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Minnie Weisz – Henry Aronofsky Nephew


  • Name: Minnie Weisz
  • Nephews: Henry Aronofsky
  • Siblings: Rachel Weisz
  • Education: Royal College of Art
  • Role: Photographer
  • Grandparents: Alexander Teich
  • Parents: Edith Ruth Weisz, George Weisz
  • Similar People: Rachel Weisz, Henry Aronofsky, Darren Aronofsky, Daniel Craig, Neil Morrissey
  • Born: December 1972 (age 47), Westminster, London, United Kingdom

Minnie Weisz is a British photographic artist. She is the younger sister of actress Rachel Weisz.


Weisz got her MA in Communication Art and Design from the Royal College of Art and BA in Graphic and Media Design from London College of Printing. She’s an expert in the camera obscura technique, turning whole rooms into cameras across Europe. Referring to her art, she calls herself an architectural detective. Weisz captured the buildings of Kings Cross, London, during their regeneration phase from 2006 to 2009.


  • Key to the City, Sutej Foundation Motovun, Istria, Croatia, 2014.
  • Kunstliefde, Utrecht The Netherlands, 2014.
  • Art Rotterdam Revisited, Van Kranendonk Gallery, the Netherlands 2014
  • Inside Out, W T C Gallery, The Hague, the Netherlands, 2013.
  • Capriccio III, Van Kranendonk Gallery The Hague, The Netherlands, 2013.
  • Views with a Room Julian Hartnoll Gallery, London, 2013.
  • camera obscura, Artist residency at The London Film Museum 2013.
  • Camera Obscura Gallery Makina, Pula Film Festival, Istria, Croatia, 2013.
  • Kings Cross as Camera Obscura a solo show at The Albion Stables, Balfe Street, London, 2006.
  • Urban Fairy Tale film installation, Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, 2007.
  • Ubi sunt, 2011.

Curated exhibitions

  • Minnie Weisz put together an exhibition about buildings and their stories in Bloomsbury for the London Festival of Architecture. It was called “The Diary of a derelict Dairy” at The Express Dairy Depot, Bloomsbury in 2008, before redevelopment. Ran from June 20th to July 20th, 2008.


  • WKW The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai by John Powers. Co-edited with Minnie Weisz, 2016.
  • Matthew Williamson by Colin McDowell. Edited by Minnie Weisz, 2010.
  • Norman Parkinson A Very British Glamour by Louise Baring. Designed by Lee Swillingham/Suburbia. Edited by Minnie Weisz, 2009.
  • Narciso Rodriguez by Betsy Berne. Co-edited with Minnie Weisz, 2008.
  • A Picture History of the Grenvilles of Rosedale House by Mary Yelloly. Lyndsey Stainton. Preface by Simon Finch, Helena Bonham-Carter. Designed and edited by Weisz, 2007.
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