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Louis Osbourne – Age, Life, Biography and More


The legendary musician and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne’s oldest child is Louis Osbourne. In 1975, he was born in Birmingham, England. The son of Ozzy Osbourne is currently leading a full life.

However, he has experienced a lot in the past. Louis’ mother, Thelma Riley, was Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife, and his full name is Louis John Osbourne.

Louis Osbourne emerged into the public eye after forging a reputation on the reality series The Osbournes. Ozzy Osbourne, his father, was Black Sabbath’s lead singer. You still want to bop your head when listening to Ozzy’s songs because of his rock-influenced vocal style.

Louis Osbourne’s father was a mess.

The firstborn kid of Ozzy Osbourne and his first wife, Thelma Riley, is Louis John Osbourne. Ozzy’s romantic life was far from ideal or even close to it. After Louis was born, his parents immediately separated.

His father’s drug abuse was the cause of the breakup of his parents. During this time, Ozzy Osbourne engaged in extensive drug usage. This behavior of Louis’ father separated him from Thelma Riley.

Most of the time, Ozzy Osbourne was intoxicated and unable to spend time with his family or his kids. He gradually lost the concept of what a family is over time since he was always high. Thelma Riley, his mother, reared him by herself. Thelma never raised a fuss or informed the media that the couple had broken up.

Like father like son

At some point in their lives, every child has had the desire of becoming like their fathers, and Louis John Osbourne was no exception. Louis’s father served as his motivation, despite the fact that he was an addict.

Louis Osbourne is currently a popular artist. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the music business. Louis has made a name for himself as a DJ, a label owner, and in many other fields. Obviously, the majority of his income come from his musical endeavors. He is an expert.

The majority of Louis’ songs are experimental, which implies that he fuses many genres to create new ones. This strategy is purely artistic. Electric Voodoo, Maia, Rare Grooved, and are some of his well-known tunes.

Osbourne Siblings

There is no information on Jessica Osbourne, Louis Osbourne’s biological sister. She prefers to live a private, obscure existence. Elliot Kingsley is another stepbrother of Louis John Osbourne. He is a well-known actor.

Following his divorce, Ozzy Osbourne wed Sharon Osbourne. Aimee Rachel Osbourne, Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne, and Jack Joseph Osbourne are some of Ozzy’s half-siblings because she is his second wife. He has a positive and constructive relationship.

Louis Osbourne declared Bankruptcy

The family’s fly on the wall TV show has included the eldest son of Ozzy Osbourne, who has been declared bankrupt. According to court documents, musician Louis, 38, who is close to his rock star father and other well-known relatives, has experienced financial difficulties.

Ozzy’s son from his previous marriage, before he married X Factor judge Sharon, is a father of two who resided in America before relocating to the UK.

Ozzy, a member of Black Sabbath, and Sharon are reputedly worth more than £100 million, and she has a £1.8 million deal to return to the ITV1 programme.Jack, Aimee, and Kelly are the couple’s three children, and they have residences in Beverly Hills and Buckinghamshire.

Louis, whose mother Thelma was married to the singer for almost ten years, leads a gentler existence in his hometown of Birmingham than the famous Osbournes.

He and his actor wife Louise reside in a £250,000 semi-detached home, and according to his court-filed bankruptcy papers, he works in the music industry.

Three years before Louis was born, Ozzy adopted Elliot, a student teacher Thelma’s son, and they had a daughter named Jessica.

Although Louis had previously lived close to his mother in Dublin and his father and Sharon in Los Angeles, he returned to Birmingham two years ago.

In a 2011 interview, Louis stated that he gets along well with his half-sisters Aimee and Kelly as well as his half-brother Jack, but that family get-togethers are challenging due to their demanding work schedules. They are in America, and I travel half as much as I used to, he added. It is more likely that we will cross paths in an unknown New York hotel than sit down for Sunday brunch together. We get together on unique occasions.

Louis began his career in a Birmingham record store before becoming a successful DJ in the 1990s while working in Ibiza and America.

He then founded a record company. His wife Louise, who has worked as Catherine Zeta Jones’ personal assistant and has starred in Dr. Dolittle 2 and America’s Sweethearts, owns an acting studio in Birmingham.

In 2002, the couple first met in a pub in Los Angeles while Louis was there to see his father, who had just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ozzy married Louise in Ireland, although his well-known relatives were unable to attend because of Ozzy’s quad bike accident that occurred in the 2003 on the grounds of his Buckinghamshire estate.

After 32 years of marriage, Sharon recently confessed in her new book Unbreakable that she was on the verge of divorce Ozzy when he started drinking and using drugs once more. Early this year, the couple split up, but they subsequently got back together when he decided to attend AA and they both started seeing a therapist.

Louis filed his own bankruptcy case, according to court documents submitted to Birmingham County Court. He declined to speak about his financial struggles.

Wife and children

Louise Osbourne, an Irish actor, is the wife of Louis Osbourne. In 2002, they first connected at a Los Angeles venue. Louis was the featured DJ during the party.

He just so happened to have music and DJ talents that Louise Osbourne enjoyed. She went up to him and made a date request. Everything turned out for the best. Louise Osbourne was not a fan of rock music, thus she was unaware that Louis was her son.

Following this, they began dating, and before you knew it, they were wed on December 31, 2003. There is affection and understanding between Louise and Louise. They have coexisted peacefully for almost ten years.

Role in the Osbournes

Louis only made brief cameo appearances in these appearances, speaking only a few lines, but he helped the Osbourne family move into their new home in the first episode. On one occasion, he joins Ozzy in making fun of Kelly’s scheduled visit to the gynecologist by Aimee.

Another memorable scene in Get Stuffed features Louis helping his father clean up after Puss knocks over a vase and causes a mess.

Puss subsequently makes an appearance at Ozzy’s birthday celebration. In the Christmas episode of the series, Louis plays a larger part, having spent Christmas with the Osbourne family.

He is seen offering and receiving gifts for the family. After the dinner, he, Jack, and perhaps Jack’s pals swim around in the pool before Louis disappears. Later, he and Jack taunt and tease Kelly at the table.

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