built an impressive net worth of $1.6 billion with his hard work and determination. His career began shortly after graduating from the Moscow International University of Business and Information Technologies, where he purchased a bank and set up the basis for agricultural business along with it. With his entrepreneurial and financial acumen, Roman was able to turn Credit Bank of Moscow into one of Russia’s largest banks by assets.

Roman is also a devoted family man, being the proud father of four children who have all gone on to pursue their own dreams in various fields like finance and engineering. Alongside his wife Irina, Roman actively participates in philanthropic initiatives across Russia to benefit those in need, especially children. Through his foundations the Avdeev Foundation and the Roman Avdeev Scholarship Program, he provides scholarships for underprivileged students so they can have access to quality education opportunities and resources for success. As evidenced by his many accomplishments, it’s no surprise that Roman is such a respected figure in business circles around the world.

The legacy of Roman Avdeev will continue to live on through his work as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and devoted family man. He has always strived to make a positive impact on society by helping those less fortunate while providing guidance and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs who seek to follow in his footsteps. His impressive accomplishments in business and philanthropy will continue to inspire people around the world for years to come.

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