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Prince Michael Jackson II


Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as Bigi, is the son of legendary singer-songwriter and pop icon Michael Jackson. Born to a surrogate mother on February 21st, 2002 in La Mesa California, he was raised at Neverland Ranch alongside his half-siblings. In an attempt to conceal their identities from media and fans alike, Bigi and his siblings were made to wear masks or veils during their early childhood years. He is younger brother of Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson. His first television appearance came as a baby in the documentary Living with Mich which featured his father’s life story. Prince Michael Jackson II has been shrouded by mystery for most of his life but has now come into public view due to various news reports about him and his net worth.

Early life

Bigi Jackson’s early life was full of intrigue and mystery. Born to the King of Pop himself via surrogacy, his mother’s identity was kept a secret. Along with his half-siblings, he spent his formative years at Neverland Ranch, a magical place that was both playful and secretive. To shield the children from the media’s prying eyes, Michael Jackson would often dress them in masks and veils, creating an aura of mystique around them. Despite this, Bigi made his first television appearance in a documentary as a baby. It’s fascinating to see how one of the most famous families in the world chose to protect their offspring, who have since grown up to be enigmatic individuals in their own right.

Father’s Death & Later Events

After the tragic death of his father in 2009, Jackson’s family rallied together to ensure the wellbeing of his siblings and himself. The responsibility of guardianship fell onto his grandmother Katherine, who took on the role with love and grace. However, in 2012, custody was split between Katherine and cousin T.J. Jackson, who must have convinced the court that he was responsible enough to take care of the children. Since then, Jackson has been living his life, attending school, and enjoying his life as a teenager. In fact, you can even watch a documentary about him and his father, called Remembering Michael, on fundanything.com for a $10 fee! It is comforting to see Jackson growing up and thriving despite the tragedy that struck his family.

Name Change

Hey there! Have you heard the news about Blanket? Well, apparently he doesn’t want to be called that anymore. You know, Blanket, the youngest son of the legendary Michael Jackson. Instead, he’s now going by the name Bigi Jackson. It seems he’s had enough of being teased all these years because of his childhood nickname. It’s understandable, really. Who wants to be called Blanket for the rest of their life? So, let’s all give a warm welcome to Bigi Jackson and celebrate his new name change.

More Facts

On a chilly November evening, Michael Jackson stepped onto the balcony of his hotel suite in Berlin – but he wasn’t alone. Accompanying him was his adorable 9-month-old son, Prince Michael Jackson II. Fans erupted in cheers as Jackson beamed with pride and lifted his little one up for all to see. It was a beautiful moment – except for the horde of paparazzi desperately trying to get a shot of the child’s face. Jackson, ever the protective father, draped a towel over his son’s head to shield him from the flashing cameras. Despite his intentions, the incident sparked global outrage and controversy. It’s ironic that Jackson was in Germany to receive an award for his dedication to helping children. Sometimes even the best intentions can have unintended consequences.

Why We Love Blanket Jackson

Blanket Jackson has captured the hearts of many with his charming and endearing personality. One of the reasons why he has gained such a following is because of his love for movies and comics. In an interview with E! News, he shared his passion for film and the comic book world. He even has his own YouTube series where he reviews movies. What’s not to love about a young person who shares similar interests as us? Another reason why we adore Blanket is the sweet nickname his late father Michael Jackson gave him. Michael called him Blanket because he believed that a blanket was a blessing and a way of showing love and caring. Finally, we love that Blanket is an aspiring environmentalist. He recently made a television appearance where he shared his concerns about the upcoming environmental crisis. It’s always inspiring to see young people who care about the world around them. It’s safe to say that Blanket Jackson has already made a significant impact on the world, and we can’t wait to see what he will do next.

Surprising Facts

Fun fact number one: did you know that Michael Jackson’s youngest son is named Prince Michael Jackson II? But don’t call him that – he goes by the nickname “Blanket” that his dad gave him. Apparently, Michael used to cover Blanket’s face with a blanket in public to keep his identity secret. Talk about unique childhood experiences, right? And speaking of unusual events, did you hear about the time Blanket was involved in a controversial incident on a balcony? It happened while Michael was in Germany to accept an award for his work with children, adding to the debate about Michael’s parenting skills. But don’t worry, there’s a happier fact to share – in 2019, Blanket and his brother launched their own YouTube series! Looks like Blanket is following in his dad’s footsteps in more ways than one.


Prince Michael Jackson II, also known as Bigi, is a mysterious figure shrouded by his father’s legacy. Despite the tragedy of his father’s death in 2009 and having to wear masks or veils during early childhood years due to media attention, he has grown up into an enigmatic individual with a newfound identity of his own. His recent name change from Blanket to Bigi shows that he is ready for the world and determined not to be defined by others’ expectations. It will be exciting to see what lies ahead for Prince Michael Jackson II as we all wish him well on this new journey!

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