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Reed Cross Howard – Age, Love Life, Net Worth & More


Reed Cross Howard is a professional golfer who has made an impact on the sport with his invention of Steadhead Training Aid. He also comes from a prominent family, being the son of American director Ron Howard and the grandson of Jean Frances Speegle and actor Rance Howard.

In addition to his successful career in golf, Reed is happily married and has garnered immense success over time. Read on to learn more about Reed Cross Howard’s age, love life, net worth and other interesting facts!

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Reed Cross Howard Is The Youngest Child Of Ron Howard

Reed Cross Howard is the youngest of four children of Ron Howard and Cheryl Alley. Born in Los Angeles, California on April 12, 1987, he descends from a mix of Cherokee Native American, Dutch, English, French, German, Irish and Scottish heritage.

His paternal grandparents are Rance Howard and Jean Speegle Howard while his maternal grandparents are Charles Alley and Vivian Schmid. 

Growing up in New York outside of the city to keep away from media attention is something that Reed experienced during his formative years due to his father’s wishes. He moved out at 19 and was last known to be living in Los Angeles with colorful tattoos all over his body having collaborated on various independent films as an actor-writer-director.

Reed Cross Howard’s Grandparents Are Dead

While Reed Cross Howard’s famous grandmother Jean Speegle Howard has sadly passed away from heart and respiratory illness, as has his grandfather Rance Howard in Los Angeles, CA, the Ellen-Reed-Howard family also experienced loss with the death of Charles Alley.

Memories of Reed’s maternal grandfater remain in Gueydan Cemetery, Vermillion Parish, Louisiana. Despite little media attention on Reed’s maternal grandmother, the passing of each of his grandparents means strong emotional losses for him and the entire extended Howard family.

Reason Behind Reed Having His Middle Name As ‘Cross’

Ron Howard is a loving father and he wanted to give each of his four children an unique middle name. To do that, he decided to give them middle names concerning the place they were conceived.

Accordingly, the eldest one Bryce ‘Dallas’ Howard has his name to match the city of Texas. Similarly, the twins Paige and Jocelyn have ‘Carlyle’ as their middle name citing the Carlyle Hotel in New York City where they were born. As for Reed, he was given ‘Cross’, conforming with one of the most famous London streets.

Interestingly, Ron initially thought of giving Reed the middle name ‘Volvo’, but soon changed his mind and settled for ‘Cross’.

Reed Cross Howard’s Siblings

Ron Howard has a big family, including three famous sisters. His eldest sister is Bryce Dallas Howard, who was born on March 2nd 1981.

Then came his twin sisters Jocelyn and Paige Howard on February 5th 1985. While the four of them were growing up, they had the privilege of having their father’s fame and experience to guide them in their paths.

All three sisters followed in their father’s footsteps and have grown to become successful actresses themselves. The view of their smiling faces in a picture taken when they were kids gives us evidence that the siblings continue to have an incredibly deep bond – something that will stay with them for life!

Reed Cross Howard Played Golf

Cross Howard had an impressive academic and athletic career. Starting out with primary studies at Heritage Academy, he then went on to enroll in the University of Southern Carolina Beaufort – Bluffton campus.

Here, he was not only a student but an athlete as well, joining their golf team from 2007 to 2008. His proficiency in the sport even granted him the chance to participate in the U.S. Amateur Championship at Pinehurst Course in North Carolina.

Afterwards, Howard moved onto more challenging grounds as he enrolled into Pepperdine University where he continued to hone his craft.

What Does Reed Cross Howard Do?

Reed Cross Howard is a professional golfer who has been interested in the sport since his high school days. He is currently working on perfecting his skills and pursuing several golf tournaments in pursuit of honing them as a professional.

Despite not officially entering any profession just yet, Reed has actively participated in various prestigious tournament like USC Aiken Invitational, Webber International Tournament, and Wilmington Island Invitational.

With his clear dedication to taking up the mantle of a pro golfer with great enthusiasm, it should be only a matter of time before the world hears more of his name!

Reed Invented A Powerful Golf Device

Reed Howard’s invention speaks for itself – a powerful new tool to help golfers improve their hand-eye coordination and hit more shots accurately.

Steadhead Training Aid is the product of personal necessity, designed to help any golfer master their swing.

Its sleek design boasts simplicity and effectiveness. As expected from a product created by a well-known figure such as Reed, it has certainly proven its worth through the countless users who call it the best training device they have ever used.

Thanks to this invention, golfers can now look forward to mastering the game with greater ease.

Who Is Reed Cross Howard Wife?

On a spectacular day in August 2015, Ron Howard’s son, Reed Cross Howard and his wife Ashley said “I do” at the Winvian Farm in Litchfield Hills, Los Angeles.

The wedding was announced by Ron on Facebook a few days later with heartfelt words and beautiful photos. After their special day, the happy couple disappeared from the spotlight leaving many wondering how they had even met!

Even though very little is known about their prior courtship before marriage, they now appear incredibly content as they start this new chapter together as husband and wife.

Does Reed Cross Howard has Children?

Reed and Ashley’s journey into parenthood has been captivating to follow. On April 26th 2019, they welcomed their daughter Aspen Leigh Howard into the world. Reed’s father Ron made sure to announce her arrival and spread the good news.

Cueing up their first anniversary with Aspen, they couldn’t help but express their gratitude through social media. On April 26th, 2020 Reed took to Instagram to share a bundle of all-smiling photographs in celebration of his daughter’s first year with them.

The proudest sentiments can be seen in the post caption. It seems like this little family is practically glowing with joy!

Reed Cross Howard Net Worth

Reed Cross Howard, the son of a well-known actor, is proving his talent beyond just genetics. He may have inherited showbiz genes but it’s his own hard work that has turned Reed into a rich man as of 2022.

With a net worth estimated at $1 million, the star kid is earning quite a fortune from his golf career and is paving his own way in life despite the family name he carries. Clearly, he’s been doing something right!

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