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Revealing ‘Enola Holmes’ Actor Louis Partridge Girlfriend


Fans are curious about Enola Holmes star, Louis Partridge girlfriend. Is her name revealed? Is he dating someone or did he finalize about his relationship status?

Followers are confused about him as he recently found heartbroken. Find out all such information in this article like who is Louis Partridge dating, is Louis Partridge single, who is Lulu Start, and specially about Louis Partridge girlfriend.

Louis Partridge is a 17 years old English bachelor and a captivating performer who was born on June 3rd, 2003 in London, United Kingdom. He has five beloved family members.

The Family Of A Rising Star

His father name is James Partridge who is a Lawyer by profession, Trainer and a Graduate Recruiter. 

His mother, Liz Partridge is Finance Specialist at NGO and two siblings, Issie being the eldest one is a Model and an Instagrammer and lastly Millie the youngest sibling, is a student with a popular Tik Tok account on zooweemama.

James always dreamed to be an actor during his young age but his mother ascertains that his child must have stable career.

James was concerned as he came to know that his son Louis aspires for show business and warned regarding uncertainty of this profession.

Nevertheless, James supported Louis pursuing his dream after seeing his enthusiasm.

Liz Partridge, mother of Louis Partridge is the resident of Wandsworth, London where Louis got his upbringing with having roots in Welsh.

She is a Financial Specialist working at benevolent organization for Child Rescue for Nepal.

She is a very keen mother and pays attention to her family over worldly information and came to know about Louis role in Enola Holmes through his father.

Despite being a mother of a rising celebrity, she prefers to stay away from the spotlight and never appeared in public.

Issie Partridge is the eldest of all siblings and a pretty popular Instagrammer having more than 28.7 K follower.  Besides that, she is trying her luck in modeling and acting to be popular in acting field.

Along with his father, she supports his brother to achieve his goal of acting. She is the one who accompanied him for the Shoot of 1883 Magazine.

Louiz admit the Issie is the person who influenced him the most for the music preference.

The younger sister of Louis Partridge is the student. She is a popular Tik Toker and celebrates most of things online.

Love reading the article so far. Go on and explore more about Louis Partridge girlfriend below.

The Beginning Of A Great Career

Louis Partridge interest in acting seeded during the role of Maid Marian played in all-boys production of Robin Hood at the age of 10.

Besides having non-acting family background, he polished his skills and got his first chance on a TV series of BBC named Boomers.

After that he has performed in short films as leading roles in Beneath Water and About a Dog.

His acting and the support from his family, especially from his father and elder sister has furnished him a recurring role of Piero de Medici in the series Medici in 2019.

Later on, he performed a leading role of Peter Pan in The Lost Girls (2021).  

The role that gave him much popularity was in the movie Enola Holmes, the story of Sherlock Holmes younger sister.

Although, the lead character was Sherlock Holmes’s sister, Enola Homes but fans were crazy over the performance of Louis Partridge, who plays Enola’s love interest, Lord Tewksbury.

His own review on Instagram about movie depicted his excitement;

“So, me and my team is excited about Enola Holmes that will be released tomorrow morning and it feels like Christmas Eve or my birthday.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my acting journey so far.”, he said.

“It’s still so weird that I’m a part of this project, it wasn’t long ago that I was working as an extra or finding out my scene had been cut from Paddington 2 but it’s all part of the process.

Thanks to Millie and everyone who believed in me, I hope you enjoy the film and appreciate how much we put into it, let’s have it!! – Tewks.”, he added.

Louis Partridge Appearance In Films

Besides Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge has done several movies. Below you can find a list of performances he made throughout his career.

2014Beneath WaterFelixShort film
Young GavShort film
2015PanMiner boy
2016Second SkinNature boyShort film
2017Amazon AdventureYoung Henry Bates
G-ManCut scene
2020Enola HolmesTewkesburyMain role
2021The Lost GirlsPeter PanPost-production
2022Enola Holmes 2TewkesburyFilming

Louis Partridge Appearance In TV Serials

Some of the most popular television serials are as under.


2014BoomersAlfEpisode #1.4
2019MediciPiero de’ MediciSeason 3 (3.4, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8)
TBAPistolSid ViciousUpcoming miniseries
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Louis Partridge Girlfriend

There is no conformation about the relationship status and Louis Partridge girlfriend. Either he is single, committed or in relationship because he and his family stay far from media fraternity

Moreover, his profile is very low that people cannot able to find more about his private life and specially who is Louis Partridge dating? And who is Lulu Start?

But rumors were around about the Louis and Millie were following their on-screen chemistry. Both actors denied their romance rumors. However, they are still hanging out together, post pictures and endorse each other on social media.

Who Is Louis Partridge Dating?

After his remarkable performance, a lot of people are curious that is Louis Partridge single? Although, Louis’ private life is a mystery and his relationship status are vague too.

He has admitted ambiguously in a program named “Seventeen” while promoting his movie with Millie that “his heart has broken before” but didn’t tell who was his ex-girlfriend.

This statement has made thing obvious on the question, is Louis Partridge single? Most of the time people have raised their voices for Lulu Start as his girlfriend but that too is unclear.

Who is Lulu Start?

After the denial from Louis partridge and Millie about their relationship as girlfriend/boyfriend, new theory grasps their root about Louis and Lulu Start. The more we tried to discover about the relationship the confusion revolve around. Either Lulu is Louis’s girlfriend or she is his cousin, things are unclear.

These two were spotted on different location on different interval of time, alone or with their friends and family groups. Social media is evident for these events. Louis neither confirmed nor denied about speculation of relationship between Louis and Lulu Start. But they seem to be quite close to each other and enjoys the company. Lulu Start is definitely into Louis and seen from the pictures and tagging on social media.


The majestic rising British star Louis Patridge, has become a prominent celebrity. His career stretches from small TV act to main leads in movies. His family belongs to roots of Welsh. His private life is inaccessible to most of the media and common people. His social status has vague picture, which is not the matter of happiness for the fans and media.

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