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Meet Rodrigo Mejia- Popular Netflix and Mexican Star


A popular Mexican television star, Rodrigo Mejia was born in Mexico City in the year 1975 and celebrates his birthday with his family and friends on the 23rd of September every year. He is not only known as a television star but also worked in the film industry as an actor and in theatre as well.

Here we are sharing some facts related to Rodrigo Mejia, which we know you seriously wanted to know about his life, profession, spouse, children, and death. So, Let’s have a check!

Who Is Rodrigo Mejia?

Rodrigo Mejia is a famous Mexican celebrity, who was born and raised in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. He worked as an actor in Mexican television soaps, theatre, and even in the film industry as well. He played different characters in numerous television series which occupied the public’s attention within no time. Rodrigo carried Mexican Nationality and love to share Mexican cultural sites.

Who Rodrigo Mejia Spouse Is?

Rodrigo spliced out his relationship with Gabriela Crassus also known as Gaby Crassus. She is a television presenter and also belongs to the ranks of TV Azteca or the host of Al Extrema de Azteca.

Does The Couple has Children?

Gaby Crassus gave birth to two children. The beautiful couple, Rodrigo and Gabriela raised their kids in Mexica with all Mexican cultures. Both the partners gave the name ‘Matias Mejia Crassus’ to their elder son, and for the younger one, they picked the name ‘Mauro Mejia Crassus’.

How did Rodrigo Mejia’s Death Occurred?

Rodrigo’s death was the saddest news we have received in the year 2011, which affected most of the personalities of the Mexican star. We discuss this topic in detail below and acknowledge you about the death of the popular Mexican actor, Rodrigo Mejia;

Mejia’s soul departed from his body on the 11th of February 2011 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The complications caused by covid-19 had become the reason for his death. The news of his death was confirmed by his wife, Gaby Crassus on February 12.

At the age of forty-five, the known dragoman left this world who performed in various victorious television soap operas such as ‘Mundo de Fieras’, ‘El Secreto Oculto’, ‘Cuidado con el Angel’, and ‘Fuego en la Sangre’.

After the saddest news was known, many people from the film industry, TV channels, showbiz life, and even family members spoke up and remembered the star who gave light to the Mexican showbiz industry by giving different statements which are listed below:

Statement by TV Azteca

The heartbroken news of Rodrigo’s death was first confirmed by TV Azteca on Friday through the program Venga la Alegria. The television industry had shown the true condolence for his death by giving the statement;

“The National Association of Interpreters speaks up about the hypersensitive death of the interpreter companion Rodrigo Mejia. The great Mexican actor is remembered for his involvement in playing various roles in the television series. We send our huge condolence on behalf of ANDI’s Board of Directors and Oversight Committee.”

Wordings by Mexican Journalist on Social Network

Another news of his departed soul was shared on Twitter by the journalist Pati Chapoy and Ventaneando, who expressed their support for Rodrigo’s wife, Gabriella Crassus, who also belongs to the rank of TV Azteca by saying;

“Dear @gabycrassus I am sorry for your loss and what you are going through. I hug you. Rest In Peace-RIP Rodrigo Mejia your partner.”

Mauricio Martinez Highlighted

The actor and singer, Mauricio Martinez is one of the first to express himself, who highlighted the reasons why he will remember Rodrigo throughout his life;

“So I will always remember you, my Ro. Such a huge sadness to learn of your departure. You have always been a great friend and a partner since we both started together this career so many years back. I send all my love to your family”.

He stated this on his Twitter account. In addition, he also asked everyone to wear face masks for safety purposes during that pandemic.

Later many celebrities such as Hector Navarro, Adrian Patino, Linet Puente, Maggie Hegyi, Marta Guzman, and Jimena Perez, who is a Mexican journalist, shared their condolences to Rodrigo’s family, especially for his spouse Gaby and the two kids who were still too young.

Daniel Bisogno Stated on The Air

“We want to give you a deep hug and kiss to our adorable Gabriella Crassus, a true companion, and a great friend of a long time. For the moments she has been living and for which she is going through at this moment. We wholeheartedly hope and pray that everything is solved soon, that everything is for the purpose and betterment. A huge hug also to her husband Rodrigo and May everything be well soon from the Ventaneando team, who will always respect the decision of our participants and loved ones”.

So far Gaby Crassus, who is the host of the TV Azteca program and the wife of Rodrigo Mejia, has not commented on anything on her social media accounts.

Rodrigo’s father, Salvador Mejia, also lost his life from COVID-19 complications. However, we don’t have much information about his father except that the family struggled a lot during the pandemic.

Rodrigo Mejia Acting Career

A Mexican celebrity, Rodrigo Mejia is a well-educated and hard-working person. He became who he is through his struggle, passion, dedication, and also with the skills he opted for. Since then he appeared in his first role as a cast member in a series called Besos Prohibidos, which translated to Forbidden Kisses.

Rodrigo got fame and came to be known publicly by portraying such amazing and different roles in television series. For instance, Beware of the angle, ‘Fuego en la Sangre’, ‘Lo unforgivable’, and ‘Tres Familias’, in which he was the key player and that series is his last television soap opera. Mejia is also popular for El Secreto Oculto-2003, Mundo de Fieras-2006, and Don’t Mess with an Angel-2008.

Netflix Series Control Z Team Shares Tribute To Rodrigo Mejia

Rodrigo has also been recognized and known for his work on ‘Control Z’. Control Z is one of the best television series to come out of the subtitle revolution, which is a Spanish language teen drama. This series is all about revealing the identity of a hacker that outs a transgender student.

Mejia participated in various episodes of Season 1 of Control Z as the character of Papa Natalia along with a costar Michael Ronda. Being Natalia’s guardian, he wants to bring his daughter in the right direction. Now, Season 2 of Control Z is finally aired, but sadly the beloved character Rodrigo won’t make his appearance in Season 2.

It’s such a great loss, so it’s natural for the Contro Z team to dedicate Season 2 to Rodrigo Mejia as a token of respect and love.

To perform the character of Papa Natalia on Contro Z was Mejia’s first major Netflix role. Before that, he has been around on numerous telenovelas for a long time.

Apart from this, he has also been a part of a few movies. Most recently, he appeared in a movie, El Eterno Silencio-2017 before his death.

The Bottom Line

We can say that a personality with several qualities and a pure heart is hard to find. Rodrigo Mejia belonged to one of those personalities having all these qualities and his hard work and dedication stole our hearts. He was acted up until he died.

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