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Local Online Marketing for Small Businesses: How to Target the Nearby Audience


As a small business owner, you have everything on your shoulders from managing your store to inventory, cashflows to dealing with vendors and so forth. And top it all, you have to do and seek ways to do local online marketing yourself to grow your outlet. 

Especially, when inbound marketing has changed the game. Outbound marketing that includes, Out of Home Advertising (brochures, bill boards, standees, etc.) is no longer creating an impact, whereas online local marketing is proving to be a true success for small business owners that have physical outlets.

Initially marketers used to target larger audience base and created strategies on a wide scale by advertising on TV, magazines, newspaper, radio, but with time the tactics became more personalized and direct to consumers.

When we talk about a personalized approach, local online marketing approaches came in, and businesses now have started realizing that attracting customers based on where they live could be more profitable for their business.

Since then, inbound digital marketing strategies has proved to be a powerful way to analyze and optimize results based on the data and creating brand awareness and a good amount of conversions.

By now, if you’re sticking around with the article, then you are looking ways to learn some strategies on local online marketing! Go through this complete guide and we’re hopeful that you’ll explore ways to do online local marketing.

This comprehensive guide will cover:

•             What is local online marketing?

•             Why is local online marketing important after all?

•             How to implement local online marketing?

What is local marketing?

Inbound marketing gave a whole new perspective to the marketers and business owners: what if brands adapted a way to what customers already do, which is searching their queries on google and learning about the brand as a very first step towards buying anything.

This strategy became massive, and people all across the globe started applying these tactics.

But, after a while, there became a lot of competition for the companies to fight with their competitors and draws the viewers’ attention on the internet.

Big names have money in their pockets, so they work towards a more personalized advertising and ad segmentation.

But the question is, what about those small outlets, local business owners? They had to face a ferocious competition while competing with big names in the market.

This was the time when marketers and local businesses started realizing the power of local online digital marketing. They started adopting the approach where they can target their audience based on region and areas specific to their locations.

Now we can easily understand what online local marketing is all about. Attracting specific group of people based on their geographic areas and particular places.

This can be a small town/street or whole of a state. By attracting those nearby buyers in your area, the chances are brighter to convert them easily. Trust me, this is a smart way of dealing with big competition.

Now let’s take a real life example from a customer point of view: consider if someone searches what you have to offer and made up mind to buy from a big name instead of you but that is miles away from his location but you offering the same are very closer to him and if you have done online local marketing the right way, you are highly likely to convert that person into your customer.

Since it’s easy for a consumer to get solutions nearby, close alternative is more attractive and reliable.

Sometimes its all about the experience that a user want without going miles away from city to get what is required. They want to see what best options they have around them, and local tactics are all about showing that.

Why is local online marketing important after all?

Let’s jump into the importance of local marketing online and talk about how we can achieve that and the effectiveness of the methods discussed below.

First of all, it’s a less waste of time, money and energy.

After all, you just have to focus on a limited number of activities, and invest resources and strategies to get to the right audience in your area. So, it’s way less effort than it would be to target a larger audience.

With online local marketing, you are surely getting a funnel with right prospects on top. That happens, because you have optimized properly and instead of going for everyone, but only for a small community of users.

Higher ROI and Lower CPA

You can expect higher ROI – Return on Investment, and low CPA – Cost Per Acquisition.

With tactics to attracting the right people that are nearby, chances of successful purchases are huge and you end up making profit.

We will talk about the methods shortly so that you know that bringing the right customer to your shop is easy, and the overall cost is small.

Brand loyalty

To achieve a higher ROI – we cannot forget how brand loyalty is important for a business to generate recurring sales.

Now a days, brands spend so much on creating hype from content marketing to visuals, animations and use other strategies to grab viewers attention. But it is easy to accomplish if you are following the digital strategy to reach out to your customers.

If you are able to provide a world-class experience to your customers upon his first purchase, then surely you are going to make dollars again and again from them, based on the relationship and trust they have developed buying from you

Also, not to forget that the lifetime value is also higher in that case since you’re a neighbor who is offering as to what is required by them along with a great shopping experience.

So, it’s more like from a person you are familiar with and not just buying for commercial reasons.

Creating a Buzz

Creating a buzz is also significant like any other brand.

Think of it like: you are a small outlet in a tiny neighborhood and delivering great buying experience to your customers, it may easily spread out to bring in more customers.

People always like to share the experiences they have, and also recommend products they have used and places they have visits to each other, and going for a local marketing strategy is a way of tapping into word of mouth to improve results.

Local Partnerships:

Acquiring partnerships is also a great way to do online local marketing in the same area.

If you focus on a particular area you will get to know different companies as well. And with these partnerships, you can improve customer experience, and sky is the limit when it comes to exploring new opportunities.

How to implement local online marketing?

We will discuss some important points on how you can implement to achieve the desired results.

Online Local Reviews

One good way to acquire customers is to increase your positive reviews on the internet. Especially, on Google my Business.

Remember that reviews that you must have seen yourself while doing a specific research for an outlet or a store. That is essential because Google is world’s number one search engine and have almost of the internet users searching for different things online.

Here’s how local reviews look like:


You can do remarketing to get in the forefront of the users that have visited your website. For this, you need to setup a remarketing audience from any of your landing page that creates revenue and show ad to that particular audience for making a purchase again and again.

In your case, geotargeting is more relevant because it will be personalized ads based on a particular area who are visiting your website.

On-page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is also one of the best techniques to attract visitors organically on to your blog or site. This will require good local keywords, that normally your audience is searching and get them on what they are looking for.

If done right. On-page SEO will help you not only boost relevant traffic to your website but also results in generating good amount of money.

Adopting titles with the name of the state or city, writing the correct meta description, the content of the pages, the title of blogs, and the alt text for images, you’ll be able to target locally.

Now, an example of how to use URL and page title in such strategy:

Google My Business

Google My Business is an easy-to-use yet an effective tool that helps brands on the internet.

There you can fill out forms with your physical address, phone number, hours of operation, and anything that’s important about your business.

That data will be available to everyone searching for solutions that are close to them. Or even if they are using a standard keyword, Google may display the info you gave them to show users you may be a good option to buy from.


Local marketing online is an effective way to not only increase relevant traffic on your site but to increase the footfall on your outlet that can help you generate more revenue.

Its all about sending the right messages to the audience that are nearby. You may think that attracting the audience near you is limited in scope, but trust us it will give a positive impact on your ROI.

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Kate Brown
Kate Brown
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