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Liver King Net Worth – Income, Wealth, Assets & More


Many of us love meat, go for a weekly Mcdonald’s run, or host a BBQ party once in a while. Now that is normal for the majority of the world’s population. Meet Liver King, who eats raw meat on a daily basis. Yikes! Eating raw flesh is a part of his regular diet. Just when some people thought going vegan was too far-fetched, he made it look pretty tame. Keep reading to find out liver king net worth.

Who is Liver King?

Brian Jonson or infamously known as Liver King, is an influencer notorious for eating raw meat, animal guts, and his favorite, Liver. He is a hardcore advocate of returning to one’s roots and living the lifestyle of our ancestors. Believe it or not, this bizarre lifestyle has grabbed the attention of thousands of people, which has helped him build an empire.

He grew up with his mother in San Antonio, where his father passed away at a young age. Brian was gutted and got bullied in school a lot. To clasp back at his bullies, he hit the gym and shifted his focus toward bodybuilding.

How old is Liver king?

Liver King is 45 years old, looking as fresh as ever. He was born on April 7, 1997, making him an Aries.

Liver King Education

He studied biochemistry at Texas Tech University. He wrote a thesis on the workings of supplemental nutrition, which inspired him to lunch his own company. He enrolled in med school and later dropped out. Liver King was supposed to be a pharmacist, but his career path took a different turn.

The secret behind the name Liver King

Brian calls himself the Liver king because of his love for eating raw animal liver for its nutrient density. He consumes one pound of raw liver every day.

How tall is Liver king?

He is 5’6 and weighs around 86kgs. Next time you see Liver King’s chiseled abs and hulk-esqe body, know that it was achieved by eating copious quantities of organ meat.

Liver King Net Worth

  • Liver King net worth in 2018 was $0.2 million.
  • Liver King net worth in 2019 was $0.4 million.
  • Liver King net worth in 2020 was $0.6 million.
  • Liver King net worth in 2021 was $0.8 million.
  • Liver King net worth in 2022 is $1.0 million.

What inspired the ancestral lifestyle?

In 2004, Liver King met the love of his life while snowboarding, who later became the biggest supporter of his unconventional journey. Barbara, also known as Liver Queen, married Brian and had two sons. Their kids went through multiple illnesses and allergies. As a result, hospital visits were frequent. Liver King was sick of this and wanted a permanent solution.

He stumbled upon research “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price. Price studied ancestral and indigenous people’s nutrition and how they got vitamins like K2 and Mk7 from organ meats. Hence, the inception of Liver King’s out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle took place.

What are the nine ancestral tenets?

According to his ideology, we need to relive our ancestors’ lives to be healthy and happy.

  1. Sleep: This is the most important tenet, as humans cannot survive without it. It restores brain and body function.
  2. Eat: Whole animal foods such as bone marrow, meat, and liver is ideal for your body. We should ditch ultra-processed foods.
  3. Move: Moving such as exercise will remove our dependency on alcohol and painkillers.
  4. Shield: The fourth Ancestral Tenet is Shield because we must protect ourselves from threats, much like our early ancestors did, although now we run from seed oils, excessive wifi, and EMFs.
  5. Connect: Connect with the Earth’s negative charge by walking barefoot or hugging trees.
  6. Cold: Expose ourselves to the cold.
  7. Sun: It is mother nature’s source of Vitamin D
  8. Fight
  9. Bond

What does he eat?

Liver King is a big fan of the paleo diet and encourages his followers to follow it. He says we should not eat processed, sugary or fermented foods. They should be consumed in their raw form, making the most out of nutrients.

-raw liver shakes with tomato juice, cayenne pepper, lemon, and a little bit of mint

-raw grass-fed beef

-bone marrow

-raw eggs

-chocolate liver ice cream

-He eats zero vegetables.

Alongside Liver King, his wife, and both sons also are believers of this diet and strictly follow it.

How did he get rich?

Liver King made a fortune by displaying his primal ways of eating. He is an advocate for living like our ancestors and following the carnivore die and describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and is the CEO of a nutritional supplement company called Ancestral supplements. Those include beef, and kidney-pancreas, which is packed with protein, and nutrition, all necessary for living like a King. These are free from hormones and pesticides, offering an all-natural way to boost and nourish your immune system. His supplements are available for purchase on Amazon.

These supplements are for people looking to get their daily nutrients in a pure and primal manner, similar to our early ancestors.

He also earns through sponsorships and brand endorsement partnerships on his social media platforms.

How much does liver king make per year?

His estimated annual salary is $250,000.

His social media

A ripped guy following an all-meat carnivore diet is not something you see every day. Naturally, it will gain a lot of traction.

-He has 1.5 million Instagram followers.
-On TikTok, Liver King has a following of 2.5 million.
-His subscriber count is 215k on YouTube.

-Logan Paul invited King on his podcast, Impulsive.

Although people are hailing his outrageous lifestyle, there are many like Joe Rogan who called accused him of taking steroids.

Liver King house

Liver king lives in an 8,300 sq. foot Spanish-style mansion. But it is a fortress with high security all around. Four scary Dobermans guard the house, so no one can break in, even if they try. A 36-degree ice plunge has been installed in the hot tub next to the pool.

Liver King and his sons do boxing in the living room, which was transformed into a sparring ring with thick blue wrestling mats. The family sleeps on hard wooden floors to more closely resemble the sleeping arrangements of our cave men ancestors. There are also twenty axes lying in the hallway.

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