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Meet Alyson Gorske: 4 Things to Know About Obliterated Star


Netflix’s new show Obliterated has a top-notch cast, including rising star Alyson Gorske – here’s the scoop on her.

Obliterated hit Netflix on November 30, unfolding a story of a risky bomb-defusing mission in Vegas that puts US intel agencies on high alert for terrorists.

With a stellar cast, this series gave a big break to young talent Alyson Gorske, playing the role of Lana in all eight episodes.

4 Facts About Netflix Star Alyson Gorske

Born on November 10, 1996 in Washington, D.C., and standing at five foot seven, Alyson Gorske made the move from the nation’s capital to Los Angeles, California at just 18. She scored a full-time scholarship to the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting on Hollywood Boulevard before snagging a merit-based scholarship at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts – both top LA spots. Right now, Stella Adler Studio is neck and neck with Juilliard School in New York City for the lowest program acceptance rates in the acting world. Stella Adler only takes in 16 students per semester for its pro conservatory program, and Gorske snagged a spot there.

Alyson Was in Apple TV+’s Shrinking

While Obliterated was Gorske’s biggest project yet, she also appeared in Apple TV+’s popular series Shrinking. The show stars Harrison Ford and Jason Segel. Gorske featured in two episodes of Shrinking, first seen in Episode 3 on a cringey date with Asif Ali’s Alan, before Jason Segel’s Jimmy steps in. Later, in Episode 10, she briefly reunites with Alan, hinting at a second date as the season wraps up. Despite her limited screen time in Shrinking, Gorske played a significant role in Obliterated, appearing in all eight episodes and making the most of her screen time in each one.

Alyson Loved Smashing a Truck in Amy’s F**k-It List

Gorske’s got another big moment in the spotlight in 2023 with her role in Amazon Prime Video’s *Amy’s F**k-It List*. She plays Amy, who, knowing she’s running out of time, teams up with her sister Mary for some epic adventures to strengthen their bond as siblings. During an interview with Vegas Film Critic alongside co-star Angel Prater, Gorske shared how much she loved smashing a giant window on a huge truck in the movie:

“I had a blast jumping on that truck and smashing that window. It was so satisfying, like road rage but in a movie scene.”

Check it out on Amazon Prime Video now!

Alyson Is a Major Advocate for Gender and Racial Issues

Outside of her time on set and screen, Gorkse has often used her actor platform to shed light on social issues like gender, racism, and the LGBTQIA+ community. After the 2016 killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Gorske shared a photo of the Black Lives Matter slogan on her Instagram, passionately stating that “police brutality needs to STOP” and highlighting that “revealing cruelty is the first step to stopping it.”

“Heartbroken police brutality needs to END. all officers should legally have to wear cameras while on duty; the violence isn’t new, it’s just that it’s now being recorded. Exposing cruelty is the first step towards ending it. 
sending all my love to alton sterling and philando castile’s families “

In February 2017, she highlighted the trans community, encouraging her followers to “Keep pushing for an accepting, loving, diverse country.” The post included a picture with the message “Protect trans kids.”

“Keep fighting for the accepting, loving, DIVERSE, country that we deserve donate: translifeline.org/donate”

For International Women’s Day 2018, Gorske posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit, honoring women worldwide and giving a shoutout to trans women in her caption too:

“Cheers to being a WOMAN #happyinternationalwomensday (that includes ALL women- trans included, always)”

Where Can Fans Follow Alyson Gorske?

To keep up with Alyson Gorske and her adventures, you can follow her on X (formerly Twitter) @Alyson_Gorske and on Instagram.

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