Nia Guzman; Nationality, Profession, Daughters, Net Worth and More


If you want to know details about model Nia Guzman, you came to the right place. Keep reading to know about her.

Nia Guzman known to the world today because she dated Chris Brown, a successful American rapper and singer. Her modelling career got a boost, her entrepreneurship upsurged and she started getting the limelight after dating Chris. Her potential just got resources to go upward.

Nia Guzman Personal Life

Nia Guzman was born in the year 1983. Nia is an American and her birth place is Corpus Christi, Texas. Her ethnicity is Hispanic. She follows the religion on Christianity.

Nia’s parents and relatives are not very open to media. They have always kept themselves away from the public eye. However, it is believed that her father is a businessman and her mother is a real estate agent.

Nia always wanted to be in the public eye and being famous. She, as a child, used to gather money with her friends to buy magazines and look up to the models. She knew from start that she wants to be a model one day. Life brought her to her dream life and she achieved ger goal and became a model.

Nia is multitalented as while being in the college, she worked side by side on herself to prepare for modelling world.

Nia Guzman Professional Life

Nia Guzman studied nursing to pursue a career in it. Later, she started realizing that she has an attractive body and has the potential to become a professional model. Her Instagram is a perfect place to know what type of model she is, what type of lifestyle she lives and whatnot. She is an active user. Nia is also an entrepreneur, an empowered women who knows well to make money on her own. She has her own beauty and unisex clothing line called Royalty Brown.

Nia has always dreamt of getting the attention and limelight. Nia was seen on the screens first time in the year 2011 in a music video called “Dreams of You” while she was married to former husband Terry Amey.

The main credit for her popularity goes to Chris Brown, her ex-boyfriend. When Chris started dating Nia, it was just then people started taking interest in her and wanted to know more about the girl who is a love date of the famous rapper, song-writer, singer Chris Brown.

Nia Guzman Love Life

Nia has been in and out of love for quite some times. She was initially married to Terry Amey. He is not from media industry. The former couple tied the knots in the year 2003 and went through thick and thins but unfortunately their love for each other died through the way. They parted their ways in the year 2014. During the period of their marriage, they made a beautiful daughter named Zillah Jade Amey. Who is currently thirteen years old.

Nia is believed to be involved in infidelity as just after one month of her divorce, she gave birth to another daughter and later on it was disclosed that the father was the famous singer, rapper Chris Brown. He was clearly not happy that Nia made it public as he was at that time, dating Karrueche Tran. Chris had to broke up with Tran but it was no a good start for Nia and Chris as Chris felt like it was a force thing and not something he wanted willingly. 

Nia Guzman and Chris Brown Daughter

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman were physically involved when Nia was till married to another man, who was not from media industry. Chris and Nia made love and then their relation deteriorated naturally. Later, when Nia gave birth to her daughter, it got disclosed that the father was Chris Brown.

The child is named as Royalty Brown. In the year 2016. Chris verbally attacked Nia on the internet, claiming she’s dressing up their two years old daughter as if she were 16; on 14 August 2016, the court gave Chris and Nia joint custody over Royalty, 18 days a month with Nia and 12 days with Chris.

Nia Guzman Daughters

Nia has three daughters, one form her former husband Terry Amey, the daughter is named Zillah Jade Amey. Second daughter is from Chris Brown, the daughter is named Royalty Brown. And the youngest is named Sinatra L.A. and there aren’t any details about the biological father of the youngest daughter.

Nia keeps featuring her daughters on her Instagram. The eldest one, Zillah is seen very often and is it suspected that she is more attached to her father.

Nia Guzman Social Media Accounts

Nia Guzman’s Instagram handle is @therealniaguzman with 588k followers.

Nia posts stuff mostly related to her fitness, body revealing pictures and sometimes feature her family, the daughters to be specific.

Nia Guzman’s daughter, Sinatra also has an Instagram account of her own, managed by her mom. Apparently, she has 38.1k followers and following just 25 accounts.

Nia Guzman’s daughter, Royalty Brown also has an Instagram account of her own. Apparently, she has 1.2M followers and following just 35 accounts. Daughter of Chris and Nia has more followers than her mother Nia.  

Nia Guzman Net Worth

Nia Guzman has multiple streams of income as she is a trained nurse, a model and an entrepreneur. Nia has a beauty and clothing line of her own, named after one of her daughters, Royalty Brown. The estimated Nia Guzman net worth is about $100,000. She has dated a famous and super rich rapper, Chris Brown and is also a mother of his daughter.

Nia Guzman Possessions

Nia has some solid sources of income and she has been in the limelight for quite some time. For her to maintain her social status, she needs to possess certain things and keep up certain lifestyle to stay validated. There is no clear list of what possessions she has but through her Instagram, we can say that she does live a nice home, drive good cars and live a high maintenance life. Also, by now you know Nia Guzman net worth.