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From American Football Player to Sports Commentator: OJ Simpson Shocking Net Worth


Orenthal James Simpson, mostly known as OJ Simpson, friends call him ‘Juice’, is a famous American football player, broadcaster, actor, film producer and advertising spokesman.

Once known for being the famous footballer, now is on a spot light because of the murder charges of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

Currently, the overall net worth of this footballer has decreased from $10.8 to $3 million.

Early life of OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson was born on July 9th 1947, to Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson. He was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He went to Galileo High School and then he attended the University of Southern California.

Simpson’s maternal grandparents were from Louisiana, along with his close relatives. His aunt gave him the name Orenthal, which she said was the name of a French on-screen actor she really liked.

He was called “O. J.” from his birth and nobody in his circle knew that Orenthal was his real name until his teacher asked him in third grade.

Simpson has one brother, Melvin Leon “Truman” Simpson, one living sister, Shirley Simpson-Baker, and one sister who is no more in this world, Carmelita Simpson-Durio.

Simpson got diagnosed with rickets when he was in his childhood, and wore braces on his legs till the age of five, giving him his bowlegged stance. His parents got divorced in 1952, and Simpson was raised by his mother.

Simpson grew up in San Francisco and lived with his family within the lodging ventures of the Potrero Slope neighborhood. In his young ages, a long time, he joined a road group called the Persian Warriors and was briefly imprisoned at the San Francisco Youth Direction Center.

His spouse Marquerite, his childhood sweetheart, portrayed Simpson as “truly a terrible individual at that point”; after his third capture, in an encounter with Willie Mays, the baseball star that time.

Some of his friends suggested to maintain a safe distance from such incidents to avoid any legal consequences.  

At Galileo High School formerly Galileo Institute of Science and Innovation in San Francisco, Simpson played for the school football group, the Galileo Lions. He graduated in 1965. 

Astonishing Career of OJ Simpson

He was recruited by the ‘Buffalo Bills’ in 1969. He remained with the Bills until 1977, whilst posting a number of records, and won various awards.

He was the mainstream player to cover over 2000 yards in a season in 1973. Since of his amazing performance during the same year, he was given as the title of NFL MVP and Hostile Player of the Year.

He played for ‘San Francisco 49ers’ after being exchanged by the ‘Buffalo Bills’. He was receiving the salary of $ 806,688 when he resigned in 1979 due to his knee injury and was the most noteworthy paid football player at that time. Back then, OJ Simpson net worth was $8.1 million.

Simpson gained 11,236 surging yards, placing him 2nd on the NFL’s all-time surging list when he resigned; right now, he stands on 21st rank.

He was named NFL Player of the Year in 1973 and played in six Pro Bowls. He was the only player in NFL history to surge for over 2,000 yards in a 14-game season, and he’s the first player to surge for over 200 yards in six diverse recreations in his career.

After his retirement, He became a performing artist and he gives an outstanding performance in TV miniseries “Roots” and in movies such as “The Klansman,” “The Towering Inferno,” “The Exposed Gun” series and numerous others.

Personal life of OJ Simpson

Simpson got married to Marguerite L. Whitley on June 24, 1967.

They had three children together and one of them died early. OJ Simpson met a girl Nicole Brown in a night club where he started dating her. His girlfriend used to work as a waitress there. OJ divorced his first wife and married Nicole Brown on February 2, 1985.

This marriage lasted for seven years and they had two kids together.

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were found murdered in Nicole’s house and Simpson was the prime suspect. On October 3, 1995, the jury gave the verdict for O.J. founding him as ‘not guilty’ for the murders.

Simpson faced other legal problems and eventually spent nine years in prison on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping where he along with his mates entered a room at the Palace Station hotel-casino and took sports memorabilia and threatened people with guns.

What Happened to OJ Simpson Net Worth

Apart from NFL career, he has also been working as an actor and have given out some of the best cinemas lately such as ‘The Klansman’ and some of the amazing series ‘The Naked Gun’.

At the time of separation with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1992, his net worth was $10.8 million.

Around half of his net worth came from the esteem of his Brentwood estate. He bought that area in 1977 for $650,000. According to the settlement terms of their divorce, OJ’s monthly salary in 1992 was $55,000. The lion’s share of that wage came from his Hertz underwriting contract.

That’s comparable of $92,000 per month after altering for expansion, generally $1.1 million per year nowadays.

OJ too gave Nicole a rental property in San Francisco. OJ proceeded to live in his Brentwood house until he was ousted in 1997 after defaulting on the contract. The 6,200 square foot house was bought in dispossession for $4 million and annihilated in 1998. According to an authentic site, O.J. Simpson net worth is $3 million now.

His support deals included working with products such as ‘Pioneer Chicken’, ‘Hertz’ Rental Car Company and ‘Honey-Baked Ham’ as well as a $250,000 deal with Chevrolet.

OJ Simpson Earnings

  • In 1976, OJ Simpson`s salary from San Francisco 49ers was approximately $733,300.
  • In 1979 OJ Simpson`s salary from San Francisco 49ers before his retirement was $806,600.
  • In 1997 he had to pay $25,000,000 to Nicole Brown`s family and $8,500,000 to Ron Goldman`s family.
  • In 1978 his net worth was around $8 million.
  • In 1992 after his divorce with Nicole his net worth to be approximate was $10.8 million
  • By 2000 his net worth was around $11-12 million.

And after getting murder charges OJ had to pay more than half of the net worth of his to the family of the victims but was found not guilty and rest of some of his net worth, he spent it on buying the four-bedroom mansion in Florida and a car showroom.

As of now his net worth is $3 million.

Brief Summary on OJ Simpson’s Life

Born on July 9th, 1947, OJ Simpson named Orenthal James Simpson, nickname ‘Juice’. He was born in San Francisco; California and he grew up there. He studied in the Highschool of San Francisco and even continued his college and university from there.

He played football for his school and university teams from where he became popular and played as an American footballer, and was also awarded in Pro Bowl.

After taking the retirement he became an actor and gave out some of the amazing movies such as ‘The Klansman’ and a popular series ‘The Naked Gunman’.

He was recently highlighted a lot because of murder charges of his wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, but later was not found guilty.

Because of the murder charges OJ had to pay a heavy amount to the victims’ family because of which his net worth decreased from $10.8 million to almost $3 million but it also included the investments he did in the car showroom and buying a mansion in Florida.

He was also been arrested for robberies and kidnapping lately in 2000`s.

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