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Michael Blackson Net Worth, Biography, Career, and More


Michael Blackson is an actor, writer and stand-up comedian and he also goes by ‘The African King of Comedy’. Michael Blackson is the stage name of Jafari Ferguson. He is one of the big names in Hollywood’s comedy industry and film industry. Michael is considered as one of the best comedians that America has got. 

We have mentioned below about his professional and personal life, his net worth and overall biography.

Michael Blackson Net Worth

The comedian and actor Michael Blackson net worth is a hot topic when it comes to know all about his life. Michael has worked really hard and with dedication and is now able to afford a luxurious life for his own and for his children. However, the estimated net worth of Michael Blackson is about $4 million.  

Michael Blackson Early Life

Michael is an American-Ghanaian-Liberian. He was born in Liberia in the year 1972. His father is Ghanaian and his mother is Liberian. He spent most of his formative years in between Monrovia and Ghana before finally relocating in the United States. Even after shifted to the United States, he kept on changing states, he lived in Newark, New Jersey when he was thirteen, and then settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when was fifteen. 

Michael’s father had a vision for his son to be an actor and he enrolled Michael in acting classes at an early age. And to fulfil the dream of his father, Michael moved to the United States to peruse acting. His journey was not of success from start till end. He had to struggle, initially he did odd jobs to afford basic living. 

Michael Blackson Career

Michael Blackson never thought of comedy as a profession until he followed his friend/coworker suggestion, Michael moonlighted at Domino’s and one of his coworkers there sense his potential in comedy and asked him to do an open mic. As a matter of fact, he wanted to act in movies but fate chose comedy as a way through his acting career. Comedy became conducive to his successful acting career. 

Initially, Michael started off by performing at local clubs. In the year 2005, Michael released his first comedy sketch which was CD entitled called Modasucka: Welcome to America, which did not bring him any fame or acknowledgment from people. The year 2005 was a kickstart to his career as a comedian as in the same year he made multiple public appearances on TV series called 30 Rock, P. Diddy Presents: The Bad Boys of Comedy on a very renowned channel HBO, and also appeared in a commercial for Chappelle’s Show on Comedy Central. Later, Michael features in shows like 50 Central, Love & Hip-Hop Atlantic, Comic View, and many more.

Michael Blackson Movies

Michael made his film debut with the comedy ‘Next Friday’ in the year 2000. And was signed for a film to be produced by Ice Cube’s production company. In the year 2006, Michael appeared in another movie called ‘Repos’. And worked in ‘Master P’s Hood Stars of Comedy: Vol. 1’ and ‘The Last Stand’. His acting career flourished and he kept appearing in several movie. From 2000-2016, there was not a year when his movie was not released. However, he took a year off, in 2017, there was no release. And then he resumed his career and started working in movies. 

In the year 2007, four movies were released in which he worked. In 2008, one of his movies was released. In 2009, two of his movies were released. In 2010, two of his movies were released.  In 2011, one of his movies was released. In 2012, one of his movies was released. In 2013, three of his movies were released. In 2014, three of his movies were released.  In 2015, two of his movies were released.  In 2016, two of his movies were released. In 2018, five of his movies were released. In 2019, three of his movies were released. In 2020, one of his movies was released. In 2021, three of his movies were released.

Michael Blackson TV Shows

Michael has a huge list of shows he has appeared in. Most of which were hits and some did not work so well. His appearances in Television shows were consistent. Some of the shows are; ‘Snaps’, ‘Showtime in Harlem’, ‘1st Amendment Stand Up’, ‘Are We There Yet?’, ‘In the Cut’, ‘Leave it to Stevie’, ‘Wild ‘N Out’, and many more. 

Michael Blackson Love Life and Kids

Michael was openly dating Miss Rada and the two were expected to get married after Michael proposed to Miss Rada on live television. They shared some adorable photos of them together on the social media and Michael referred her as his future wife. Unfortunately, things did not go the way they were planned and the couple parted their ways in the year 2022. 

Michael, however, has 3 children from his former relationships other than Miss Rada. His oldest son is called Michael Jr. and he has twins named as Noah and Niko.

Michael Blackson Social Media Accounts

Michael’s Instagram is @michaelblackson with 5.6 Million followers. 

Michael’s Twitter is @MichaelBlackson with 366.6k followers. 

Michael’s YouTube is @MichaelBlackson with 216k followers.  

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