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Margot Perot – Billionaire Ross Perot’s Wife


Margot Perot is the widow of the deceased technology entrepreneur turned presidential candidate, H. Ross Perot. Ross finally deceased after being affected by blood cancer, Leukaemia.

H. Ross Perot sold his technology companies for more than $6 billion before opting to run for presidential candidate in the 1990s.

The story of her life might seem like a huge stroke of luck that landed on her in the form of money, but it holds a backstory that is actually the root cause of all that happened. Initially, Margot Perot helped her husband financially to help him start his company, Electronic Data Systems. Which later became so successful and valuable. When Ross Perot decided to sell the company, the settled amount was $2.5 billion. Ross handed it over to General Motors in the year 1984. Later, Perot Systems was sold to Dell for $3.9 billion in the year 2009.

H. Ross Perot:

Ross Perot was best in business as he was a magnate, super wealthy individual as he was a billionaire, he had immense interest in politics as he was a politician, and he cared for humanity as he was a philanthropist. He initially developed two companies of great value, Electronic Data Systems and Perot Systems, which were sold for billions after he decided to run for American Presidential Candidate. He married Margot Perot , who is a graduate of Goucher College, and they both brought into this world five children named Ross Jr. Perot, Nancy Perot, Suzanne Perot, Carolyn Perot, and Katherine Perot, as well as nineteen grandchildren. Margot helped and supported him in every aspect, be it financially or morally. He died a ruthless death by battling with blood cancer, leukaemia. 

Margot Perot Net Worth

Margot Perot is left with her deceased husband’s wealth. The Perots’ current net worth is $4.98 billion, and that is an insane amount of wealth. With this much money, they can buy 2.85 million troy ounces of gold and 59.7 million barrels of crude oil. The worth of such wealth can be compared, as it is equivalent to 0.0216% of the GDP of the United States, 0.0710% of the total wealth of the 500 richest people in the world, 1.26% of the top 100 United States college endowments, 79% of the top 200 United States executives’ total awarded compensation, 0.282% of the United States, and 70,284 times the median U.S. household income.

Perot Family Contribution to Advancing Education

Since 1978, the Perot family has used their wealth to improve education in the United States. They care about people and want them to serve the country and its growth.

Their foundations combined, The Perot family, The Perot Foundation, and The Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation, have provided a transformative $50 million endowment for UT South Western’s Medical Scientist Training Program, initialled MSTP, among the nation’s elite programmes that provide graduates a dual M.D./Ph.D. degree to implement ideas and attempts for betterment of laboratory discoveries with respect to the growth of clinical arena.

The financial aid for betterment in science has been running for the last forty years, and it has developed top-level physicians and scientists from UT South Western’s Medical Scientist Training Program and UT South Western’s Medical Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The aid is aimed at students at top-ranked schools in the United States.

In appreciation of the Perot family, the President of UT South Western Medical Center said, “This extraordinary gift provides a permanent foundation at UT Southwestern for this distinctive dual-degree programme that will not only benefit the UT Southwestern students but also helpful in generating a number of physician and scientists for the betterment of future.

”He further added these generous words, saying that the Perot family has been giving constant support and it secures the future betterment and makes commitment to the continuous advancement in the domain of academic medicine. 

Dr. Brown said that the Perot family is very forward-looking in their mission, and their constant support and contribution will make the unbelievable happen by providing the facilities and environment for students to take risks, make inventions, discover cures, and serve the humanity.

He goes on to say that with such skilled assistance, a whole new generation of physician-scientists will be produced, who will then do wonders in developing new cures and, eventually, preventing many diseases.

Perot Family Contribution to Women’s and Infants’ Healthcare

The Perot family has a philanthropic spirit and keeps on providing for people in need. The look forward to future betterment through science and also take care of people in the present to provide a better and healthier life.

They have built their own centre for better health for women and infants who have limited or no resources of their own. It is based in Texas and has an interactive web application where people can also donate to the cause.

They named it The Margot Perot Centre Renovation, and it has been in operation for nearly forty years, they will celebrate their fortieth anniversary in the year ahead, 2023. The foundation is aimed specifically at North Texas.

They provide special care for obstetrical and gynaecological procedures, and they provide care for more than 175,000 patients annually. Since 1983, they have assisted in the delivery of over 120,000 babies. They have well trained and experienced staff to take care of the patients.

Moreover, their website is well-built, and their support system is also very rapid in giving responses. They have put up true stories of patients narrated by themselves on the website. There is donation option provided in case of generous people want to make their contribution. Helplines and electronic mail addresses are also provided for different modes of communication.

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