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Who is Logic Rapper? Net Worth, Height, and Girlfriend


Hip hop culture is not just about the beats, rhymes, and rhythms; it is also about the provocative, insightful, and inspiring messages that artists convey through their music. One such artist that has gained wide popularity and critical acclaim in recent years is Logic. The Maryland-born rapper, whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, has carved a niche for himself in the rap world with his introspective lyrics, socially-conscious themes, and dynamic flow. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at who Logic rapper is, his background, net worth, height, girlfriend, and personal life.

Early Life of Logic Rapper

Logic rapper was born on January 22, 1990, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He was raised in a broken family with little financial stability, and he spent much of his time shuttling between his alcoholic mother and drug-addicted father. As a result, he had a troubled childhood with a lot of personal and family issues that he had to deal with. Despite these challenges, he found solace in rap music and began writing his own lyrics at the age of 13. Over time, he honed his skills and gained popularity among his peers and local fans.

Logic Rapper Career

In 2010, Logic rapper released his debut mixtape, Young, Broke, and Infamous, which garnered critical acclaim and caught the attention of major labels. After several years of mixtapes and collaborations, he signed with Def Jam Recordings in 2014 and released his debut studio album, Under Pressure, later that year. Since then, he has dropped several hit albums and mixtapes, such as The Incredible True Story, Everybody, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and worked with artists like Eminem, Joyner Lucas, and Khalid.

Logic’s Other Ventures

Apart from his music career, Logic rapper has also dabbled in other ventures, such as writing books, acting, and hosting cooking shows. In 2019, he announced his retirement from rap music to focus on his family, personal life, and other creative endeavors. However, he returned to the music scene in 2020 with his surprise project, No Pressure, which he described as his farewell album.

Logic Rapper Net Worth

Now, let’s talk about Logic’s net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Logic’s estimated net worth is around $14 million. This fortune comes from his music sales, tours, endorsements, and other ventures. He owns a luxurious mansion in Calabasas, California, which he bought for $3.57 million in 2018. He also drives expensive cars, such as Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Ferraris, and flaunts his wealth on social media.

Logic’s Height

Moving on, let’s discuss Logic’s height. He stands at 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm tall, which is slightly below average for a male. However, he compensates for his height with his sharp wit, lyrical prowess, and dynamic stage presence. He also maintains a fit and healthy lifestyle through workout routines and a vegan diet.

Logic Rapper Girlfriend

Lastly, let’s delve into Logic’s personal life and girlfriend. In 2015, Logic rapper tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Jessica Andrea, who is also a singer and songwriter. The couple enjoyed a happy relationship and collaborated on several songs until they announced their divorce in 2018. Since then, Logic has kept a relatively low profile on his romantic life, but he has hinted at his new relationship in his music and interviews.


In conclusion, Logic is a revered rapper, writer, actor, and cultural icon who has left a mark on the music industry and beyond. He has overcome many personal and professional hurdles to emerge as one of the most successful and inspiring artists of his generation. Whether you are a fan or not, you cannot deny his talent, drive, and impact. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about who Logic Logic Rapper is, his net worth, height, girlfriend, and personal life, and that you learned something new and interesting about him. Stay tuned for more updates on his music and career!

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