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Peter Lopez: Death of Renowned Entertainment Lawyer


Peter Lopez, an entertainment lawyer known for representing illustrious personalities like Michael Jackson and Andrea Bocelli, has tragically passed away in what appears to be a suicide. At 60 years old, Lopez was found lifeless in his California residence, from an injury inflicted by a firearm, as reported by Craig Harvey, Chief of Operations at the local coroner’s office.

He was not only deeply involved in the music industry, working with singers, record producers, and songwriters, but also ventured into film production, co-producing “Selena,” a biopic of the much-loved Tejano singer, featuring Jennifer Lopez.

A resident of the home made the unfortunate discovery of Lopez’s body after a neighbor reported hearing a gunshot. Following the tragic event, a statement released by Steve Rohr, the publicist of Lopez’s wife, Catherine Bach, affirmed the family’s deep personal loss. Bach is remembered for her role as Daisy Duke in the ’80s television series, “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

Peter Lopezwas known in the music industry for his work with many big names, including Michael Jackson and Andrea Bocelli, according to Alfred Newman, a representative of Kleinberg Lopez Lange Cuddy & Klein, the firm Lopez co-founded. In the wake of his death, the firm released a statement expressing their profound shock and sorrow.

Peter Lopez professionalism and dedication were echoed by Raymone Bain, former general manager for Michael Jackson, who hired Lopez in 2006 to handle Jackson’s entertainment law affairs during a period of business restructuring. “Peter was an exceptional individual,” Bain said, expressing her shock at the tragic news.

On top of his contributions to the music industry, Lopez also served the community following his appointment by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California State Athletic Commission and as the director of the California Exposition and State Fair Board

Catherine Bach Reveals Personal Reflections on Her Husband’s Suicide and Life Post-Daisy Duke

It seemed like Peter Lopez had something on his mind, something to tell me, but we ran out of time. He left with our daughters, his parting words were, “Goodbye, I love you.” They responded in kind, “Bye, dad,” and that was the last we saw of him.

Bach, recognized for her portrayal of the alluring and spirited Daisy Duke on CBS’s action series The Dukes of Hazzard from 1979 to 1985, now plays Anita Lawson, Chelsea’s mother, on The Young and the Restless. In addition to her acting roles, she also manages her own jewelry line, the Catherine Bach Signature Line, and partakes in Dukes Fan Fairs where she joins fellow actors John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Rick Hurst, Sonny Shroyer, James Best, and Ben Jones to meet and sign autographs for fans. Above all, she is devoted to her teenage daughters, Laura and Sophia.

Until now, Peter Lopez Bach has kept her silence about her husband’s suicide. She recently sat down with The Huffington Post to share her experiences before and afterwards, a time filled with questions. Her husband’s death left her puzzled even three years on. Through this conversation, she hopes to offer some solace to those who have experienced abrupt losses, especially due to suicide.

To offer context, each suicide is as unique as the person who commits it. It is hard to predict, comprehend, or come to terms with why someone would choose such a path. My oldest daughter and I buried ourselves in books after my husband’s death, trying to grasp the why behind his actions. He wasn’t involved in drug use, he seldom drank, our financial situation was firm, so what prompted this? I am now considering taking a course on suicide for deeper understanding. According to recent research from Harvard, published in the New York Times Magazine, unexplained suicides can often be linked to childhood abuse. This theory seemed to apply to my husband’s case, as he had been subjected to considerable abuse as a child, something he was never truly able to move past. This realization brought some sort of closure, or at least, it helped me understand how someone so successful, intelligent, popular, and free from addiction could end up committing suicide.

The day Peter Lopez took his life appeared like any other. I was heavily caught up in my work, preparing for a commercial shoot and launching my denim jeans and t-shirt line. Our breakfast routine resembled a dinner routine for most families, given Peter’s hectic work schedule. He would work all day, visit studios at night, help our daughters with homework, and then go out again. So, breakfast was our time to connect. That particular morning, amid the breakfast hustle, Peter asked me, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” At first, I didn’t understand, then it clicked. I dropped everything, turned around, and embraced him, saying, “I love you.” This was our daily ritual, our emotional anchor. He agreed to drop the kids off at school that day to help me manage my schedule. As he left, he looked like he wanted to say something but decided against it. That was our last interaction. The girls bid him goodbye, and we never saw him again.

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