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Marina Sabatier Parents – Tragic Life & Death


Born to parents who mistook cruelty for affection, Marina Sabatier’s existence was filled with sorrow and despair. Her father, Eric Sabatier, and her mother, Virginie Darras were the orchestrators of her agony, causing Marina Sabatier to endure torment since she was just two years old. Tragically, Marina succumbed to the relentless abuse, her life ending in the dimness of the family basement on August 7th, 2009.

The Fate of Marina Sabatier Parents: A Mother in Jail and a Father Deceased

Both Eric and Virginie were found guilty of their heinous crimes, earning a 30-year sentence for their role in Marina’s death. The jury deliberated on life imprisonment and a three-decade term, finally settling on the latter. Virginie could potentially be released after serving two-thirds of her sentence. Eric met his end in prison, succumbing to cancer in September 2016.

The last hours of Marina’s existence were filled with unthinkable cruelty. Eric admitted to finding Marina naked on a chair and subsequently assaulting her. He also confessed to dipping Marina into a cold bath and physically abusing her further. Virginie too participated in the abuse, as per Eric’s testimony.

According to Eric, Marina was made to stay in the cold bath, intermittently being forced under the water. She was given vinegar and coarse salt to eat. The couple then took Marina, cold and trembling, to the basement where the torments continued. Despite her suffering, Marina wished her mother goodnight before falling asleep, never to wake up again. The cause of her death was acute subdural hematoma, hypothermia, and inhalation of vomit – a grim testament to her abhorrent abuse.

Eric initially attempted to deceive the authorities with a false kidnapping story, but eventually led them to Marina’s body. Chantal Moulin-Bernard, the State prosecutor, stated: “The child was locked in a cellar one night, and was found inanimate in the morning. The body was initially hidden in a deep freeze at another site, before being put in a trunk which was filled with cement.” (Quote as per The Daily Mail)

Marina Sabatier Parents Admitted Their Guilt Before Sentencing

The motives of Darras and Eric for torturing Marina Sabatier , while leaving their other children unharmed, remain unclear. “My parents frequently abused Marina, but they never touched us,” Marina’s son from a prior relationship reported.

The court evaluated the possibility that Marina Sabatier parents were victims of a mental disorder, driving them to single out Marina. However, psychiatric evaluations revealed that while both Eric and Darras had severe personality problems, their judgement was not compromised.

During her final address to the court, Darras expressed remorse and acknowledged that she did not deserve forgiveness.

“Marina, my love for you ceased the day the abuse began. I neglected and ridiculed you, and proceeded to torture you. Yet, you loved us enough to protect us. I am unworthy of forgiveness, especially yours,” said Darras.

Marina’s mother commented that she would use her prison time to comprehend why she brutalized Marina.

In one court session, Eric voiced his intent to bear the brunt of the punishment, hoping that Darras would receive a lighter sentence. “My aim was for me to face the maximum punishment so that my wife could be freed as soon as possible to care for our children,” he declared.

In his brief concluding statement, Eric again referenced his children. “My only hope is to one day apologize to my children and help them heal,” he said.

Marina was Persuaded by Her Parents to Lie about Her Injuries to Authorities

To evade investigation into Marina’s severe injuries and poor health, Eric and Darras resorted to frequently changing their place of residence. Nevertheless, Marina’s frailty didn’t go unnoticed by the teachers at the numerous schools she attended, and they reported their concerns to the authorities. When quizzed, Eric dismissed Marina’s injuries as accidents.

In July 2008, two officers interrogated Marina about her injuries. A cheerful Marina explained her scars. “I think I told her we wouldn’t see her again and that we could end up in jail,” admitted Darras. Eric confessed that he had secretly wished Marina would reveal the truth to the police:

“As we drove to the police station, she reassured me, ‘Dad, I won’t spill the beans,’ but I believed that eventually, she would… When we walked into the police station for the hearing, I was prepared to be arrested. I wish she had spoken up.”

The Tragic Tale of Marina Sabatier: Parental Abuse and a Life Cut Short

Marina Sabatier parents faced unfathomable cruelty at the hands of her own parents, Eric Sabatier and Virginie Darras, from the tender age of two. Misinterpreting their violent acts as expressions of love, she endured the abuse until it claimed her life on August 7th, 2009 in the cold confines of her family’s basement.

Parents Imprisoned for their Daughter’s Death; Father’s Death in Custody

Marina Sabatier parents, found guilty of their horrendous crime, were served a 30-year sentence each. The court was presented with two options: lifetime imprisonment or a 30-year sentence; the latter was chosen.

Darras stands a chance to be released after serving two-thirds of her sentence. In contrast, Eric’s life ended behind bars in September 2016, succumbing to cancer.

The horrifying details of Marina’s last hours were revealed during the trial. Eric confessed that he found Marina in a vulnerable state upon returning from work and subjected her to physical violence. He admitted to forcefully submerging Marina in a cold bath, where she sustained head injuries. Eric also disclosed that Darras participated in the abuse, striking Marina and feeding her coarse salt and vinegar.

The couple then transferred the naked and shivering Marina to the basement, where the maltreatment persisted. Marina’s last words to Darras were a heart-wrenching, “Good night mom. See you tomorrow.” Unfortunately, morning never came for Marina.

Marina’s cause of death was determined to be acute subdural hematoma, triggered by severe head injuries, hypothermia, and inhalation of vomit. Forensic reports revealed that an extreme pulmonary edema-induced coma preceded her death.

In a final act of deception, Eric reported Marina as kidnapped to the authorities. However, as the police intensified their investigation, he eventually led them to Marina’s concealed body. According to State prosecutor Chantal Moulin-Bernard, Marina was locked in a cellar overnight and found lifeless the next morning. Initially hidden in a freezer, her body was later encased in cement within a trunk.

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