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Ricegum Net Worth – Wealth, Assets, & Money


When we hear the word net worth, we picture multi-millionaire celebrities with heaping amounts of cash in their bank account. That is somewhat true. A celebrity’s net worth does not only include their income or salary. It is an accumulation of any assets they own minus debts and taxes. These assets include lavish mansions and brand-new cars.

The most accurate indicator of your financial situation is net worth. Net worth provides a current glimpse of your financial status. You can see the outcome of all your previous earnings and expenditures if you calculate your current net worth. In this article, we will take a look at ricegum net worth.

Who is Ricegum?

If you watched YouTube during the diss track era, then you have probably heard of RiceGum. Bryan Quang Le, known as RiceGum, was born on November 19, 1996.

He is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. He has a close relationship with his parents. Bryan went to Sierra Vista High School and played basketball there. He later attended the University of Nevada but dropped out so he could focus full-time on YouTube. His parents pictured him becoming a doctor, but things didn’t go their way.

In October of 2012, Ricegum created YouTube and Twitter accounts. Before fame, his content consisted of him playing Call of Duty. He once tweeted that he rejected a Harvard Scholarship to pursue full-time YouTubing.

A glimpse of Ricegum net worth over the years
In 2018, Ricegum net worth was $1 million.
In 2019, Ricegum net worth was $3 million.
In 2020, Ricegum net worth was $5 million.
In 2021, Ricegum net worth was $7 million.
Finally, Ricegum net worth 2022 is $8 million.

What is Ricegum net worth 2022?

The latest ricegum net worth 2022 is $8 million.

Why is Ricegum so rich?

As we mentioned before, ricegum net worth 2022 is $8 million. Bryan is a YouTube sensation with over 10 million subscribers and over 2 billion views.  However, YouTube isn’t his sole source of income. He makes money through monetizing his YouTube channel, receiving donations from Twitch subscribers, releasing songs, and getting sponsorships. Let’s take a look at his different streams of revenue and why is ricegum net worth is so high.

RiceGum is a pro at creating controversial content, which helps him stay relevant. He keeps people hooked on him through vlogs, diss tracks, etc. But the X factor is his controversial videos that entice his current subscribers and bring new ones. These tactics help keep ricegum net worth high.

Ricegum’s career breakthrough

Up until 2015, RiceGum wasn’t among the mainstream YouTubers. The tables turned when he uploaded a video called “These kids must be stopped.” The video was a hit and later turned into a series. It gained 15 million views. Due to the uniqueness of his content, people loved it. Soon RiceGum made his way among the big names of YouTube. That escalated ricegum net worth.

Beef with other YouTubers

Back in the day, diss tracks were popular on YouTube. Prominent YouTuber’s dishing out diss tracks every other week. Of course, Ricegum didn’t pass on the opportunity to capitalize on this internet trend. He gained notoriety by roasting YouTubers and influencers, which also sparked controversy.

Ricegum’s music

– He released his first song, “It’s Everynight Sis,” in response to Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro.” He co-wrote it with Alissa Violet, Jake Paul’s former girlfriend.

The video featured both of them roasting Jake Paul, and it was quick to gain the attention of the fans. His debut single has 195 million views and counting. It reached 80 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 55 on the Canadian Hot 100.

-In July 2017, “God Church” came out. It peaked at number one on the Comedy Digital Track Sales list.

-RiceGum released “Frick da Police” in October 2017 as a diss track directed toward YouTuber IDubbbz. On the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Canadian Hot 100 charts, the song peaked at positions 45 and 67.

-YouTube star KSI released Earthquake on August 12, 2017, and featured RiceGum. The video surpassed 46 million views, but due to a dispute, it was deleted.

– A Christmas song by RiceGum called “Naughty or Nice” was released in December 2017.

-The tracks “Bitcoin” and “Fortnite n Chill” by RiceGum came out in February and April 2018.

-RiceGum dropped the song “DaAdult” on April 2, 2020.

-He launched the song “Contract Money Freestyle” in June 2020.

-His latest song, My Ex, was published on May 1, 2020.

Although he doesn’t make music anymore, it still increased ricegum net worth.

Does RiceGum earn illegally?

People have accused ricegum net worth 2022 of being increased illegally. RiceGum and Jake Paul faced criticism in January 2019 for endorsing MysteryBrand. This website allowed users to open a virtual “mystery box” of pre-selected prizes, with the potential to win one in real life at random.

His prizes ranged from AirPods to iPhones. Numerous users claimed they never received the rewards they won on the website and concluded it was a hoax.

RiceGum faced backlash for promoting a scam website. His subscribers criticized him for promoting a gambling website to a young audience. He created a video in response, saying that other YouTubers promoted this website too. But he was the only one to get criticized for it.

To prevent further damage control, he offered people Amazon gift cards for their loss. As if it couldn’t get any worse, some of the gift cards turned out to be expired.

Technically, what RiceGum did was not illegal, but it was deceptive. His actions angered a lot of fans. Despite this, there was no effect on Ricegum net worth.

Ricegum’s social media statistics

The social blade has a direct effect on Ricegum net worth 2022.

Instagram: 3.7 million followers
YouTube: 10 million subscribers
Twitch: 1.8 million followers ( as of 2021)
Twitter: 2.6 million followers 

As you can see, he is well known on different social media platforms. That explains why ricegum net worth 2022 is so high.

What are Ricegum YouTube earnings?

After YouTube deducts its fee, YouTubers receive between $2 and $7 for every 1000 monetized views. Earnings are affected by multiple factors such as the type of device, viewer’s location, ad inventory, number of ads shown during a video, click on ads, and what kind of content. He also earns through brand collaborations that pay him thousands of dollars.

He has three different YouTube channels: “RiceGum,” which serves as his primary channel, “FamilyGum,” which he uses for vlogs but hasn’t updated since November 2020 and “RiceLive” (inactive since 2020). The last video on his main channel is two years old now. The inactivity can halt ricegum net worth.

What are Ricegum Twitch earnings?

On February 22nd, 2013, RiceGum registered for a Twitch account. He receives roughly 54k live viewers every stream and streams for an average of 3.5 hours each time. Although Fortnite, GTA V is his most popular streaming genre. Unfortunately, Ricegum is also inactive on his Twitch platform. The irregular posting schedule has taken a toll on ricegum net worth.

Although RiceGum is more active on Twitch than on YouTube, he does not stream as often or for as long as other Twitch streamers do. 8.4k of his 1.8 million followers are active subscribers right now. That would make around  $21,000 monthly and at least $252,000 yearly.

His music career

Ricegum’s music career has been fruitful, gathering millions of views. His songs were such a hit that they made it to Billboard. His songs are available on YouTube and Spotify and still get thousands of streams daily. But the earnings generated from his songs are unknown to the general public. Since this information is still undisclosed, we are unaware of how this has contributed to Ricegum net worth.

How much does he earn from sponsorship deals?

It is unknown how much Ricegum generates from sponsorships deals. Mystery box sponsored him, which resulted in a lot of critiques. While we don’t know how much Ricegum earned, other YouTubers said they were paid $100,000.

Super bowl commercial debut

RiceGum has also made it to the big screens. The Super Bowl commercial featured RiceGum and pop sensation Iggy Azalea. In the commercial, Iggy inspired Ricegum’s character to design a new pair of headphones.

His luxurious lifestyle

It is no mystery that Ricegum enjoys a life of riches. He frequently flaunts his wealth on social media. He made a YouTube video showing off his brand new Lamborghini. In addition to that, he also owns a Rolls Royce. The base price of a Rolls Royce is over $305,000, and for Lamborghini, it is $199,800.

The extravagant Clout House

RiceGum resided in Clout House when he was part of an influencer gang. The house had ten bathrooms and thirteen bedrooms.

Will RiceGum ever make a comeback?

It has been two years since RiceGum posted on his main channel. Although he has not officially declared that he left YoTube, many have speculated that he will no longer be posting. A lot of fans are highly anticipating his comeback if there ever is one.

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