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Marco Chacón, Spouse of Maribel Guardia


Maribel Guardia, a renowned figure in the Mexican entertainment industry, recently experienced a great personal loss with the death of her only son, Julian Figueroa, a fruit of her past relationship with singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian. Throughout this difficult journey, she has been comforted by her friends, fanbase, and most importantly, her spouse Marco Chacón. This segment aims to shed light on Mr. Chacón’s life and achievements.

It is still fresh in our minds, that on April 9, Maribel confirmed the tragic death of her 27-year-old son who was found in an unresponsive state at his residence in CDMX. Despite the quick response from emergency services, they could only confirm the unfortunate news of his demise.

Maribel, originally born in San José, Costa Rica, and now a popular Mexican actress and model, decided against having more children after her son’s death. Now, she devotes herself solely to her marriage with Marco Chacón.

Getting to Know Marco Chacón

Maribel and Marco Chacón love story began many years before they tied the knot, building a strong bond that laid the foundation of their marital bliss.

Marco, a law practitioner by profession, is a man of many facets. His academic credentials boast of a study in business law from Anahuac University and the Complutense University of Madrid, in addition to his role as a University Professor at both Master’s and Bachelor’s levels.

Beyond his legal profession, Chacón also serves as Maribel’s representative and specializes in entertainment and intellectual property law. He has a history of serving as a legal consultant and has negotiated license agreements concerning image usage, exclusivity, and musical and theatrical performances for several clients, including his spouse.

Their marriage took place at the San Cosme y Damián Parish, situated in CDMX’s San Rafael neighborhood, where her son escorted Maribel to the altar.

Wexford Science & Technology Appoints Dr. Marco A. Chacon as Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Marco A. Chacon, serial entrepreneur and accomplished scientist, joins Wexford Science & Technology, LLC, as the inaugural Chief Scientific Officer. Chacon’s impressive track record will prove instrumental in enabling life sciences firms to better tap into the extensive entrepreneurial and academic networks central to Wexford’s Knowledge Communities.

Wexford’s Founder and CEO, Jim Berens, expressed his enthusiasm for Chacon’s arrival, highlighting his significant entrepreneurial achievements, especially at the University of Maryland BioPark. “We are thrilled to have Marco onboard, and we look forward to the invaluable insights and expertise he will bring to our executive leadership team,” Berens said.

Chacon is widely recognized as the Founder and former Chairman of Paragon Bioservices, Inc., a contract development and GMP manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in viral vector process development and GMP manufacturing for gene therapy. In 2019, Paragon was acquired by global CMO, Catalent Pharma Solutions, for $1.2 Billion.

More recently, Chacon served as the Founder and President of IRAZÚ Bio-Holdings LLC., a company committed to fostering early-stage technology development and bridging the gap between academic research and drug development.

In his statement, Marco Chacon expressed his delight at joining Wexford Science & Technology as their CSO, emphasizing his continued commitment to promoting translational medicine, early-stage technological development, entrepreneurship, and the synergy between academic research and industry.

Dr. Chacon’s academic passions lie in energy metabolism, oxygen homeostasis, and exploring the regenerative possibilities of tissues and organs.

Marco Chacón’s Response to Julian’s Death

When asked about his wife’s condition following the tragic loss of their son, Marco expressed his own grief, stating he was deeply affected by the unexpected event.

Marco had been a part of Julian’s life since he was two years old and was taken aback by the sudden loss as Julian was generally in good health. He mentioned, “My heart is heavy, and I wish I had the right words to express my feelings, but they seem to fail me at this moment.”

Why Didn’t Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón Have Children?

During an interview on Adela Micha’s YouTube show, La Saga, Maribel shared that she had been pregnant once but suffered a miscarriage. This incident led to her decision not to try for more children. When asked if she wanted to opt for a fertility treatment, Marco responded, “No, we have Julian.” As Julian was still a child when Marco and Maribel met, they developed a strong family bond.


Maribel Guardia’s son, Julián Figueroa – who she shared with Joan Sebastian – tragically passed away at 27 years old on Sunday, April 9. He was found dead at his residence in the Jardines del Pedregal neighborhood, situated within the Álvaro Obregón municipality in Mexico City. The renowned actress from Costa Rica thus lost her only child. What was the cause of his untimely death? FOLLOW THIS LINK to discover.


The shocking death of Julián Figueroa has caused great sorrow across Mexico, with his mother, Maribel Guardia, feeling the loss most deeply. The sixty-year-old actress, who is also a model, only had one child. Why didn’t she decide to have more children? To find out, CLICK THIS LINK.


Maribel del Rocio Fernandez Garcia, the real name of the actress and singer from Costa Rica, started off her career in modeling. She participated in numerous beauty pageants that eventually led her to Mexico, where she landed her first acting roles. Over time, she moved from secondary roles to leading roles and initiated a brief singing career with her then partner. For more insights into their relationship, CLICK HERE.


Maribel Guardia was informed about her son, Julián Figueroa’s death by her husband, Mario Chacón, after she finished a performance of the play “Lagunilla mi barrio”. She had just completed showcasing her artistic talent to the audience when her spouse broke the tragic news about their 27-year-old son. For additional details, CLICK HERE.

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