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Manuela Escobar – Pablo Escobar’s Daughter


If you’re a true crime enthusiast or just someone who loves a good mystery, you’ve probably heard of Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug lord who terrorized Colombia in the 1980s. But what about his daughter, Manuela Escobar?

The youngest child of the Escobar family has largely remained out of the public eye since her father’s death. But with recent rumors about her net worth and current whereabouts, people are once again curious about this enigmatic figure. So, just who is Manuela Escobar? Let’s find out.

Manuela Escobar age

First of all, let’s talk about Manuela’s age. She was born on May 25th, 1984, making her 37 years old in 2021. Despite her notorious family name, Manuela Escobar lived a relatively sheltered life compared to her older brother Juan Pablo. She was only seven years old when her father was killed in 1993, and her family was forced to go into hiding to evade retaliation from rival drug cartels. During this time, they lived in poverty and often had to move around to avoid detection.

Manuela Whereabout

As for Manuela’s current whereabouts, little is known. In the years following her father’s death, the Escobar family reportedly received numerous threats and had to change their identities multiple times to stay safe. In the early 2000s, Manuela’s brother Juan Pablo publicly spoke out against his father’s legacy and said that the family was trying to make amends for their past actions. It’s unclear whether Manuela Escobar shares her brother’s desire for anonymity or if she’s simply laying low to avoid the spotlight.

Manuela Net Worth

Now, let’s talk about Manuela’s net worth. There have been rumors circulating online that she’s worth tens of millions of dollars, thanks to her family’s drug empire. However, it’s important to note that the Escobar family lost most of their assets when Pablo was killed. In fact, at the time of his death, he was reportedly in debt to the tune of $10 billion. While it’s possible that some of his ill-gotten gains were stashed away in offshore accounts, it’s unlikely that Manuela Escobar is living a life of luxury based solely on her family’s past earnings.

Is Pablo dead?

Speaking of Pablo’s death, there have also been persistent rumors over the years that he’s actually still alive and in hiding. While these claims have been debunked numerous times by reliable sources, they continue to persist. Some people speculate that Manuela and other members of the Escobar family are in on the conspiracy and are helping to keep their patriarch hidden from the world. However, there’s no evidence to support these claims, and it’s widely believed that Pablo Escobar did, in fact, die in a shootout with authorities in 1993.

Who is Manuela mother?

Finally, let’s talk about Pablo Escobar’s wife and Manuela’s mother, Maria Victoria Henao. After Pablo’s death, Maria Victoria fled to Argentina with her children. She largely stayed out of the public eye for many years, but in 2018, she released a book called “Pablo Escobar: My Life” that detailed her experiences as the wife of one of the world’s most notorious drug lords. In the book, she talks about the difficulties of hiding from law enforcement and the hardships her family faced after Pablo’s death. While Manuela herself has not spoken out publicly about her past, her mother’s book sheds some light on what life was like for the Escobar family.


While we may never know the full story of Manuela Escobar, one thing is clear: she’s a fascinating figure who continues to captivate the public imagination. Whether she’s living a quiet life of anonymity or secretly helping her father evade capture, we can’t help but be intrigued by this mysterious woman. Regardless of how much money she may or may not have, one thing is for sure: Manuela Escobar is a reminder that even the most notorious criminals can have families and loved ones, and that the impact of their actions extends far beyond their own lives.

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