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Paige Drummond Net Worth In 2022


Paige Drummond, the daughter of “the pioneer woman”, Ree Drummond, and the American Multimillionaire, Lad Drummond, is a 21-year old young girl who has been gaming a lot of public attention on social media in the past few months.

Even though she has not started her career professionally, she is still one of the richest celebrity kids of this time. 

One would think that since she does not have a professional career as of yet, how is she earning then, well, that’s because of the power of social media.

She has over 185k followers on Instagram and has a YouTube channel of her own.

Even though she is not that active on YouTube and has only posted two videos to date, she has a huge number of subscribers.  

She is one of the most decent celebrity kids you would see in America, we are here to tell you all the details of her life, and obviously, we will be telling you all the things you need to know about Paige Drummond net worth. Now let’s check out; 

Early Life Of Paige Drummond

Paige Drummond even though is the daughter of one of the richest celebrity couples in America, is still a lot different from those highly privileged and spoiled celebrity kids.

Her parents have taught her to be good, and no amount of money should ever spoil her personality. 

Paige Drummond was born on October 31, 1999, in Oklahoma, USA, and has been trained and taught by her parents.

She was home-schooled till high school by her mother and currently, she is enrolled in her Sophomore year of the University of Arkansas.

She is the second of her four siblings and has an elder sister, Alex, and two younger brothers, Bryce and Todd. 

The bond between these siblings is amazing and we can see that in their social media accounts and as well as on their parents’ accounts. Lad and Ree must be proud of the kids they raised.

And we must add, Paige Drummond is her mother’s favorite since her childhood, and we can say this because we have seen Re Drummond a little biased when it comes to Paige Drummond. 

Is She Single? 

Well, since she has a huge following on social media, all her fans have been asking one question since the past year, and that is if Paige Drummond is single or not?

Well, the answer to this might upset her fans, but she is single and has not really planned on being mingled anytime soon. 

In the past, Paige Drummond has dated someone but we don’t really have a lot of details as she is very discrete about her dating life, but as of now, we can tell you that there’s nothing romantic going on in Paige Drummond’s life.

However, we hope that she soon finds the perfect mate for her and we can’t wait for that. 

Fun is Everything 

If you have seen her on social media, you would know Piage Drummond is a girl full of life, she likes to live every moment to the fullest.

She loves to adventure, and we know skiing is her favorite of those. She has a soft spot for skiing and she herself has told her followers that whenever someone offers her a skiing trip, she could not resist saying yes!

The best part is whatever Paige Drummond does, she makes sure that her fans are aware of it by sharing her pictures on her Instagram handle.

She likes to keep her fans in the loop and we like that about her. We have seen her doing so much in her life, whether it is just a casual dinner or a proper party, she seems to enjoy it all. 

Career Life Of Paige Drummond

As of now, Paige Drummond is still focused on her education and does not have a professional career. However, still she loves to make money on her own by doing campaigns on Instagram and doing PRs for different products.

Her Instagram followers know that, even though Paige Drummond net worth is defined by her parents’ net worth, she does not like to count that. 

She believes that her parents’ money was for her till she could be independent and once she is an adult, she should have a net worth of her own.

This belief is what makes Paige Drummond separate from all the other celebrity kids and our absolute favorite.

She is super career-oriented and wants to be at a place where she is recognized for her own and not only for being the daughter of Ree and Lad Drummond. 

Because of this belief, we are sure that one day Paige Drummond net worth would beat her father’s net worth and she would be the new most successful family member of the Drummond Family.

Being just 21-year old, seeing her so much sincere about her career and future, makes her like her even more.

Her parents must be proud of her that she is not spoiled like other celebrity kids who like to waste their parents’ money on partying and shopping. 

We are sure in the next few years, Paige Drummond will become one of the most successful young ladies of America.

You will see Paige Drummond net worth rise up ten times within the next few years. 

Let’s Get To Paige Drummond Net Worth 

The Net worth of a person defines his or her tangible wealth, and as far as the Net worth of Paige Drummond is concerned, it is estimated as $1 million.

However, this net worth is not of Paige alone but the Drummond family. This is the reason why Paige Drummond does not associate this net worth with her own. 

As an independent young lady, Paige Drummond has recently started making money through social media and YouTube, and because of that, her independent net worth is calculated as one million dollars as of 2022.

This is a huge victory for Paige as she did this without following a professional career path, imagine how huge would it be when she goes for a career and actually plan to earn. 

She lives in a home owned by her parents and like all her siblings, has the privilege to travel in luxurious vehicles owned by her parents.

However, her father gifted her a brand-new Tesla on her eighteenth birthday, and she does not miss a chance to show that car off! 

She has a soft spot for having the perfect outfits whether it is a casual lunch or a proper party, she likes to dress up to the point.

This is why she has the hugest wardrobes among all Drummond siblings and we can say that the number of designer products she has in her wardrobe, her wardrobe alone would be worth at least half a million dollars. 

Well, she is the daughter of Ree and Ladd Drummond, if she will not have a designer wardrobe, then who would? She loves to dress up and we love to see her all ready for the occasion. 

Tabular Representation of the Life of Paige Drummond 

Paige Drummond
Name Paige Drummond
Age 21-years
Date of Birth October 31, 1999
Parents Ree and Ladd Drummond
Siblings Alex, Bryce, and Todd Drummond
Net Worth $1 Million as of 2022
Profession No Professional career as of now
EducationPursuing College Degree at University of Arkansas
Source of Income Not Specified
Birth Place Oklahoma, United States of America
High SchoolHome Schooled by mother, Ree Drummond
Media Instagram, 185k followers and YouTube channel
Current AddressNorth Carolina, United States of America
Nationality American 
Page Drummond Net Worth

The Bottom Line 

All in all, Paige Drummond is going on in the right direction to achieve what she desires and her fans are absolutely proud of her.

You should also know that being just 21-year old, she has achieved a lot in her life on her own. She is also ranked top as the most famous family member of the Drummond family. 

She has kept her profile decent, she makes sure that her fans know what is going on in her life and what is she doing but not that much that her fans get the details of her personal life.

She knows how to keep a balanced public and personal life and she is doing pretty great. She wants to achieve financial independence and we have seen her working hard for it.

We have high hopes for her future and we are sure it will be as bright as sunshine! The way she is serious about her future and her career tells us pretty much all that she is not a rich spoiled brat with no value for money, instead, she is one of those who want to use their parents’ money in the right way and make a good career out of it.

She is an inspiration for all those young ladies who are working to be independent just like her! 

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