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Naomi Yomtov – A Great Producer & Director


Executive producer Naomi Yomtov (also known as Naomi Odenkirk) has contributed to a number of films and television programs. However, Naomi is well known for being Bob Odenkirk’s wife, who is an accomplished actor. Her husband’s career received a big boost because of his gripping depiction of the dishonest lawyer Saul Goodman on the highly acclaimed and widely viewed AMC crime drama Breaking Bad. The couple has been together for more than 20 years and has two grown children. Naomi now oversees her husband’s abilities as well.

Naomi Yomtov Early Life

As of 2021, Naomi Susan Odenkirk will be 54 years old. She had spent her entire life there and was a Native American. She has remained extremely quiet about her early years, including her parents, her childhood, and other details. Additionally, Naomi belongs to the United States of America.

Who Is Bob Odenkirk’s Wife Naomi Yomtov?

Producer is what Yomtov does for a living. In the movie adaptation of Michael Blieden’s stage piece Pyro-Giants! She landed her first position as a producer with Melvin Goes to Dinner. A Bee and a Cigarette and The Pity Card, two Derek & Simon short films from 2006, both have Naomi on the executive producing team. She soon gained popularity after contributing to several episodes of the television program Derek and Simon: The Show.

In 2009, Yomtov served as an executive producer for the cable sitcom Atom TV. Later that same year, she produced the Comedy by the Numbers television miniseries. She has previously been on Let’s Do This! And Just how to Cheat on Your Wife.

Yomtov has participated to the W/ Bob & David season 2015 of her husband Bob Odenkirk’s humorous sketch show. She also contributed to the short films Ass Backwards, The Skeleton Twins, and It All Makes Sense.

Yomtov Is Now a Manager

In addition to being a producer, Naomi manages her spouse of more than 23 years. Bob acknowledged that it is difficult to have a wife who is a manager when the interviewer for WSJ Magazine questioned if it was difficult. He declared:

“Yes, it’s difficult. It took us a while to figure it out, but we finally did. Your manager’s responsibility is to have opinions about the work you want to accomplish, to guide you in making decisions, and — in Naomi’s case — to have a strong point of view. However, you receive a lot of input as an artist. People read your script and comment, “This is noble. That is not ideal.

Additionally, Kristen Wig, Bill Hader, and Derek Waters are a few other comedians with whom Naomi has worked. In a 2014 Playboy interview, Naomi also talked about her husband’s role as Saul in the Breaking Bad television series. She said there,

He did not write it or come up with it. He had to accept a paradigm shift in his profession as a director and humor developer. It was intriguing to watch him seize and seize on that opportunity. He had to adopt a new perspective on himself

On the spin-off Better Call Saul, Bob reprised the role and co-starred with Rhea See horn, Jonathan Banks, and others. Along with other actors, the program also stars Tony Dalton and Kerry Condon. He was nominated for four Primetime Emmys for his outstanding work on the well-regarded project.

Met Her Companion Bob Odenkirk in One of His Comedy Shows

In 1994, the two first connected during one of Bob’s comedy performances in West Hollywood. Although it appeared for a while that Bob was “disinterested” in her, Naomi fell in love with him at first sight. Years after their marriage, Naomi remembered how she had once confessed her crush to a number of others who had also tried to match her up with him, but she had rejected them.

In Santa Monica, Naomi and Bob once more ran into each other outside a comedy club, which is where Odenkirk first became aware of her.

I did not know why he finally noticed me, she said. It is not like I overnight morphed into his type. Even though I still do not think I am his type, we get along really well.

How Long Have They Been Married?

In a low-key wedding ceremony, Bob and his bride Naomi exchanged their vows in 1997. The couple had been dating for about a year when they decided to be married.

The lasting pair has been together for almost 23 years, and their relationship is still going strong. Since their marriage, Naomi has also identified as Jewish.

Mother of Two Children

Nate Odenkirk, the couple’s first child, was born to Bob Odenkirk’s wife in late 1998. He is currently a producer of original content at Audible, Inc. He also contributes hilarity to The Inquirist Magazine. Nate mentioned his education and said he went to Oberlin College. At DePaul University, where he completed his studies, he earned a political science degree in American Government and Politics in 2021. The couple’s second child, a daughter called Erin Odenkirk, was born in the year 2000.

Net Worth of Naomi Yomtov

Bob Odenkirk is thought to have a net worth of approximately $16 million. Odenkirk played a sleazy lawyer named Saul Goodman in the television series “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” which is probably where most people first became aware of him.

Before making a big splash, Bob devoted a lot of his time to writing comedy for a range of shows and appearing on numerous projects as a guest writer.

Celebritynetworth reports that the actor received more than $200,000 for each episode of the popular show Better Call Saul in 2009. He used to receive $150,000 for each episode, but as a producer, he now receives $200,000 for each. The celebrity also receives $2 million per season in addition. Odenkirk is engaged in a number of endeavors while still a student, including the Nobody movie.

The actor has worked on numerous films and is a skilled producer and director. Odenkirk founded his own production business, Cal-Gold Pictures, in April 2020 and agreed to a first-look arrangement with Sony Pictures Television.

Nobody, an action-thriller movie starring Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, debuted at the top of the US box office in March 2021 with $6.7 million in revenue. The actor receives various prizes in addition to his salary.

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