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Everything About Michael Galeotti; Bio, Wealth, & Death


If you have ever heard the music of the indie rock band ‘Enation’, you must recognize Michael Galeotti, the musician who used to play the keyboard in that band.

Well, if you still do not recognize him, we have one more fact to help you out, who was the ex-husband of the famous Bethany Joy Lenz? Well, it was Michael Galeotti!

We understand that he is not as famous as his wife and still there is a lot of good stuff about him and his personality that people should know about. Let’s get right in;

A little Biography

Michael Galeotti was born on August 28, 1984, in Long Island, New York. He spent his whole childhood there and was raised there as well. About his family and education, unfortunately, we could not get much information because he has never been open about that.

The only fact that we know about his family is that he married Bethany Joy Lenz, and she was his only family known to the public.

He has always been passionate about music and this is why he chose to be the keyboardist in the Enation Band. He had played for them for so long that now since he is not here anymore, the fans of Enation do miss him.

Net Worth Of Michael Galeotti

Even though the reason for his fame was his marriage to famous actress Bethany Joy Lenz, he was still a recognizable and successful musician. He has earned enough for himself to not rely on his wife’s money. At the time of his passing, Michael Galeotti’s net worth was estimated as $1 Million.

Professional Milestones

Even though Michael Galeotti is known to be a musician, he first attempted his career as an actor. In 2004, he played a role in the Disney comedy series ‘The Jersey’, the series was based on a book series Monday Night Football club by Gordan Korman. 

After his successful attempt at acting, even though he did pretty well, he was not satisfied. Michael’s real passion for music and he had to do something with that. And to pursue his passion, he joined the Enation band as a keyboardist later that year.

He was with the band till 2012 and gave some amazing performances along with them. After that, where he went with his professional life is still unknown to us.

Marriage to Bethany Joy Lenz

As we told you, the news of Bethany getting married to Michael was all over the internet and was the highlight of the year. So, let’s get into the details of how the couple met and what’s their story.

Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy Lenz met for the first time at the start of December 2005, and in that first meeting, they both knew that something just clicked. They both started dating immediately and within less than a month, they both announced that they are getting married. The ceremony was held on December 31st, 2005, and they both kept it simple and small. They invited a total of 75 guests and kept their wedding small but beautiful.

Their marriage was one of the most beautiful marriages we have seen, they both were ideal partners for each other and they never missed a chance to show their fans how much they loved each other. This beautiful marriage even brought a new life to the world in 2011, when Bethany gave birth to their adorable daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti.

The Divorce

Unfortunately, things did not remain as good as they were after the birth of their daughter, and in 2012, the beautiful couple finally decided to part ways. The cause of this separation is still unknown to all, but Bethany announced on her websites that they got divorced because of several reasons and they would like it better if they keep them private.

However, even though the couple separated, they still decided to be good friends for the sake of their daughter. Bethany has full custody of Maria, but she never stopped Michael to meet his daughter which is what we loved about her.

Things Started to Go Down For Michael

Soon after their divorce, Michael’s life went upside down and things did not seem good for him. Many say that maybe this was the reason why he left Enation, but we are not sure about it, we mean it could be. Michael got trapped in the world of intoxication and started overusing alcohol.

He even got caught several times by police for driving under influence and even he had to pay a visit to the prison because of that.

This high consumption of alcohol was the worst thing that could happen to him, and well, he did that to himself. But the sad part is, he did not get a chance to get help and eventually ended up destroying everything, his life, his reputation, his career, and even his health.

Michael Galeotti Death

Unfortunately, things never went well for Michael Galeotti again and he said goodbye to this world on January 11, 2016. But the question is how did Michael Galeotti die? Well, he was having several health issues such as hypertension and high cholesterol after his divorce and because of the heavy alcohol consumption but he never took his health seriously.

In the first week of January, Michael Galeotti was admitted to the hospital for some time, and despite the doctor’s suggestion Michael still went home and did not take any precautions which was not the right move for him.

And a few days after that, a friend of his found his dead body in his apartment. According to his friend, Michael was not answering any of his calls and which got him suspicious so he went to check on him.

The autopsy report suggested that the cause of Michael Galoetti death was atherosclerotic heart disease, which needed medical assistance but Michael did not get any, and unfortunately, he had to lose his life.

Is his Death real?

Even though a friend of his found his body but well, the media never got to see it. Moreover, according to sources, it was revealed that on the same day as Michael Galeotti died, there was this other death of a person named Michael James Galeota, well, what a coincidence.

Not only that, there are many who believe that Michael is still alive and his death was just a rumor so that he could start a new life away from all the limelight and media. The fact that adds load to this rumor is that no one has any idea where the $1 Million wealth went after Michael’s death.

Who knows if Michael died or not, or is he somewhere around the world living his separate life away from all of this.

A Quick Recap…

  • Michael Galeotti was a musician and worked as a keyboardist in the Indie rock band, ‘Enation’.
  • He started out his career in 2004 as an actor in the Disney comedy series, The Jersey.
  • The main reason for his fame was his marriage to Bethany Joy Lenz, a famous singer, and actress of that time.
  • He and Bethany married in 2005 and Bethany gave birth to their daughter in 2011.
  • The Marriage did not work out well and the couple parted ways in 2012.
  • Michael even left the Enation in that same year.
  • After the divorce, things did not go well for Michael and he got involved in heavy drugs consumption which caused a lot of harm to his health.
  • Finally, in January 2016, Michael Galeotti said goodbye to this world and died because of atherosclerotic heart disease.
  • However, the news of Michael’s death is still said to be a rumor, and people believe that he is out there living a different life somewhere on the planet.

The Bottom Line

Michael Galeotti lived a good life, however, we believe that his divorce from Bethany was the turning point of his life. Maybe he could not bear the trauma of being separated from his family and got involved in some really inappropriate things including alcohol and drug abuse. He was just 31 when the news of his death was following, this is why we still feel really bad about him.

Only if he took care of himself and his health, who knows he would still be with us and his own daughter. But well, what if he is alive but is not Michael Galeotti anymore? Well, that’s a mystery that is not ready to unveil yet, so, let’s just believe that Michael Galeotti is no more between us.

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