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Paul Qualley Age, Wiki, Wife, Height, Biography & Net Worth


Things to Know about Andie MacDowell’s Ex-Husband. Who is Paul Qualley? The life stroy of Andie MacDowell.

About Paul Qualley

He used to be a model and now works in the entertainment industry. The American-Norwegian model is best known for his marriage to Andie MacDowell and is not well known for his own career path. His relationship with the famous actor is what made him famous.

Even after his relationship, Paul Qualley has been able to live happily ever after.Andie MacDowell, a well-known actress, is known for her major roles and performances in the film industry, and many people would have assumed that his celebrity would have an impact on his lifestyle.

Paul Qualley Early Life

Paul James Qualley was born in the United States in 1958. As of this writing, he is 63 to 64 years old and an American citizen of Norwegian descent. He is the son of Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann Rondou, and is better known as Paul Qualley.

The majority of his personal information about his childhood has remained private. Nobody in the public knows much about his siblings, education, or childhood. We know that he was drawn to the modelling and entertainment industries, such as fashion, at a young age.

Paul Qualley Early Education

Paul Qualley has not disclosed any information about his education to the public. It is safe to assume that he graduated from America. However, it is unknown whether he has received education in his relevant industry.

Initiation of a Career as a Model

Paul began and entered his career as a model at a young age. He had the looks and body to back up this line, and he became a desirable model with screen-friendly features.

He also received encouragement from his family and friends to pursue this career path, and he went on to make a name for himself in the industry.

He has walked several runways and has appeared in several fashion shows. He has also appeared in a number of commercials and advertisements. However, it was influenced by his desire to become a businessperson.

Transition to Being a Businessman

Paul Qualley Ranch has opened in Montana, and he is the ranch manager. After several years of modelling, he discovered a newfound interest in ranch management and soon opened his own ranch. Even after his divorce, things appear to be going well, as there has been no negative news in this regard.

Andie MacDowell’s Career in a Few Lines

Andie MacDowell, Paul Qualley’s ex-wife, began her career as a model before breaking out in the film industry. Her extensive filmography includes Groundhog Day, Magic Mike XXL, Greystone, and Lord of the Apes, among many others.

Her other notable roles include those in Bad Girls, Videotape, and Multiplicity. She has received a lot of attention for her roles and celebrity.

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell

Paul Qualley has gained attention throughout his career after becoming involved with actress Andie MacDowell, which he has done several times.She has appeared in several films that have brought her fame and fortune.

They met while both were working as models. They quickly met and began dating, which led to their marriage.They married in the year 1986 and their marriage lasted until 1999.They share three children: Justin Qualley, Rainey Qualley, and Sarah Margaret Qualley. 

They were born in the years 1986, 1990, and 1994, respectively.

They both began their careers in front of the camera by competing in Le Bal des Debutantes, a Paris show.

Sarah Margaret Qualley

Sarah Qualley studied American Ballet Theater at the North Carolina School of Arts, where she also worked as an apprentice. She had a passion for dancing before venturing into the world of acting.

She then received an Emmy nomination for Fosse/Verdon when she appeared in her breakthrough role in HBO’s The Leftovers. She also appeared in Brad Pitt’s once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Later in her career, she moved to Netflix, where she appeared in Death Note and IO.She has worked in the fashion industry for companies such as Palo Alto, Ralph Lauren, and Chanel.

Rainey Qualley

She is better recognized by her stage name Rainsford. Rainey Qualley is a recording artist who was interested in “bluesy country” tracks before branching out into the world of pop. She has appeared in films such as Ocean’s 8, Ultrasound, and Mighty Fine, and she was Miss Golden Globe in 2012.

Justin Qualley

Justin Qualley, Paul Qualley’s eldest child, was born on August 14, 1986. The eldest son was born the same year his parents married, preferring privacy to his sisters.

He has left the entertainment industry, like his parents and siblings, to pursue a career in real estate in Missoula, Montana. Due to his avoidance of the spotlight, little is known about him.

Paul Qualley’s Net Worth

Paul’s net worth is thought to be greater than $100,000. His pay and savings may have been notable because he was both a model and an actor’s ex-husband, but he has since strayed from both paths and is now living a private life.

We can only make an educated guess because of these factors. His ex-earnings wife’s from modelling and acting are estimated to be around $15 million. Paul Qualley has been living a private and under the radar life and little is known about whether he has found love or married again.

His ex-wife attempted it twice with other men but failed to find anything lasting. Their marriage is also thought to have been strained by ‘irreconcilable differences at the time.’

Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell Love Story

His most well-known marriage to Andie is well known. They both met while Andie was filming a TV commercial. They met, fell in love, married in 1986, and divorced in 1999. The reason for the divorce, however, is unknown. Justin, Rainey, and Sarah are their three children.

How did Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley meet?

Rosalie Anderson MacDowell best knows Paul for his marriage. The actor will be 64 years old in July 2022.

She was born on April 21, 1958, in Gaffney, South Carolina, USA.Andie made her film debut in 1984’s Greystone: The Legend of Tarzan and Lord of the Apes films, and she has performed in nearly 100 films and television series since then.

In 1985, the prior couple met while Paul was posing as a model for GAP advertising services. He was a rancher/model at the time. They both appeared in the commercial.

Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley married in 1986. The couple been on his 3,000-acre ranch in Missoula, Montana. Paul built their house, and they frequently went horseback riding. While he pursued a career as an actor, his wife stayed at home with the children.

Andile eventually grew tired of seeing him in erotic roles. After eight years of living with her husband and frequently flying out to film movies, she decided to divorce and leave the ranch in 1999. She did not want to grow old in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by people who were not her family.

Her children were granted custody by the court. Since Qualley chose a private life after his or her divorce, no one knows if he remarried. Paul, on the other side, posts photos of his children on his Instagram page. From 2001 to 2004, Andie married her high school classmate Rhett Hertzog, but they never had children.

What is Paul doing now?

He has retired from the modelling and entertainment industries. He changed his profession to business. Paul Qualley’s ranch is located in Montana. He is now pursuing a ranching career. Paul Qualley is now in charge of the ranch.

Paul divorced his wife a long time ago. He is now living a private life. His current dating situation is unknown. He has kept everything hidden and is content with his life.

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