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Everything You Need to Know About Lucinda Southworth


We must have been familiar with the name, Lucinda Southworth. If not, then she has always been in the spotlight for being the wife of Larry Paige, a business magnate, tech giant and Co-Founder of Google.

Today we will talk about the life, career and every little detail you will need to know about Lucinda Southworth. 

Who is Lucinda Southworth?

Lucinda was born on 24th May, 1979 to Dr. Cathy Mclain as her mother and Dr. Roy Southworth as her father in USA.

Larry Page wife, belongs to a very intellectual family where her father was from Stanford College and worked with the World Bank, and her mother was an instructive clinician and has set up two NGOs to serve the special children.

She has two sisters, McLain Southworth and Carrie Southworth. Carrie Southworth who is a performing artist, stage actor and now she works in the ‘General Hospital’.

Qualification and Profession of Lucinda Southworth

By profession, Lucinda is a researcher. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and getting her master’s degree from Oxford University, London, United Kingdom, Lucinda is now seeking Ph.D. in biomedical informatics from Stanford University.

Her educational activities allowed her to connect the prestigious researches being held at Stanford. Her work making included analyzing and considering the comparative investigate conducted on information expression in Eukaryotic life.

Married Life and Spouse Larry Page

Larry and Lucinda started dating in 2006 and after a year they both got married on 8th December, 2007. The marriage took place on Necker Island, this island is an isolated area, attached with the Caribbean Sea which is claimed by extremely rich people, like the Founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson.

The couple flew with 600 guests in Boeing 767 to the beautiful yet reserved Island. Among the attendees, including Oprah Winfrey and even the previous American President Donald Trump.

Within the weeks earlier to the wedding, there was much hypothesis that other presidents would be in participation as well. Previous President Charge Clinton and his spouse Hillary Clinton were accepted to have gotten solicitations.

There were many rumors that previous President George W. Bush and his father, George Bush Senior were also present. Southworth’s sister, an on-screen performing artist named Carrie Southworth, is hitched to a man named Cody Johnson. He is the child of Clay Johnson, who was the more youthful Bush’s flat mate at Yale.

In spite of the fact that her marriage may have brought her into the open spotlight, Southworth hasn’t let that moderate her possess career down. Aside from being a researcher and analyst, she is additionally including in charity work.

The couple has built up their own charitable organization, the Carl Victor Page Commemoration Establishment and the couple donated $15 million to support the battle against Ebola virus in West Africa.

In expansion to their noble activities, she too effectively works with her mother’s charitable organizations and has already worked with restorative help charities in West Africa.

Together, Lucinda and Larry Page have a net worth that’s assessed to be around $50 billion. Since their marriage, the couple has driven a dynamic social life, frequently being shot going to celebrity parties and pledge drives, counting the Conceit Reasonable Post-Oscar parties.

There is no doubt that she is blessed to be Larry Page wife.

In expansion to her dynamic social life, charitable work, and her investigative career, Southworth moreover oversees to adjust parenthood on best of it all.

The couple have two children, who were born in 2009 and 2011. With such amazing parents one can as it were pondered what amazing achievements their children will inevitably accomplish in case they take after in their parents’ strides and strategies.

Her children are very well behaved and they are going on the track destined and set by their parents and hence Lucinda is known to be a good mother, by the matter of time we must be hearing about their accomplishments as well. 

By nature, Lucinda is a very charming lady, who has a beauty with brain and an outgoing personality. She has always supported her husband in all ups and down of their life and has stood strong as a promising partner in all his tries.

Lucinda, Larry Page wife, compliments himin every way and it’s been nearly a decade of their marriage, but the couple still looks fresh and supportive. They are far from controversies as many others are seen in situations.

Lucinda Southworth Net Worth

Lucinda enjoys a freaking net worth of $53 billion, earned by her web business visionary spouse, Larry Page.

The Google Co-Founder is a proprietor of six percent stake of Google’s parent company, Letter set and sold nearly $9 billion offers of Letter set and Google in 2004. Asides that, he possesses $20 million offers of Lesson C Letter set stock and is one of the American wealthiest business people.

The spouse of the multi-billionaire, Lucinda is a dynamic donor and is included with different charitable organizations. In fact, Lucinda Southworth’s net worth is basically due to her spouse, and she really enjoys it.

Lucinda’s alone net worth is around $1 Billion.

Lucinda Southworth Measurements

Lucinda Southworth is currently 42 years old she is around 167 cm tall, 5ft 6 inches. She is passionate about fitness as she regularly goes to gym and take up a balance diet. Her weight is around 62kgs, her size to be recorded is 34-26-35 inches. She has blond hair and adoring blue eyes.

Facts about Lucinda Southworth

  • She holds an American nationality
  • Lucinda appears to have a monstrous social media following
  • Larry and Lucinda strolled through the town of Matovu to urge to Lucinda’s brother’s wedding.
  • She has taken an interest in therapeutic work in Africa and made a difference while fighting with Ebola virus.
  • Her establishment “The Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund”, worked like a charm in Africa, that assisted out the patients that were suffering from Ebola.

A quick summary about Lucinda Southworth

Birth nameLucinda Southward
Net worth$1 billion
Age42 years
Date of birth24th may 1979
Birth placeUSA
ProfessionResearcher and scientist
Height5ft 6 inches
Weight62 kgs
ParentsDr Van Roy Southworth Dr Cathy McLain
Children2 children
SpouseLarry Paige
QualificationPhD (biomedical sciences)
Zodiac signGemini
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Lucinda Southworth was born on 24th may 1979 to Dr Van Roy Southworth and Dr Cathy McLain. She has 2 sisters, born and raised in USA. She is mainly famous because she is the wife of Google’s co-founder Larry Paige, and the couple were blessed by 2 children. Lucinda Southward is a scientist and researcher, and she holds degree in biomedical sciences from Stanford University. 

She started dating Larry in 2006 and married him in 2007, and had 2 kids, one in 2009 and the other one in 2011. Aside from being an analyst and researcher, she to boot successfully included in charity work. She and her life partner have built up their claim charitable organization, the Carl Victor Page Commemoration Foundation and the couple gave a huge amount of money to the patients suffering from Ebola.

Lucinda has a net worth total of $53 billion earned by her visionary husband, Larry Page.

It’s not regularly that you simply come over two fabulous people who are fantastically fruitful financial as well. In any case, Lucinda and Larry are living breathing illustrations of the idealize couple. Both of them have made extraordinary strides in their careers for the improvement of mankind. By looking at her instructive accomplishments you’ll see that she was given to her calling and proceeds to stay steadfast to it to this date. She stood by her man and raised her kids, all while making beyond any doubt that she advanced in her career as well. She is a role model for many women around the world.

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