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Paris Jackson Net Worth


Paris Jackson is an actress, model and musician who has a net worth of $100 million. She is the second child of mega-superstar musician Michael Jackson and her life was far from ordinary. Paris is well known for speaking out about her odd childhood experiences with bullying at school, as well as appearing in public more regularly since her father’s death in 2009. She is the elder sibling of Prince Jackson and Prince Jackson ii At just 21 years old, Paris already stands tall at 5’10” and has made a name for herself through modelling campaigns, movie roles and even music releases. Through all this she continues to make waves and prove that no matter what your background or upbringing may be, you can still achieve amazing things if you stay true to yourself.

Paris Jackson Net Worth

So, you’re curious about Paris Jackson’s net worth? Well, buckle up because this is one wild ride. As the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris has lived a life straight out of a fairytale. But it’s not all glitter and glamour. She’s had to navigate a complicated relationship with fame and the media since she was practically a baby. Despite this, Paris has managed to build an impressive career for herself as an actress, model, and musician. And don’t even get me started on her net worth. According to reports, she’s worth a jaw-dropping $100 million. Who knew being born into pop royalty could pay off so well?

Where did the wealth came from?

Michael Jackson was a legendary musician whose legacy continues to live on in the hearts of his fans. His will was equally legendary, with the provisions he made for his children and his mother. In fact, Michael’s will left an equal split of his assets to his three children, with a further 20% going to charity and 40% to support his mother. While originally this meant that his heirs would divide up a debt-ridden estate, the years since have seen incredible success. With royalties and licensing deals generating over $700 million, Michael’s children have a bright financial future.

How was the early life of Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson’s early life is anything but ordinary. Born into a family of pop music royalty and raised on the sprawling Neverland Ranch, Paris had a childhood most kids could only dream of. Despite her father’s fame, Michael Jackson made sure that his children had a relatively normal upbringing, complete with godparents in the form of his famous friends Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor. However, tragedy struck when Michael unexpectedly passed away, and Paris’s life took a sudden turn. Despite this, she has continued to grow into a strong and independent woman, pursuing her passions and making her mark on the world.

Professional life of Paris

Hey there! Let’s talk about careers. It’s always an exciting prospect to find a job that you love and can see yourself sticking with in the long run. Speaking of careers, did you know that Paris Jackson, daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is forging her own path in the entertainment industry? She was originally cast as the lead in a fantasy film back in 2011, but unfortunately, it never got produced. Fast forward to 2017, Paris signed with IMG Models and made her television debut on “Star.” Her hard work paid off when she won an Emerging Talent Award from Daily Front Row and got nominated for a Teen Choice Award. But that’s not all! Paris even made her big screen debut in 2018’s “Gringo” alongside Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, and Joel Edgerton. Who knows what else is in store for this talented young woman’s career? The sky’s the limit!

Personal Life

Paris Jackson’s personal life has been anything but easy. After her father’s death, Paris began self-harming and fell into a cycle of drug addiction and suicide attempts. However, she took an important step towards healing by attending Diamond Ranch Academy, a therapeutic boarding school. Though she faced another hospitalization in 2019, Paris denied the reports of attempted suicide and moved forward. Paris has also had some romantic relationships, dating a soccer player and a musician in the past. While her journey has been difficult, Paris Jackson continues to push forward and come into her own.

Real Estate Business

Real Estate is a fascinating topic, especially when you start hearing about some of the outrageous prices people pay for a place to call home. Like Paris, for instance, who shelled out a cool $2 million for a massive 7-bedroom house in the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles. But hold on, it gets better – or more interesting, anyway. She actually shared the digs with some of her buds including Prudence, granddaughter of the legendary Marlon Brando, and Ashley Danielle Craig, a fellow model. Let the good times roll!

 Life Lesson From Paris Jackson

There’s no denying that Paris Jackson is a force to be reckoned with. From her well-established fame to her growing net worth, she’s clearly doing something right. But there’s one invaluable lesson we can all learn from her: go forward. Life is tough, and sometimes things won’t heal or go back to the way they were before. Instead of getting stuck in the past, it’s important to keep moving forward no matter what. It may not be easy, and it may take time, but ultimately it’s the only way to truly grow and overcome any obstacle life throws our way. So take it from Paris, and keep pushing forward no matter what life may throw your way.


Paris Jackson is an inspiring example of how a person can rise above difficult circumstances to achieve success. Despite facing tragedy and hardship, she has managed to build an impressive career for herself as an actress, model, and musician. With her $100 million net worth from Michael’s will split amongst his three children, Paris continues to make waves in the entertainment industry at just 21 years old. She stands tall at 5’10” with modelling campaigns under her belt and even music releases. Ultimately it goes to show that no matter what your background or upbringing may be, you can still reach amazing heights if you stay true to yourself.

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