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Melissa Babish – Where is Melissa Babish Now?


Melissa Babish is a well-known figure in the United States, having been the first winner of the 1969 Miss Teenage America Pageant.

She is now 71 years old and was born in 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Melissa has blonde hair, hazel eyes and a fair complexion with a height of 5 feet 4 inches. Notably, she was also once married to former NFL player Terry Bradshaw.

Despite her fame and success, many people are still wondering where Melissa Babish is now.

Melissa Babish and Terry Bradshaw Personal Life

Terry Bradshaw may be most famous as the NFL’s golden boy, but he was also briefly married to Melissa Babish in 1972.

This union lasted only two years before ending in 1974, resulting in no children together.

After his split with Melissa, Terry wed international actor Jojo Starbuck and went on to marry Charlotte Hopkins with whom he has two daughters named Rachel and Erin.

His fourth and current marriage is to Tammy, his partner of 15 years whom he married in 2014.

Though Melissa’s union with Terry was brief and labeled by her as a mistake due to their young ages, it’s clear that his more recent relationships have been more successful.

Melissa Babish Education and Career

Melissa Babish was truly an amazing woman.

Her journey to success began in 1969, when she won the Miss Teenage America Pageant title, giving her recognition and exposure among industry professionals.

This success opened a slew of opportunities and offers that allowed her to further establish herself as a professional model.

Her renown hit its peak after marrying Terry Bradshaw in 1972, which marked one of the most successful periods in her career.

Babish’s achievements are certainly something to admire and serve as inspiration for aspiring models everywhere.

Melissa Babish and Max Ramenofsky Relationship

Melissa Babish had many years of heartache before finding happiness with Max Ramenofsky.

After her first marriage ended in 1974, she was left to pick up the pieces and find someone new to love.

Lucky for her, this came in the form of Max Ramenofsky who, when they first met, was already professor of pediatric surgery at the University of Southern Alabama.

Despite starting out just as friends, it wasn’t long before they tied the knot and started a family together.

Now with Alex, Jamie, Robert and Max’s son Tim from a previous marriage, all living under one roof; their home is full of joy from both their biological and adopted children.

Melissa described it as “very lucky” to have found him, adding that he was very encouraging during their courtship.

It just goes to show that given enough time and patience true love can be yours if you’re willing to wait – sometimes even after a marriage breakdown!

Net Worth

Melissa Babish is a name that has been sweeping the business world due to her impressive net worth of an estimated $1 million.

Despite not having any prior experience in the field, Melissa was able to turn her small start-up into a huge success and build up a healthy fortune within only 4 years.

Her story has become extremely inspirational for budding entrepreneurs everywhere and serves as a testament to what dedication can achieve.

It’s safe to say that with her success, Melissa Babish has truly gone from rags to riches.


Melissa Babish is an inspirational figure to many, having achieved success in the business world despite not having any prior experience.

She has gone from a small start-up to amassing a net worth of $1 million within just four years.

Her story serves as an example of what dedication and hard work can achieve, even after experiencing heartache following her marriage breakdown with Terry Bradshaw in 1974.

Now happily married to Max Ramenofsky since 1985, Melissa enjoys life surrounded by their children Alex, Jamie, Robert and Tim who fill their home with joy each day.

Despite all she’s been through over the past 50+ years – it’s clear that Melissa Babish still knows how to make dreams come true!

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