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Michaiah hanks – know about Chet Hanks’ Daughter and Her Mother Tiffany Miles


Michaiah Hanks is the famous Chester Marlon Hanks celebrity daughter and the granddaughter of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Michaiah Hanks Childhood

Michaiah was born on April 15, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, and is only six years old. Chet Hanks, her father, is an actor and musician. Her mother, on the other hand, is Tiffany Miles, a journalist.

Tiffany, Michaiah’s mother, is a beautiful black woman who has lived in California for a long time. Because her mother does not reveal much about her personal life, there is very little information about her mother in the media. We do know, however, that she is Diane Owens’ daughter.

Michaiah Hanks’ Parents

Tiffany Miles, a California native, is her mother. Michaiah Hanks’ parents are not married and have never had a romantic relationship.

According to rumors, the two had only one nightstand while Chet Hanks was drunk. Chet Hanks, on the other hand, owns Michaiah and respects his daughter’s mother. Several of his social media posts have praised Tiffany.

After the birth of Michaiah, Chet posted on his Instagram to reveal this news and let everyone know he has a daughter. He later deleted this post.

“I’d like to tell something with you all today because it’s about to be publicized in the press anyway: I have a daughter. My daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me; she is the reason I changed my life and became sober.”

He once wrote that her daughter’s mother is a stunning black woman who has given him one of the best gifts he has ever received.

Michaiah Hank Mother

Tiffany Miles graduated from California State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She is currently pursuing a career in journalism and interning at Mogul Dom Media Group LLC.

Miles, in addition to her journalism career, manages social media accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, and email. She also works on live teleprompter shoots, processes documentation, and prepares equipment for red-carpet appearances.

Michaiah Hanks’ siblings

Colin Hanks, his first son with his late ex-wife Samantha Lewes, gave birth to two of his grandchildren. He also has a child with Rita Wilson’s ex-husband, Chester Hanks, from a previous marriage.

Michaiah Hanks, Olivia Jane Hanks, Charlotte Bryant Hanks, Cheshire Hanks, and Michaiah Hanks are Tom Hanks’ grandchildren.

She saved her father’s life

Chet was asked how his daughter saved his life in an interview with Entertainment Tonight while discussing a post he shared on Instagram that said his daughter saved his life.

He revealed having a daughter on Instagram in 2016 with a brief video with his daughter, which has since been deleted. He wrote that he wanted to share something because it was about to be revealed in the press: he has a daughter.

He stated that his daughter is the best thing that ever happened to him and is the reason he changed his life and became sober.

Hanks claims that if his daughter had not been born, he would not have been motivated to make a significant change in his life.

It was the thought of having a child. He knew the baby was due in nine months, so he felt he had served his purpose and it was time to move on because it was not going to work that way.

Chet needed to make a severe change to get what he desired.

What relationship relationship does Michaiah have with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson?

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have always prioritized their family, which they have passed down to their children. Chet made a life-changing decision to be a better person before welcoming Michaiah.

His parents stood firm, offering him the support he required while he worked tirelessly to change old habits. When Michaiah arrived, she was immediately the recipient of their undying love.

The singer went on to say that, his parents enjoy the responsibility and are never tired of volunteering to babysit. Tom and Wilson later confirmed this by expressing how entertaining having the kids around is.

While the kids are always entertaining, the Hollywood stars crowned themselves “the cool grandparents” in town.

Michaiah’s Father battled substance abuse

Chet Hanks, Hanks’ father, struggled with addiction in the past. In several interviews, he has been open and apologetic about them.

Chet revealed in November 2014 that he had struggled with substance abuse since the age of 16, but had become sober in his mid-20s. He made headlines in June 2015 for speaking the N-word on Instagram. Some weeks later, it was reported that he had gone missing.

He revealed in an Instagram video that he was selling cocaine, “doing them until he couldn’t even snort it up to his nose anymore because it was so clogged.” Michaiah’s father claimed he smoked crack. He also trashed a hotel room, posing with guns, and spent time in rehab.

Michaiah Hank Net Worth

Michaiah is currently too young to have a net worth, but her celebrity father, Chet Hanks, is worth around $3 million. Her grandfather, Tom Hanks, has an estimated net worth of $400 million, and her grandmother, Rita Wilson, has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

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