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15 Most Revealing Swimsuits Of All Time


Summer break is officially here. You want to pack up your favourite swimsuits and head off to the beach for a good time. For instance, you are on the hunt for a flattering swimsuit and don’t know where to shop. We’re happy to help as we got a list of the most revealing swimsuits of all time for hot girl summer.

Your ideal swimsuit will depend on multiple factors, such as your personal styling preferences. Knowing what you want can assist you in choosing between a one-piece suit, swim bottoms, a swim top, or a combination.

You can choose a sporty swimsuit, a strappy one with frills and ruching, a retro, vintage bikini, a stylish, contemporary swim dress, a flirty, color-blocked swimsuit, or a soft, flounce swimsuit set. Let’s check out the most revealing swimsuits of all time.

What material is swimwear made of 

Different fabrics, including spandex, polyester, nylon, and polyester and spandex mixes, are used to make swimsuits. Most of the time, swimsuits are of polyester or spandex. The longevity, comfort, and cost of your swimsuit are factors to consider while buying a material that is best for you and your needs.

The origin of modern-day swimsuits

Let’s take a deep dive into the origins of swimwear. Early swimming gear was not the same as the two-piece or one-piece bathing suits we know today. Back then, things were very different. That fashion has evolved. What was trendy ten years ago is outdated now.

In 1915, The term swimsuit formally made its way into the world and established its niche in fashion. Although two-piece suits were popular in the years before World War II, they often covered a woman’s navel and only exposed a little portion of her stomach.

So who invented the modern-day swimsuit? All credit goes to the French designer Louis Reard. He introduced the first contemporary bikini to the public, which had less fabric than previous swimsuits. Reard got the idea for the name of his two-piece from a famous US nuclear test known as Bikini Atoll.

The designer had to pay Parisian showgirl Micheline Bernardini to model the new design since it was one of the most revealing swimsuits of all time. The swimsuit sparked rage because previous swimwear displayed modesty as they provided coverage.

Women’s swimwear has grown to incorporate a range of styles, and with that growth have come new, related industries. One of these is the rise in popularity of swimsuit photography, which began in the middle of the 20th century.

Reard’s contribution to the world of swimsuits made it possible for us to wear more revealing swimsuits of all time. People wear swimsuits globally in public settings such as public pools and the beach or even incorporate them into daily wear.

Different types of swimsuits

1) Cover up: An ankle-length, flowy, long- or short-sleeved outfit is known as a caftan. If you want a long-sleeve, ankle-length alternative that offers extra protection from the sun, a caftan is a terrific choice.

2) Tankini: The tankini was created by Anne Cole and released onto the market in the 1990s. Many believe a tankini-style bathing suit is more similar to a one-piece suit. It covers as much skin as most one-piece swimming costumes, if not more, and is more modest than a bikini. Tankinis are in style these days.

3) Monokini: In contrast to a tankini, a monokini is a single-piece garment but skimpier with a V-cut bottom. It may reveal more skin with cut-outs, plunging necklines, halter necks, and straps. It is two pieces joined together with thinner panels and cloth or strings.

4) One-piece swimsuit: A one-piece swimsuit most commonly refers to swimwear worn primarily by women and girls when swimming in the sea or a swimming pool, playing water polo, or any activity which requires the sun, such as sunbathing.

One-piece swimwear is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of multiple pieces connected together, it is all one solid piece. However, that doesn’t mean that one-piece swimsuits are boring. In fact, one-piece swimsuits come in a huge range. From monochromatic to floral ones, you can find anything.

5) Two-piece swimsuit: With a two-piece, you can mix and match it with different bathing suits to create a new look every day you’re out on the beach. Think about all of the exciting outfits you can come up with. Currently, this style of swimwear is widely worn all over the world.  Two pieces offer more versatility than a one-piece, though you have to purchase more bathing suits in order for that to work.

What are the things to look out for buying swimwear?

If it’s one thing we unanimously agree on is how confusing it is to buy swimwear, especially online. Different styles, patterns, and cutouts can be q overwhelming. Finding your correct size is like hitting the jackpot. We have some tips in store that can help you pick out the perfect size.

1) Know your measurements

This tip can be helpful, especially during online shopping. The sizing chart can be confusing and vague sometimes. You don’t want to make a ballpark guess of your size because that can go horribly wrong. Just find a measuring tape that is probably lying around somewhere. Most websites have a how to measure yourself guide on their website.

2) Be aware of what you want

Fast fashion offers so much variety, but that ends up confusing us. Trends go by as quickly as days. To avoid confusion, make sure you know e what you want. Sizing is one of the many things to consider when buying swimwear. While comparing different options, remember brands have varying sizing charts.

3) Reviews, reviews, reviews

There is no denying that people get frequently scammed on the internet. To save yourself from that, check reviews. Pay a visit to the brand’s social media to check what people have to say. This way, you won’t end up in a what I ordered vs. what I got situation.

4) Check out for adjustable features.

Look for adjustable bathing suits according to your needs. The adjustable shoulder straps will stop them from slipping or snagging on your shoulders. Additionally, removable cups are fantastic since you can simply replace them without purchasing an entire swimsuit if they become shabby or worn out.

if tankinis are more your style, search for the ones with drawstrings so you can alter the length of the top to better fit your body.

5) Check the durability

See if the beads or sequins are attached loosely with a few threads or firmly with several threads. Purchasing a bathing suit only to discover that some vibrant diamonds or exotic beads that made it so appealing have fallen off is always disappointing. If there is a bathing suit that has beads or diamonds hanging off, it probably won’t hold up to a lot of use.

7) Make sure it is well constructed

Is the suit lined throughout, or just in some places? How about sewing? Are there zigzag stitches, single rows, or double rows? Are there any loose threads? A high-quality suit will have double-row or zig-zag seams and lining.

8) Quality over quantity

Sometimes, if you genuinely want a trendy swimsuit, you can buy the cheapest one you can find, even though you might not want to wear it for more than one season. Take your time and invest a little extra money while looking for a classic swimsuit that you intend to swim laps.

Top 10 most revealing swimsuits of all time

1) Caicos by Kylie Swimwear

Kylie, being a businesswoman, dipped her toes in the swimwear world. She is now the CEO of Kylie Swimwear

On August 17, Jenner posted a Polaroid photo of herself wearing a cutout pink and yellow swimming suit to Instagram, introducing her new swimsuit line, Kylie Swim. The post was captioned coming soon. Later, on September 13, she declared that her company’s debut collection would go on sale that day.

The swimsuit on display today is Caicos. It is a beautiful one-piece halter-style bathing suit. The color palette is her signature Kylie ombre with pinks and oranges, giving it a sunset palette. It is perfect for someone who is not afraid to show their skin. The halter tie is adjustable as per your liking. It is available for $80.

2) Gigi Top Black by God Saves Queens

Karoline Priess founded God Saves Queens in 2014. It Is a high-end lingerie brand situated in Poland which provides hand-crafted goods.

The next swimsuit on display is the Gigi Top Black, priced at $69. This risque swimsuit is asymmetrical with cutouts on the underwear and bikini top. It may seem out there, but it is designed with a shoulder strap and underwire to give you support. These two-piece swimsuits are perfect for someone who has a black wardrobe and wants to add a swimsuit in the same color.

3) Mia ruched balconette bikini top by Jade Swim

Next, we have the Mia ruched balconette bikini top by Jade Swim, which retails for $125. A bit on the pricey side, but the quality is premium quality guaranteed. There are designs in several colors ranging from green to teal. This bikini top will be a showstopper.

The cinched ruched detail elevates the look while still being minimal. You can pair this with the Mia cheeky bottoms to give a complete look. The top has an underwire with adjustable straps for comfort.

4) Inamorata Las Olas top

Presenting you the iconic Inamorata Las Olas top. It is a triangle-style halter top bikini. It comes in a whopping 29 colors and patterns. Talk about variety!  Inamorata is the famous actress Emily Ratajaowki’s swimwear line. We recommend the hot fuchsia velvet top.

The beautiful piece comes with stings to tie around the waist, giving you a snatched look. The bathing suit offers minimal coverage, which puts it in the revealing category. The hot pink barbie Fushia is perfect for someone who prefers a more feminine look. The velvet material will add a rich feel to your outfit.

5) Muehleder Boni bikini top

Larissa Muehlder, the face behind Muehlder attended Fashion INtisutue of Technology to major in Fashion Makreting. After graduating, she founded the brand Muehleder and made Neoprene her patent fabric. Larissa wanted to build a company for other self-employed, driven women who want to encourage others.

Showcasing the Boni bikini top, a fiery red to bring out the fierceness inside of you. Once again, it is a halter bikini top, but with a twist. You can tie it as a bow. How adorable! You can also untie the bow for a fit that adjusts you.

Manufactured with a cotton/nylon to line the bust,  the underbust can be pulled in or out for different levels of coverage. It costs $125 and can go with anything you like.

6) Red Triangle Bikini Top and Bottom by Kylie Swimwear

We have another hot piece by Kylie Swimwear. Triangle sets have made a resurgence, and we are so here for it. They are perfect for someone who prefers riskier swimsuits. The top and bottom barely provide any coverage yet still look flattering.

Kylie did a spot-on job with the color scheme. The set is red- a universally flattering color on all skin tones. The whole two-piece set together costs $80. Grab it while you still can because this collection sold out quickly.

7) Snake mesh piece Swimsuit by Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali is a New York-based fashion designer known for her unique swimsuits. The snake mesh one-piece is a bold choice and is a must-have. The most revealing swimsuit of all time comes along with nude mesh panels to show off a lot of skin.

The designer also played around with patterns and prints like black foil and a camo print. The design features one shoulder, with a high cut putting your whole leg out on display. It costs $275, a must-have for the summer.

8) Equator bikini top by revolve in violet

Another most revealing swimsuit of all time on our favourites list is the equator bikini top by revolving in violet. Specifically violet because it is a rare color in swimwear. It is a two-piece bikini set priced at $67.

It also has strings to give a sexy silhouette. The top is skimpy and just screams boldness. Wear this to a pool party, and you are bound to be the center of attention.

9) The Tri Swim ruched stretch-satin underwired bikini top by Isa Boulder

This piece is the tri swim ruched stretch-satin underwired bikini top by Isa Boulder. This piece is stunning, and no one can take their eyes off it. It represents classiness and gives an overall bougie feel. The best part about this bikini top is that it is hand-crafted and ethically produced by local tailors.

The fabric is constructed out of luxurious stretchy satin that is breathtaking. The bronze color combined with the silk fabric gives it a regal look. It has an underwire and cups to give a light lift. Of course, the price is going to be premium too. It costs a whopping $128. You can pair this with any bottoms you desire. If you dress in this, everyone will definitely be impressed.


Skims is a shapewear and swimwear brand founded by Kim Kardashian. It aims to be body-positive and inclusive sizing. Just like Kylie, another member of the Kar-Jenner clan has a swimsuit line. Here we have an out-of-the-world one-piece bathing suit. It is called the metallic swim cut-out monokini.

The one-of-a-kind piece has a massive cut-out on the front that is very risky. It is one of the most revealing swimsuits of all time, and there is no hiding in this outfit. The striking silver color is a head turner. The monokini retails at $125.

11) Khloe by Haute Couture

Khloe by Haute Couture is a plain white one-piece. In theory, it may sound boring, but it makes up in style. The design features a deep plunging neckline and criss-cross patterns. In addition, It has a string that is adjustable however you want it to be. The swimsuit is very Haute.

This one piece is a staple for your wardrobe this summer. The color makes it a solid, versatile piece. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair it with some fun accessories like a bucket hat or clay necklaces. The swimsuit retails for $69.99.

12) The Nayo one-piece swimsuit by Andrea Iyamah

Demibei Imayah, the founder of Andrea Iyamah, captures the essence of a glamorous getaway wardrobe. The Nayo one-piece swimsuit is perfect for vacation. The bright mustard color screams summer time joy.

The swimsuit enhances your body shape. The features include a wrap-around halter neck, bust-enhancing exposed underwire, twisted waist ties, and lengthening high-cut legs. The perfect summer dress! Throw on a cover-up to get some drinks, or pair it up with any pants to give it a formal look. The options are endless with this one. It will cost you $183.    

13) The heart of gold bodysuit by Indah swimwear.

The next showstopping bathing suit is the heart of gold bodysuit by Indah swimwear. The white bodysuit is perfect for every occasion. An interesting thing to note is that this brand’s clothing is manufactured on the tropical islands of Indonesia and Bali. Inspiration for the swimwear line comes from international artists and travelers.

It has a deep V plunging neckline with strings to give it an additional wow factor. The fabric is buttery to the touch, soft, and seamless. This swimsuit is a bold choice and not for the shy. It is backless with very skimpy bottoms. The heart of a gold bodysuit is a universally flattering one-piece, bound to look god on every body type. It retails for $167.


Beac riot is known for color blocking, and it always looks fantastic. Presenting to you the Celine one-piece neon pink red color block, a combination of red and pink, in an asymmetrical shape.

It features a massive side cut-out and is one of their best sellers. Perfect for a quick little trip down the beach. This one piece s for someone who doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd. The different colors combined with the cut-out are is a  head turner. The price is $148.

15) The Lisa Lace push-up top by beach bunny

We saved the best for last. The Lisa lace push-up top by beach bunny. This one is the most revealing swimsuits of all time so far. Features lace with gold rings to tie the look together. It is the perfect mix of elegant and high fashion. The lace with the gold accents gives it an exquisite high fashion look.

It is priced at $160. By far, this is the most eye-catching swimsuit you can show off.

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