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Multi-Millionaire Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife Mary Lee Harvey: Net Worth & Biography


Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

Famously known as ex-wife of comedian and super star Steve Harvey, Mary Lee Harvey was born in the late 1960s in Houston, Texas.

Steve marry her after divorcing her first wife and she became the second wife and were together for a total of 18 years.

All these years they lived happily without getting into controversies but suddenly when they announced their separation, it got a lot of attention from the fans and media.

We will cover everything related to Marry Lee Harvey in this article. So, hang in there!

Marry Lee Harvey Net Worth is $500,000

Fans are always curious about celebrities and their wealth and often finds exciting exploring these aspects.

Being an ex-wife of a Hollywood star, she must have got a lot in divorce settlement. So, the question is what is Marry Lee Harvey net worth? A top-rated website quotes her net worth to be $500,000.

This is earned through her hard work and the success she got in her several endeavors. Her wealth also got a spike due to her association with Steve Harvey whose net worth is estimated to be $150 million, and the amount she got in divorce settlement.

Early Life and Relationship of Marry Lee Harvey

Marry Lee Harvey is a common woman like any other lady.

Also, there is no information about her early life, education, personal life, career or wealth before meeting Steve.

She came into limelight when she met Steve. Of course, people would always want to know about celebrities and their personal life and so the case for Marry.

According to reports, Marry met Steve while working in a comedy show in 1989 in Arlington, Texas.

For both of them, it was love at first sight. They dated for a year and half and decided to tie the knot. Prior to marrying Marry, Steve was divorced from his first wife, Marcia Harvey in 1980 and he had three children from her.

Though the information about the reason of their divorce is also limited, in fact near to zero. The marriage went well and they had a beautiful son together.

She stood strong with her husband and supported her in all ups and down and saw her husband rising career and things were sailing smoothly for some time.

The marriage lasted for 14 years until Steve divorced her second wife too and got married to Marjorie Steve Harvey.

A Brief on Steve Harvey’s

Steve became the finalist in the second annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search in 1990. This led him to sign as the host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”.

He worked day-in and day-out as a standup comedian, use to sleep in his car, worked as station master, food supplier earlier to becoming a comedian.

His struggle helped him land on a starring role in “Me and the Boys”. When he got enough popularity, he started his own show called “The Steve Harvey Show” which got a lot of applause in African-American community.

Steve Harvey continued as a standup comedian and received lots of mainstream projects such as “The Fighting Temptations” and “Racing Stripes”.

He also released a book by name ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’ which not only increased his net worth but also added massive popularity in America.

He was also called the king of comedy in a recent show as he continues to host his show “The Steve Harvey Show” where he uses to crack lame jokes on celebrities.

Some of his big projects include “Celebrity Family Feud” and the “Family Feud” on ABC.

He was the talk of the town when he mistakenly announced the wrong name of Miss Universe pageant in 2015, but due to his immense popularity he was called again by the agency in 2017 to host the show.

Steve has been surrounded by a lot of praise, success and sometimes controversies, mainly for the comments he made.

Separation of Marry and Steve Harley

Fans and the whole media were surprised when Marry decided to divorce after a long happy married life of 17 years. A lot of rumors were there when they were breaking up.

As from a confirmed source, she said that Steve was having an extra-marital affair with Marjorie Bridge while he was married to Marry.

After their separation, the child-custody case went long and to get people attention to this case and to get support from the audience, she started uploading videos on YouTube accusing her husband for not being a worthy father and husband.

Being unfaithful and abusive at the same time.

Those statements made Steve angry and he went to court to take the legal action against him.

He stated in the court that all the allegations are false and damaged his media reputation as well to which he was find truthful and the custody of the child was handed over to the father.

Another reason of their divorce was the fact that his husband’s career was on a boom and he no longer can stand in front of him doing petty things and calling names over youtube.

Marry lost the case against her husband but she got a home and $40k per month as a welfare fee, which lasted for four years.

Marry Lee Harvey Age

As of 2020, Marry Lee Harvey is 60 years old.


When the settlement took place, the court ordered Marry not to make any public statements about her ex-husband that is defaming him. But she did not refrain from these activities and denied the court orders making videos again against Harvey.

Because of this violation, the court ordered to arrest her for 30 days. After coming out of prison, she made a public statement saying she did not violate any order.

While all of this was happening, Steve married Marjorie in 2007, the same lady we discussed above and started living happily with her. She had three children from her previous marriage which were adopted by Steve and he use to treat them as his own.

He has credited his current wife for supporting him in all these times and making him a better man, husband and a good father. These statements have burnt Marry a lot because they use to live happily in earlier times.

Since Marry’s release from prison she kept quite for long and it was heard that she has married to someone and carrying a surname Vaughn.

One of the last reports that came out in 2016 stating that she was gone to court again to sue her ex-husband for what she called ‘murdering her soul’ and she demanded $60 million, but lost the file.

This clearly shows that she was money-hungry and not making any value additions in both of their lives while they were married.

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