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Rachel McAdams Net Worth, Biography, Movies & More


Rachel Anne McAdams was born on November 17, 1978, in Ontario, Canada. Her mother Sandra was a nurse and her father Lance was a truck driver. Her siblings include a younger sister, Kayleen, and a younger brother Daniel. They grew up in a religious household that followed protestant teachings.

Skating was Rachel’s favorite pastime. She began competitive skating at the tender age of four. She had won several awards by the time she turned 18. Although she was great at skating, it never progressed further than a hobby.

Rachel McAdams found her love for acting at the age of 12. This is when she informed her parents about her newfound interest. Her parents were supportive and encouraged Rachael to pursue her ambitions.


RachelAcAdams attended Myrtle Street Public School Schoolwork was monotonous according to her. However, she had an active contribution to extracurriculars. Alongside being a part of the student council, Rachel also participated in various sports.

Partook in  Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario. She wanted to pursue her bachelor’s in Cultural Studies but was encouraged to pursue theatre. She took admitted to York University’s four-year theatrical department and graduated with honors in 2001. She worked in collaboration with the Necessary Angel Theatre Company in Toronto during her time there.

Early roles

It seemed like luck was on Rachel’s side. She got offers for TV roles before graduation. Her debut was made in MTV pilot Shotgun Love Dolls in 2001. The episode was filmed throughout spring break. She played the role of a bulimic girl in The Famous Jett Jackson in 2001.

During the same year, her Canadian film debut took place in the comedy My Name is Tanino. When McAdams was 22, she shot the Italian-Canadian co-production in Sicily, and it was her first time traveling by air. In that film, she played the role of an American tourist who was followed by a Sicilian man back to the United States. She was nominated for a Genie Award for her skillful acting in Perfect Pie.

She starred in her debut Hollywood film, The Hot Chick, as a high school cheerleader who swapped bodies with a 30-year-old thief. She continued to work in Canadian television as well. In the first season of the critically acclaimed TMN series Slings & Arrows, she earned a Gemini Award for her supporting role as a Shakespearean player who falls for an American celebrity.


Mean girls is when  Rachel McAdams struck gold. She was casted for Mean Girls in 2004, an adaptation of Quen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman. She starred alongside other big names such as Linsey Lohan and Amanda Seyfried. Her character Regina George remains iconic to this day. McAdams won two MTV Movie Awards for the movie, which earned  $129 million worldwide.  Mean Girls was eventually ranked No. 12 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the Best High School Movies Ever.

Later the same year, McAdams co-starred in The Notebook with fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling, based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel. She portrayed Allie Hamilton, a wealthy Southern girl who has an affair with Noah Calhoun, a  lowly laborer. McAdams studied ballet and etiquette in Charleston, before filming to get into character.

Filming took place from 2002 until early 2003, The movie grossed over $155 million globally. Rachel Mcadams accomplished four Teen Choice Awards and one MTV Movie Award.

At the ShoWest Awards in 2005, McAdams was nominated Supporting Actress of the Year by the US National Association of Theatre Owners. Many reputable Hollywood actors such as Julia Roberts appreciated Mcadam for her performance.  “She has everything you want in a movie star – the talent, the attractiveness, the accessibility,” Universal Pictures chairman Marc Shmugeron Rachel McAdams.

In 2005, McAdams appeared alongside Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Bradley Cooper in the romantic comedy Wedding Crashers. She played the daughter of a powerful politician stuck in a love triangle. On a $40 million production budget, the film grossed almost $285 million worldwide.

Following that, McAdams starred alongside Cillian Murphy in Wes Craven’s psychological thriller Red Eye, in which she played a young hotel manager kidnapped on a  flight by Murphy’s character.

McAdams featured alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Keaton in the seasonal family comedy-drama The Family Stone in late 2005, which provided her with the chance to play a cynical sister. The movie was a huge monetary success, costing $18 million to produce and earning more than $92 million worldwide.

Temporary Departure

From 2006 to 2007, McAdam’s temporality hated her acting career. McAdams turned down roles in The Devil Wears Prada, Casino Royale, Mission: Impossible III, and Get Smart during that time.


In 2008, McAdams resumed her acting career. She plays Kay Nesbitt, a young widow who gains the hearts of Brosnan and Cooper’s elder characters, in the 1940s film noir Married Life, alongside Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper. The picture had limited release and was a box office flop. It made just over $2 million globally, falling short of its $12 million production budget.

McAdams featured alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the action-adventure thriller Sherlock Holmes in later of 2009. She played Irene Adler, an antagonist and love interest of Sherlock Holmes. The picture was a huge commercial success, grossing more than $524 million worldwide which added to Rachel McAdams net worth.

McAdams co-starred in the comedy Morning Glory alongside her in The Family Stone with Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford in 2010. She portrayed a television producer striving to boost a morning television show’s low ratings. The movie was a small commercial success, generating $58 million worldwide on a $40 million production budget.  McAdams later acknowledged her dissatisfaction with the film’s failure to reach a wider audience.

She played the wife of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the boxing drama Southpaw (2015), in which she co-starred with him.

Recent roles

In 2018, McAdams co-starred in Sebastián Lelio’s love drama Disobedience, which was based on Naomi Alderman’s novel.

She co-starred in the Netflix musical comedy film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga alongside Will Ferrell in 2020.

In the superhero film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, McAdams reprised her role as Christine Palmer. The film received mixed reviews. It was released in May 2022.

Rachel McAdams Net Worth

As of 2022, Rachel McAdams net worth is $20 million.

Personal life of Rachel McAdams

From 2005 through 2007, McAdams was in a relationship with her The Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling, before they temporarily reunited in 2008. McAdams was in a relationship with her Midnight in Paris co-star Michael Sheen from 2010 to 2013.

McAdams began dating American screenwriter Jamie Linden in 2016.

She gave birth to her first child with Linden, a son, in April 2018.

Environmental Philanthropy

Rachel Mcadams is an environmental enthusiast. She lives in Toronto in a house powered by solar energy, which is a renewable source of energy. She was one of the co-founders of the eco-friendly lifestyle blog Green Is Sexy.

She also helped to clean up the mess in Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina caused a lot of destruction in 2005. Following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, she assisted in the Haiti telethon. She took part in Occupy Toronto protests and the Foodstock event in 2011 to voice her opposition to a proposed mega quarry near the Niagara Escarpment.

She was a spokeswoman for the Food and Water First Movement in 2013, which strives to protect Ontario’s farms and supply of freshwater. She has also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and United Way, among other organizations. Rachel McAdams net worth

Fun Facts

-Rachel McAdam’s younger sister is a makeup artist for many acclaimed Hollywood actors. She has worked for big names like Sofia Vergara, Meghan Markle, and Mandy Moore.
-Her younger brother is a personal trainer.
-As teenagers, Rachel and Kayleen worked at McDonald’s. In an interview, Rachel told glamour that she wasn’t a great employee. She even broke the orange juice machine on one occasion.
-In today’s day and age, social media is the focal point of communication. A surprising thing to note is that Rachel has zero social media presence.

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