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Nick Hillary net worth after revisiting the Garrett Phillips case


Nick Hillary net worth, you are just about to find out in this article. He was once a suspect in the murder case of Garrett Phillips, has been exonerated. Discover the latest 2022 update on this 2011 unsolved case here.

Nick Hillary, formerly a soccer coach at Clarkson University, was implicated in the murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips. The case underwent multiple investigations to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident.

Hillary was charged, questioned, and subjected to several trials following Garrett’s untimely demise, only to be eventually declared innocent.

With Nick’s name cleared, the question arises again – who is the actual perpetrator of young Garrett’s murder? Continue reading for further details on this 2011 homicide, its realities, and implications.

The Unsolved Mystery of Garrett Phillips’s Murder: Nick Hillary Acquitted

Garrett Phillips, a young boy merely 12 years old, lost his life in his home on October 24, 2011. While Nick was initially arrested in connection with the crime, he was later absolved of all charges.

NBC Dateline reported that Hillary was freed from the charge of the murder, with no guilt associated with the decade-old crime. Yet, the question remains – who is responsible for Garrett’s death?

In 2022, the enigma surrounding Phillips’s murder remains unresolved. Furthermore, it was revealed that the evidence against Hillary was concocted, leading to his exoneration.

Even by 2020, the real culprit of Garrett’s death had not been convicted, leaving the case still open. Currently, no new updates are available regarding this tragic incident.

Nick Hillary Net Worth

As of now, not much is known about the current whereabouts of Nick Hillary. After his coaching career came to a halt, he has led a reclusive life.

As reported by the Noth Country Public Radio, Hillary proceeded with his lawsuit against the law enforcement officers who arrested him in relation to the 2011 case.

Additionally, Hillary alleged that his civil rights were violated due to his racial identity. Since then, Hillary has remained out of public scrutiny.

Prior to his arrest, Nick was recognized as a respected coach and a sociable member of his community.

About Nick Hillary’s Love Life and Family

Nick Hillary, formerly in a relationship with 12-year-old murder victim Garrett Phillips, is reportedly cohabitating with his partner, Stacia Lee, as reported by Oxygen.

There is uncertainty regarding whether Stacia is currently Nick’s wife. Nonetheless, Nick resides with his children, leading a fulfilling family life.

Nick has previously expressed the hardships he faced in the wake of his arrest. Even though he was acquitted, Nick encounters numerous obstacles in his everyday life.

What is Hillary’s current status?

His existence has taken a turn for the worse. He switched from being a respected soccer coach to a societal outcast.

Hillary expressed in a documentary that he was widely recognized and greeted warmly as a coach. As the saying goes, everybody loves a winner, and his winning streak was celebrated.

He was dismissed

As a consequence of the legal problems, he was fired from his esteemed position as a soccer coach.Lisa Marcoccia, his lawyer, told in the HBO film that the school did not wish him back on the premises.

Despite the publicist for the documentary “Who Killed Garrett Phillips?” stating Hillary is still trying to rebuild his life, his professional progression has stalled due to the murder allegations. He currently volunteers as a part-time youth soccer coach and works night shifts at a company.

Hillary voiced the difficulty of seeking employment amidst the allegations. Background checks would instantly put him at a disadvantage, he said to Mel Magazine, adding that erasing the negativity surrounding his name online is nearly impossible.However, he finds volunteering to work with kids rewarding.He is parenting his children

He is taking care of his children from his previous relationship with Stacia Lee. He was the primary caregiver at the time of the documentary filming.Living in a small community post-allegations feels like being under house arrest, he shared in the HBO documentary. He admitted that it’s taxing, but he’s striving to stay strong for his children.

His image is tarnished

Despite residing in the same community, Hillary faces daily challenges due to the allegations.

His reputation took a severe hit, as he mentioned in the documentary. People no longer interact with him the same way.Marcoccia determined his life to be utterly ruined by the allegations.

He is still suspected by someJohn Jones, the Sheriff’s deputy and Cyrus’ ex, is convinced that Hillary is the murderer.

The documentary revealed that Jones is not the only one who thinks so, and Hillary’s potential guilt still leads to heated debates in Potsdam.

He is seeking justice

In addition to participating in the HBO documentary, Hillary filed a civil suit accusing the New York State Police, St. Lawrence County prosecutors, and local police of violating his civil rights and racial discrimination. This lawsuit alleges that Hillary was unlawfully detained and strip-searched after the murder.

Though some allegations were dismissed earlier this year, the discrimination claim is proceeding, as reported by North Country Public Radio in March.

Hillary initially filed a suit in 2012 claiming his civil rights were violated, which was two years before his arrest for the murder. He filed an expanded suit after being acquitted of all charges in 2016, which is still ongoing.

Phillips’s murder remains an open case. North Country Public Radio revealed that the police have received a new potential lead.

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