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Raquel Stroll Age, Height, Bio & More


Raquel Stroll stands as a central figure in the glamorous world of Formula One, not merely as the wife of billionaire Lawrence Stroll but as a strong personality in her own right. Intricately interwoven with the high-speed thrills and business machinations of the sport, her life story is one of grace under pressure, offering a unique perspective on life amidst the pit lanes and podiums. However, despite her high-profile status, Raquel Stroll prefers to keep her personal life private and away from the public eye, which includes details like her age and early background. The next sections will strive to provide an insightful look into her life, while respecting her desire for privacy.

Raquel Stroll Age

Due to her preference for privacy, the exact age of Raquel Stroll is not publicly disclosed. However, it is known that she has been a steadfast presence by her husband, Lawrence Stroll’s, side throughout his career, and that they have two children together, Lance and Chloe Stroll. Despite the absence of exact details, her age can be conjectured to be in the same range as Lawrence, marking her as a mature and experienced figure within the world of Formula One.

Lawrence Stroll Wife is a Fashion Designer

Lawrence Stroll’s wife, Raquel Diniz, is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Hailing from Brazil and immersed in the world of art and fashion from a young age, Raquel quickly made her name as a renowned swimsuit model. But when she realized that her true passion lay in design, she moved to Italy to study at the prestigious Istituto Maragoni fashion school. Today, she’s considered a rising star in the fashion world, thanks to her ability to blend her Brazilian roots with Italian craftsmanship. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also Lawrence Stroll’s partner-in-crime – talk about a power couple! So the next time you see Raquel’s name pop up in the fashion world, know that she’s more than earned her stripes.

Raquel rose to fame after creating a stunning green velvet gown for Anne-Marie Curtis, a fashion veteran and the editor-in-chief of British ELLE. She has also designed for model Oliver Palermo and blogger Tamu McPherson.

The talented designer was previously married to a financier, Giovanni Scholamiero. They also have a son together. However, their marriage was short-lived as they divorced in 2019.

Lawrence Stroll And Raquel Stroll Married Life

Move aside Jay-Z and Beyonce, the newest power couple to watch out for is Lawrence and Raquel Stroll. The Aston Martin owner’s love life has been the talk of the town since he tied the knot with the stunning Brazilian designer, Raquel. Despite their age difference of 27 years, the duo seems to be living in bliss. Raquel, an Instagram influencer, frequently shares pictures of herself promoting beautiful dresses, but there’s no sign of Lawrence in her posts. However, the couple has been spotted enjoying a luxurious yacht cruise in Portofino and attending F1 races together. It seems like nothing can stop this couple from enjoying their happy marital relationship, while the rest of us can only watch in awe.

Claire Anne Stroll is the first wife of Lawrence Stroll

Attention all fashion lovers! You may have heard of Claire Anne Stroll, the fabulous Belgian fashion designer, and businesswoman. But did you know that she was once married to billionaire Lawrence Stroll? That’s right, Claire was once the queen of luxury, married to the man who owns Racing Point Formula One team. However, their fairy tale love story came to an end, and the couple parted ways. But don’t worry, Claire conquered the fashion world and established her own brand, Callens, which offers the best in athletic wear. It looks like the ex-Missus Stroll is unstoppable, just like the sports she loves to play, such as golf. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next workout outfit, Claire Anne Stroll is the name to remember.

Two children With His Ex-Wife

Lawrence Stroll, the Canadian billionaire, has two children from his previous marriage with Claire Anne Stroll. Lance Stroll and Chloe Stroll are the chosen offspring of the tycoon, but they are not just any spoiled, privileged heirs. These two siblings are leaving their own marks in the world and proving that they are more than just their family’s wealth. While their backgrounds might be illustrious and impressive, both Lance and Chloe are creating their own paths and identities. It seems that following in their father’s footsteps is not enough for them – they seek to carve out their own routes to success. Who knows, maybe in future times, we will see the world watching them with rapt attention in their unique ventures. And with their father’s fortune in their pocket, there seems to be nothing stopping them from ascending even higher.

Lawrence Stroll Parents

Picture this: it’s a chilly March day in Montreal, Canada. The year is 1957, and a young couple, Leo Strulovitch and Sandra Stroll, are about to tie the knot. Little did they know, this marriage would lead to the birth of one of the most successful men in motorsport history: Lawrence Stroll. That’s right, folks. The billionaire businessman and owner of Aston Martin F1 owes it all to his dear parents. Leo and Sandra may not have known what the future held, but one thing is for certain – Lawrence’s roots are strong and his drive to succeed is undeniable.

Raquel Stroll Fun Facts

Despite her preference for privacy, there are a few fun facts about Raquel Stroll that give us a glimpse into her dynamic personality and glamorous lifestyle.

  1. A Passion for Fashion: Raquel Stroll, a Brazilian native, has a deep-rooted passion for fashion that guided her journey from a swimsuit model to a celebrated designer.
  2. Education in Italy: She studied design at the prestigious Istituto Maragoni in Italy, one of the top fashion schools in the world.
  3. Globetrotter: Raquel has lived in several countries due to her fashion career, including Brazil, Italy, and England. Her diverse experiences have significantly influenced her distinctive design style.
  4. Private Yet Social: While she values her privacy and rarely shares personal details, she maintains an active presence on Instagram (@raqueldiniz) where she promotes her fashion line and shares highlights from her travels.
  5. Married to a Billionaire: Despite the 27-year age difference, Raquel found love in Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, owner of the Aston Martin F1 team, and they have been happily married for several years.
  6. Luxury Lifestyle: Known for her extravagant lifestyle, Raquel has been spotted on luxury yacht cruises in Portofino and attending F1 races.

Remember, though these facts provide a glimpse into Raquel’s life, respecting her privacy is crucial.


In conclusion, the Stroll family’s history is as colorful and dynamic as the world of Formula One racing. From Lawrence Stroll’s journey to becoming a billionaire business tycoon, his marriages to the talented and driven women Claire Anne and Raquel, and the paths carved by his children Lance and Chloe, their story is a fascinating blend of luxury, ambition, and individual accomplishment. Raquel Stroll, the current wife of Lawrence, adds her own vibrant thread to this intricate tapestry with her compelling journey from swimsuit model to celebrated designer. Despite their high-profile lives, each member of the Stroll family has managed to create a unique identity, reminding us that success is not just about wealth, but also about passion, hard work, and personal growth.

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