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Noelle Watters’ biography – Jesse Watters’ ex-wife?


Noelle Watters is a well-known fashion stylist and television personality from New York. She was also the first wife of Jesse Watters, a political commentator on Fox News Channel.

Although not much is known about Noelle’s private life, her divorce with Jesse has been covered in the media extensively.

So what caused one of America’s most controversial couples to split up? Let’s take a look at Noelle Watters’ biography and find out more about her past relationships, career history, and current state of affairs.

Who was Jesse Watters’ first wife?

Oh, you want to know about Jesse Watters’ first wife, do you? Well, let me tell you about the lovely Noelle Watters. She’s not just a pretty face, you know.

This fashion stylist was born into a family of Scottish-Irish descent on May 5th, 1976, in the concrete jungle of New York City.

With parents named Peter and Rosemary Inguagiato, it’s no wonder she’s got style in her blood. And when you see her work, you’ll know she’s got talent to match.

But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and google her. You won’t be disappointed.

How old is Noelle Watters?

Well, well, well, look who’s aging like a fine wine! As of 2023, Noelle Watters has reached the ripe old age of 47.

But hey, who says you can’t still have fun and be fabulous at any age? Noelle is like a fine wine – she just keeps getting better with time.

And let’s face it, she’s probably still turning heads left and right wherever she goes. So here’s to you, Noelle – cheers to aging like a boss!

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Education and career

Oh, look at Noelle! She’s one smart cookie. She went and got herself a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Fairfield University.

But did you think she was gonna settle for just that? Nope! Noelle’s always had a thing for fashion since she was a kid, and she’s always dreamt of making a name for herself in the industry. And guess what? She did it!

Noelle started off at Fox News Channel as a television host and then went on to host her own fashion show, iMag Style. Talk about goals, right? Way to go, Noelle!

Personal life of Noelle Watters

Ooh la la, Noelle and Jesse Watters! Looks like these two FOX employees found more than just juicy headlines when they met back in ’02.

They flaunted their love all over social media, leaving the rest of us singletons feeling thoroughly trolled. But hey, who can blame ’em? Their wedding ceremony in 2009 was undoubtedly the most watched event on FOX News at the time.

And their love story didn’t end there – they even managed to pop out some precious little twin girls. Whether you envy or adore them, there’s no denying that the Watters family is living the life we all secretly (or not so secretly) want.

Who is the mother of Jesse Watters’ twin daughters?

You know Jesse Watters, the Fox News correspondent? Yeah, him. Did you know he has twin daughters? Oh, you did? Okay, how about this: do you know who the mother of those adorable little girls is?

None other than Noelle, that’s who! Sophie and Elle’s mama has been kept under wraps, but we’ve done our research and we can confirm it’s Noelle.

Oh, we love a good mystery, but we love even more when we crack the case. Sorry if we’re taunting you a bit, but we can’t help it when we’re the ones to bring you the hot scoop!

So, who is Jesse Watters?

Oh boy, let me tell you about the one and only Jesse Watters. If you don’t know who he is, have you been living under a rock? This dude is a total household name.

You may have seen him on The O’Reilly Factor, where he produced and made appearances doing “On-The-Street” interviews and his segment, “Watters World.” I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love watching him ask unsuspecting strangers the hard-hitting questions?

And let’s not forget about his net worth, which is estimated to be a cool $5 million. But, let’s get to the juicy stuff – who is this stud muffin married to now? Well, drumroll, please…it’s Emma DiGiovine!

And did I mention that Jesse announced his engagement to her on Twitter? Yep, that’s right. The man, the myth, the legend is officially off the market, ladies.

Body measurements

Well, look who we have here – a fashion stylist with measurements to boot! And not just any measurements, but the kind that make you go “whoa!” Brown-eyed and light brown haired, this fashionista stands tall at 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs a whopping 121lbs (54 kilograms, if you’re feeling fancy).

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Pshh, those measurements aren’t anything special.”

But let me tell you, folks, when she walks into a room, heads turn and jaws drop. So go ahead and strut your stuff, Ms. Stylist, because with numbers like those, you’re killing the game.

What is Noelle Watters doing now?

Oh, Noelle Watters, where could she be? Is she off on some top-secret mission for the government? Did she join the circus and become a daredevil tightrope walker?

Or maybe she’s discovering a new species deep in the Amazon rainforest. The truth is, we may never know exactly what Noelle Watters is up to at the moment.

But hey, let’s give the woman some credit for being private and staying out of the public eye. Maybe we could all take a page out of her book and stop oversharing on social media.


Noelle Watters is a successful fashion stylist and television personality from New York. Despite being Jesse Watters’ ex-wife, she has managed to remain out of the public eye and keep her private life under wraps.

Although we may never know what Noelle is up to at the moment, it’s still admirable that she is able to keep her life so private.

If we could all take a page out of Noelle Watters’ book and focus on our own lives instead of oversharing online, who knows what other amazing things we might discover?

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