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Mat Ishbia Wife – Emily Ishbia – The Woman Behind Mat


Emily Ishbia, Mat Ishbia wife, has been a crucial part of his journey. Their partnership has withstood the test of time, with Emily offering unwavering support to Mat through his professional basketball career and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Mat Ishbia has recently made headlines as the fresh owner of NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Mercury. He sealed the deal to acquire both teams from Robert Sarver on December 20, plunging him into the limelight.

Emily Ishbia: More than Just a Supportive Mat Ishbia Wife

With Mat Ishbia’s ascension to the helm of Phoenix Suns, curiosity about his personal life has grown. Despite his considerable wealth, Mat has managed to maintain a relatively private lifestyle.

Emily Ishbia, the woman by his side, is a model and runs a blog. Standing at 5’6″, she has not allowed her height to obstruct her modeling ambitions and has graced the pages of various magazines due to her determination and fervor.

Emily maintains a modest presence on social media. She tied the knot with Mat Ishbia, the esteemed CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, in 2014 and they have since been blessed with three children – two boys and a girl.

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Emily’s personal website discloses that she stands 5’6″ tall and weighs 125 pounds. Her site also hosts several blog posts that provide intriguing insights into her life’s journey.

Reflections from Mat Ishbia Wife Website

As a model and creator of the personal website, Mat Ishbia wife, Emily Ishbia Modeling, Emily has been sharing her journey since 2017. The website is a testament to her multiple roles – a model, a blogger, and an author. Her modeling portfolio includes a variety of domains, from clothing and accessories to fitness and beauty products.

Her Husband, Mat – The Inspiration Behind ‘Why Not Me’

One of Emily’s notable blog posts, ‘Why Not Me,’ provides insights into her husband Mat’s life and career journey. Mat Ishbia, with his height of 5’9″ and Jewish background, demonstrated his determination and passion by making it onto the Division 1 basketball team of Michigan State University. At that time, Mat and Emily were in the early days of their relationship, with Mat working tirelessly in outside sales in Chicago’s suburbs for United Wholesale Mortgage.

Mat’s exceptional sales skills soon led him to hire and train two individuals. He began to implement new procedures at his office, and his success in sales made everyone take notice. The journey from an account executive to becoming the CEO of the company is a testament to Mat’s success, which led Emily to question, “Why not you?” “Why not me?”

The Power of a Smile – A Personal Blog Post

Another poignant blog post by Mat Ishbia wife, Emily, titled ‘Smile,’ explores the power of positive actions on the community and society. Emily shares her belief in the power of goodwill, offering help without being asked, and the deep sense of gratitude it instills.

This blog post ventures into her personal life, discussing her mother’s struggle with cancer. Emily recounts the painful experience of watching her mother’s health decline and the fear of losing her. She was devastated by her mother’s passing, but she decided to hide her grief. Emily pledged to support anyone grappling with a similar situation, solidifying her commitment to empathy and kindness.

The Life of Mat Ishbia and His Family

Emily Ishbia, the wife of Mat Ishbia, is a well-known blogger and fashion model. Together, they are parents to three children.

Mat Ishbia is the successful President and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, a company that was founded by his father, Jeff Ishbia, in 1986. After graduating college in 2003, Mat became the 12th employee of his dad’s company and was promoted to president ten years later.

Before his corporate venture, Mat played basketball for four years at Michigan State, achieving three final four appearances and scoring a National Championship in 2000. He also spent a year coaching with Tom Izzo, where he honed his leadership skills and developed a team-centric approach to business. Mat recently announced plans to acquire a significant share in the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury for a whopping $4 billion.

Emily Ishbia: A Model, Blogger, and Author

Emily Ishbia, Mat’s wife, is a fashion model and blogger. She tied the knot with Mat in 2014. Emily has collaborated with fashion giants like Harpers Bazaar and Elle. Besides modeling, she also runs a popular blog and works as a fashion stylist. With a career spanning over nine years, Emily has modeled for reputable brands like Pogo Boutique, Glamour and Jewelry.

Emily is an alumna of Michigan State University and operates a personal website, Emilyisbiamodeling. Beyond modeling and blogging, Emily was an impressive soccer player, earning a full scholarship to Michigan State. She has also penned a book titled ‘Overcoming Obstacles,’ providing a heartening narrative about surmounting loss and health challenges.

Emily is a dedicated family woman, often seen sharing family moments on her Facebook account. Her Instagram account, @emilyishbia, also offers a glimpse into her life as a mother of three, a life-lover, and her adventures in hiking, biking, and walking.

An Intimate Look at the Family Life of Matt and Emily Ishbia

Emily Ishbia, residing in Birmingham, Michigan, has built a beautiful life with her husband, Matt Ishbia, since their marriage in 2014. They have the joy of raising three children – two boys and a girl.

Their journey to parenthood spans eight years, punctuated by challenging moments and heartwarming victories. Emily, in conversation with Hourdetroit, revealed her struggles with in vitro fertilization, a procedure she underwent for two of her three pregnancies. The fear of losing her first pregnancy was a challenging period, yet she persevered through this difficult chapter in her life.

Meet the Three Ishbia Children

The Ishbia family is a vibrant tapestry of joy, love, and a shared fondness for pets, as evidenced by their social media accounts. Matt once shared a delightful update on his Facebook page on June 7, 2021, introducing their three new furry family members – puppies named Zeke, Kobe, and Judy.

Their children, who love fun and games, have had several memorable moments in the park with their parents. Highlights from a family outing to the park were shared by Emily on her Facebook account on June 1, 2017. They even had the chance to enjoy a baseball game at the United Shore Professional Baseball League in 2017.

The Ishbia Family’s Elegant Bloomfield Township Residence

The Ishbia family resides in a contemporary, family-oriented home in Bloomfield Township. Featured in Seenmagazine, Emily expressed her desire for their home to be a haven for family living, not merely an aesthetically pleasing space.

In partnership with Joel Lerman, owner of Lerman Corporation custom homes, they designed their home to be both beautiful and practical. Their dining room, a collective idea of Matt and Emily, exudes a Telluride-style ambiance, perfect for hosting gatherings.

The home’s flooring and luxurious fabrics are chosen with family living in mind, easy to clean and maintain. Emily insisted on these practical features, anticipating the needs of a busy family household. Their kitchen is fully furnished with cutting-edge amenities. The bedrooms also feature cozy sitting spaces intended for family bonding time, especially for nightly storytelling sessions.

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