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Misty Loman Now – A Story Of Hope And Redemption


Misty Loman is a former drug user from Kentucky who became an overnight sensation after her mugshots were posted online by Sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin.

Misty had been arrested for using meth in July 2019 and was in and out of jail fifteen times throughout her life.

The shock value of the photos, mostly caused by Misty’s unconventional appearance, was meant to serve as a cautionary tale for drug abusers.

However, many people were surprised to learn that there was more to Misty’s story than met the eye.

Despite her past struggles with addiction, she has made remarkable progress on the road to recovery and is now dedicated to helping others overcome their own addictions.

Misty Loman was diagnosed with numerous autoimmune diseases such as lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma

Misty Loman, the internet sensation whose mugshots went viral in 2021, was quick to quell any rumors surrounding her appearance.

In a YouTube video filmed by Brandon Jarrett that same year, Loman revealed the true cause of her frail physique: autoimmune diseases such as lupus panniculitis, bone cancer and scleroderma.

“I just want to clarify the misinformation about my mug shots that went viral,” said Loman who had been 28 months sober at the time of the recording.

Not only did these conditions affect her facial skin but they also stretched across her entire body and sapped her energy levels immensely.

Despite all of this, Misty kept positive and continued to fight against her illnesses with strength and resilience.

The viral fame that she experienced brought forth an extensive awareness effort for lupus which certainly has not gone to waste.

Misty said that she “hit the rock bottom of her life” after losing her home, family, and children

Misty Loman had been through unimaginable tragedy, yet she still persevered.

A few years ago, after already having lost her home, car, and family to the world’s cruelty, Misty’s life took an even darker turn following the death of three of her sons in infancy.

The first was born while she was incarcerated and perished at birth.

Her twin boys also experienced a painful fate – one died in the womb and the other only managed to survive for 28 days after his birth.

Misty Loman was in a dark, scary place. She had been traumatized by events in her life and found herself unable to cope, turning to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.

Her depression was so severe that she didn’t want to live anymore; she had reached the lowest point of her life with no intentions of getting better.

Understanding the potential of recovery but being unable to will herself into seeking help, Misty felt broken both mentally and physically.

She could not conceive of a way out, resigned to feeling numb until the end came.

With all these misfortunes came intermittent depression as well as diagnoses of lupus and scleroderma.

While it seemed like there was no hope left for Misty’s future, her strong spirit allowed her to carry on even in the face of immense suffering—testing the limits of human resilience.

After finding solace in God, Misty registered for long-term treatment at the ‘Sisters in Sobriety’ center and recovered fully

Misty Loman had a tumultuous couple of years, culminating in her extended family and older sons, Corey and Jacob (now 25 and 18), begging her to seek help.

She found respite from alcohol abuse at the Sisters in Sobriety center in Bowling Green, Kentucky and worked through healing with faith.

When Misty was released from treatment early 2021, she seemed intent to embrace life with renewed enthusiasm.

She sees all that has happened as being for a greater good, exclaiming “You might not see it now but there are epiphanies and confirmation along the way that will lead and guide you. I can see now that everything had to happen in order for me to be the person I am today.”

By turning towards spirituality and rehabilitation, Misty was able to combat the tragedy of alcoholism.

Misty Loman has now been sober for almost three years and leads a normal life with her dog

Misty Loman recently spoke with Brandon Jerrett about her experience in sobriety and the positive changes it has made on her life.

She expressed that she is excited to take on new things and explore her independence.

Aside from this, Misty also shared an important lesson she learned from sobriety – self-care is key.

It’s all about being able to focus on the positives and empowering herself to look for good even on rainy days.

Her message is one of resilience and hope, encouraging others to find strength within themselves, no matter what circumstance they may face.

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