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Madison Beer’s Complete Dating History till 2024


Madison Beer’s love life has been the subject of much speculation ever since she gained fame as a young teen posting covers on YouTube.


Fast forward to today, and Madison is a bona fide celebrity with a whopping 37.6 million followers on Instagram, over 18 million followers on TikTok, and just over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. As a result, interest in her romantic life has only intensified over the years.


Despite being only 24, the singer has been romantically linked to some well-known individuals during her time in the spotlight.


And if you pride yourself on being a Madison Beer aficionado, you probably have her romantic history committed to memory. Let’s delve into the details and explore her connections.


Jack Gilinsky

Madison and the Vine star-turned-musician actually started dating back in 2015. They met through their mutual friend Nash Grier at a party. At the time, she was 15 and he was 18. After spending about two years together, they broke up around 2017, and let’s just say their split was kind of scary. Not long after they went their separate ways, an audio clip of Jack allegedly verbally abusing Madison leaked to the public. In the aftermath, Madison wrote a now-deleted message urging her fans not to follow in her footsteps: “Don’t make the same mistakes I did, your safety is never worth it. No matter what, no one deserves to be treated that way.”

Brooklyn Beckham


Madison and Brooklyn sparked dating rumors during the summer of 2017 after they were seen getting cozy around L.A. But just a week later, Madison clarified that they weren’t official official. In the end, they ended things when Brooklyn headed to NYC for college because Madison couldn’t handle the distance. Guess it wasn’t meant to be! (By the way, Brooklyn is now happily married to Nicola Peltz!).

Zack Bia

Madison’s relationship with the club promoter/entrepreneur took off in 2018 and had its ups and downs for about a year. They officially called it quits in 2019, and it wasn’t the smoothest of farewells. Following the breakup, Madison took to Twitter, saying, “Oof I rlly owe myself the biggest apology for puttin’ up w sh*t I never deserved.”

But despite the messy breakup, Madison’s hit song “Selfish” (which is widely speculated to be about Zack) emerged, and for that we are #thankful.

David Dobrik

In 2020, fans started to think that Madison and YouTuber David had a thing going on because she was making regular appearances in his videos and on his social media accounts. But even with all the well-documented flirting, they’ve both denied being romantically involved. David really added fuel to the fire in February 2021 when he had Madison on his podcast to discuss their “relationship,” and Madison asked him straight up, “So, have you ever rejected me?” to which he answered in the negative. Cool, glad we finally put that long-standing joke/conspiracy theory to bed. Sigh.

Nick Austin

Nick Austin is Madison’s current boo, and the singer has been linked with the Hype House star since summer 2020. By December 2020, they were caught packing up a car for a road trip. Just a few months later in February 2021, *Just Jared* published snaps of Madison (in PJs?) chilling with Nick in West Hollywood. Come March, Nick officially announced their relationship with the sweetest Instagram birthday tribute to Madison.

“I don’t know how I got so lucky. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my best friend, my dream girl, my soulmate,” he wrote in the caption. “Every day with you feels like I’m dreaming, which I might be. I love you. Forever n ever n ever <3.”

Even though Madison started touring for her album Life Support in October 2021, she and Nick didn’t let the road stop them and are still going strong. They spent that Halloween together, which was right in between two shows for Madison. Maybe he was traveling with her?! Or at least visiting during the shows? Either way, we love this for them and can’t wait to see what they dress up as this year. 👀


As we’ve journeyed through the ups and downs of Madison Beer’s dating history, it’s clear that her relationships have contributed to both her personal growth and her music career. Through public breakups and romantic songs, Madison has shared her experiences with fans, offering a glimpse into her life beyond her music.


While Madison continues to navigate her journey in the spotlight, her fanbase remains eager to support her in both her romantic endeavors and artistic expressions. With each relationship, whether it fades out or flourishes, Madison seems to emerge with newfound wisdom and resilience—qualities that undoubtedly will continue to shape her and her music for years to come.

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