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Navy Joan Roberts – Grandchild of Joe Biden


Navy Joan Roberts is the grandchild of the president of the United States of America. Navy was born in the year 2018. Joe Biden’s second son named Hunter Biden is the father of the three-year-old child Navy. Her biological mother is Lunden Roberts. Navy lives with her mother and her surname is also of her mother. Navy is currently residing in Washington DC with her maternal grandparents. 

Grandparents from mother side support and love Navy unconditionally. Grandfather named Rob and grandmother named Kimberley Roberts. Grandfather is the owner of a successful gun customization business.

The mother-daughter bond is profusely strong, and we get to see them together in many pictures uploaded on Lunden’s social media. The star kid is very active and participates on sports like tee-ball.

Father Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is the son of Joe Biden and his first wife Neilia Hunter Biden. He was born in the year 1970 and he is currently an American attorney. His list of professions is a lengthy one it suggests that he has been switching professions. He has worked as a banker, lobbyist, public administration official and registered lobbyist-firm attorney but at this time, he still has his finger dipped in multiple professions as he is also a hedge fund, venture capital and private equity fund investor. Hunter married Kathleen Buhle in the year 1993 and the parted their ways in the year 2017. His second marriage took place in the year 2019 and it was with Melissa Cohen. However, the father of Navy did not marry the mother of Navy. He has five children.  

Mother Lunden Alexis Roberts

Lunden Alexis Roberts is the biological mother of Navy, and she brought the little girl in this world. Lunden is not a legal wife of the father of Navy; Hunter Biden. Lunder is a former basketball player and has an excellent academic record. She attended three different schools; Arkansas State University, Western Illinois University, George Washington University, respectively. Maybe she did not find the right motivation to go on with the student life and the career you get after such high education and then she decided to switch career, she became a stripper by profession.

Lunden was the first one to reveal the birth of their child Navy by posting a picture on her social media account. She further disclosed the name and date of birth of her daughter.

Grandfather Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America. He was born in the year 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He attended the University of Delaware for bachelor’s degree and Syracuse University for a law degree. He has served as vice president of the United States of America from 2009 to 2017 in the Democratic administration of President Barack Obama.

Parental Controversy

A huge controversy took place and got all the attention. When the information about Navy’s birth came to light, the father tried to deny the connection with the child. Hunter’s lawyer denied paternity of the child Navy. Furthermore, he claimed that he has never been with the stripper Lunden.

Lunden handled the situation brilliantly and with the help of legal process, she decided to let a DNA test prove her claim that Hunter is the biological father of her daughter Navy. The results came in the favor of Lunden, and it was proven that Hunter was indeed the father of Navy. After that, Lunden decided to sue him for child support and won the case. Subsequently she received an amount of $2.5 Million from Hunter in child support. The file charged against Hunter for child support resulted in the acceptance of Navy Joan Roberts from the Biden family, including the grandfather who is currently the president of the United States of America.

Navy Joan Roberts Half-Siblings

Navy Joan Roberts is the only daughter of her mother Lunden, but her father Hunter has four children. After the Biden family legally accepted Navy as a part of their family, Navy naturally got four half-siblings from her father side. The children are from his one dissolved wife and one current wife.

Navy Joan Roberts Net Worth

She is related to the family of the president of the United States of America and this itself is a justification of estimation a high amount as her net worth. However, the little Navy is only three years old but as aforementioned, she has received $2.5 million from her father after losing a case which was files by Navy’s mother for child support.

Navy Joan Roberts Education

The little Navy has not started attending school formally, however, we believe that she has been under fine ongoing upbringing from her parents and maternal grandparents. Navy has all the support that she would need in the future to outshine her potential.

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