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Where is Montana Fishburne now?


Living the Hollywood lifestyle and growing up in a famous person’s spotlight are both challenging experiences. If you were a child of a Hollywood celebrity, you can only image the kind of attention you would face. Actor Montana Fishburne had to experience that kind of life. Although she only has a few credits to her name, Montana is a well-known name in the media. She has undoubtedly been in the spotlight a few times, albeit not always for the best reasons.

Who Is Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter?

One of the three children of actor Laurence Fishburne is Montana Fishburne, whose mother is Hajna .Although Hajna and Laurence got divorced around 1990, Montana seems to be close with her mother, and she did have a solid relationship with her father up until things did not work out. The relationship between Montana and Langston and their younger sister, who was born in 2007, remains unknown.

Actually, one of her most well-known nicknames is that. The last name Montana might sound familiar. That is accurate. There are not many well-known Fishburnes in the field. The one we are aware of, Laurence Fishburne, has acted in many excellent movies. The moniker is derived from Morpheus, one of Laurence’s most memorable movie characters from The Matrix Trilogy. It is obvious from one glance at Montana that she is Laurence’s child. The analogies might have to end there, though.

Why Did Montana Fishburne’s Dad Disown Her?

The fact that Montana Fishburne and her dad were closer when she was younger suggests that their relationship has evolved significantly over time. However, because of her job choices, Laurence appeared to completely disown his daughter at one time.

In several interviews, Montana discussed her career chances and how her father did not approve of her decision. They disagreed about Montana’s decision to start acting in adult films as soon as she turned 18. How about her motivation? Kim Kardashian, it would seem.

The main issue at hand is whether Fishburne’s career decision permanently harmed her bond with her actor father. The supposedly upstanding Laurence was not happy with his daughter’s professional choices and reportedly attempted to stop the release of her debut movie.

Is Montana Fishburne Still An Adult Entertainer?

Even though she mentioned in interviews she made earlier in her career how angry her father was with her because of her professional plans, it appears those plans have altered. According to IMDb, Montana Fishburne has not actually made an appearance in a movie since 2010, when she was roughly 19 years old.

Montana’s stint as an adult entertainment did not seem to continue very long, despite the fact that she chose a stage name (Chippie D), spoke openly about her career path, and displayed interest in a variety of adult film subjects and new releases. Fans are left speculating what job she might have accepted to help with her current financial situation.

Montana Fishburne’s Social Media Tells a Story

Despite what her exact Instagram bio reads “Being who I am, You shouldn’t believe everything you read online, she warns, adding that she is a “public person, “There are a few more things regarding Montana’s business life that are revealed on Instagram.

She is very interested in yoga and fitness, so it makes sense that there would be reports from 2017 about her creating a fitness app. Additionally, Fishburne frequently shares unsavory modelling photos on her social media accounts, but these are sponsored postings because they frequently include brand hashtags.

Fishburne appears to have landed some #sponcon possibilities, so it is possible that she has left the adult sector and transitioned into a role as a type of social media influencer.


In a piece that appeared on Inquisitr.com a few years ago, Montana discusses the detrimental effects that pornography has had on her life. Montana really suggested to young women not to enter the industry in the essay. When her video was made public, she had just turned 18. Hollywood heard the commotion it produced in the Fishburne family. In actuality, Montana admitted that Laurence had never come to terms with what had transpired and had expelled her from the family. In essence, Montana got nothing positive out of porn.

Facts about Montana Fishburne

She might be troubled mentally

Her sex tape was made public in 2010, which was the year. She had a ton of opportunities before her at the time, so those must have been difficult years for the young girl. Even though she was young, she already had a foot in Hollywood. She might, however, have been battling inner demons. According to this article, Montana allegedly pretended to commit suicide in order to frighten her father. Montana faked her suicide to get her dad to stop bothering her, and Laurence hired a PI to find out what she was up to.

She has a sibling in Hollywood

Wow, what a surprise! Montana has a successful older brother who works in Hollywood. Even though Langston Fishburne and Montana were born only a few years apart, their Hollywood resumes could not have been more dissimilar. Despite the fact that Langton’s career did not exactly take off straight immediately, his perseverance may have paid off. Acting is labor-intensive, and you will not see results until you put out the effort. We may have watched Montana do more and better things than her father if she had just worked a little bit harder.

She had been arrested for DUI

This girl’s problems did not end with porn. Montana was detained for DUI following a rear-end collision with a Range Rover on Florida’s I-95 in Fort Lauderdale, according to this article from Dailymail.co.uk. Montana knelt down and urinated on the road shoulder when she assumed the traffic was too busy for the highway patrol to notice.

She might have tried stripping too

There were allegations that Montana stopped watching porn in 2014. However, it was not to seek a more successful endeavor. Montana had been captured on camera stripping in a strip club in Houston. The footage surfaced online, raising the possibility that Montana was making a living by stripping at the time. After her tape was made public in 2010, Montana vowed to return to school to complete her education. We are not sure whether it actually occurred, but Montana managed to avoid the front pages of the newspaper prior to her DUI arrest in Florida.

She has had other arrests

Here is another proof of Montana’s problematic life. She apparently has a history of past arrests as well. In 2010, ABC News reported that Montana had been detained after being accused of assaulting her boyfriend’s ex. Montana is accused of breaking into the home and assaulting her victim. Trespassing and assault with a deadly weapon were additional offences. Montana first entered a not guilty plea to each of the charges, but ultimately changed her plea to a no contest.

She went to rehab

Following her arrest for violence, Montana was given a 180-day rehab term. Actually, the prosecutor had requested jail time for Montana; this punishment was a great deal lighter. Although we cannot say for sure whether jail time would have helped Montana, given that she was arrested in 2017, we can reasonably.

Montana reportedly entered a Huntington Beach recovery facility following her DUI arrest. Evidently, celebrities were nothing new to this clinic. Stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love were among its former clients. Montana paid the same even though she was never as good as those two names. For the course of her stay, Montana paid $30,000 to the rehab facility. It remains to be known if it was successful. Since that most recent arrest, we have not heard anything about Montana, so the therapy may have been effective. We continue to have faith that it did.

What Is Montana Fishburne Doing Now?

According to some sources, Montana switched to dance after making her professional adult film-acting debut. However, Fishburne has not shared many glances into her personal or business life since her debut, unlike Kim Kardashian. However, according to some accounts, she may have also quit that sector of the business.

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