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Lisa Sparks World Record – The Engaging With 919 Men in 12 Hours


In the world of record books, there is a place for just about everything, no matter how bizarre or awkward it may be. One record that particularly stands out involves a woman who holds the world record for engaging with the highest number of men in a single day.

This peculiar record belongs to Lisa Sparks, an adult actor from the United States, also known as Lisa Sparxxx. She is reported to have engaged with no less than 919 men in a single day, or to be more precise, within a 12-hour span.

Sparks set the odd record on October 16, 2004, in Warsaw, Poland, during the Eroticon 2004, an adult convention. The event Sparks participated in was the Third Annual World Gang bang Championship, where she was up against two other competitors.

Sparks emerged victorious in the competition, having engaged with 919 men over 12 hours. The record rules stipulated that each men were only permitted 45 seconds with Sparks. One of her competitors was the previous record holder who had engaged with 759 men in a day. On the eventful day, Sparks outperformed the runner-up by 21 men.

Before Sparks clinched this record, the title was held by Marianna Rokita, a Polish adult actress who had been with 759 men in a single day. Prior to Rokita, the record belonged to Klaudia Figura, who had been with 646 men in one day.

Interestingly, despite her work in the adult film industry and featuring in over 188 films, Lisa Sparks has been in a marital relationship since 1995.

Lisa married her husband, Jeff Sparks, on August 12, 1995. According to reports, Jeff is also involved in the adult entertainment industry.

In addition to her acting, Lisa Sparks is a content creator and operates her own YouTube channel named “Sparxxx TV”. As of 2023, “Sparxxx TV” has amassed a following of more than 5,000 subscribers. The channel features Lisa engaging in humorous pranks and challenges, responding to viewer inquiries and comments, and sharing other non-explicit content.

What Does Lisa think of her World Record

Years later, Lisa expressed regret for participating in the record-breaking event. She made it clear that she only participated for the money and singled it out as the only regret she has in her career in the adult entertainment industry.

Explaining her regrets and mixed feelings for participating in the world record for sleeping with the most men in a single day, Lisa Sparxxx wrote on her website,

“To be completely transparent with you all; this event is the one thing I regret doing in the 23+ years in the p*rn industry to this day. This was also the ONLY job I agreed to perform strictly for the money.”

She went on to say that she wished people would forget about the event and allow her to move.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love gang bangs and have done most of them with you all, my fans. I love participating in gang bang events, I believe you can tell in my movies that I enjoy myself when I’m used to a roomful of guys covering me in c*m.

However, this event was never anything I ever planned on, and the entire event was a complete sh*t-show. I wish this topic would die, and we all move on to something relevant.”

Part of her dissatisfaction and regret come from how the event was organised, which almost led to the arrest of the performers.

She narrated,

“The Polish government found out about the event and threatened arrest on-site for anyone involved. So the event organizers moved the event to an undisclosed warehouse where approximately 150+ different guys showed up.

“… I was hoping the event would be something like the Houston 500, it was not. I was disappointed but was excited to fly home and not spend any time in a foreign jail. This event also appeared to get my Wikipedia page removed and to this day I am not sure why.”

She added that she was so bored during the event that she ended up ordering MacDonalds.

“I was so bored during the event that I order McDonald’s (hey a fat girl has to eat!!). Yes, Poland has McDonald’s and a KFC!”

Lisa Sparks Reflects on Her World Record Experience

Years down the line, Lisa Sparks revealed her regrets about participating in the record-breaking event. She asserted that her motivations were purely financial and viewed her participation as the sole regret of her adult entertainment career.

Articulating her remorse and ambivalence about her involvement in the world record for being with the most men in a single day, Lisa Sparxxx shared on her website,

“Honestly, the event is my single regret in my over 23 years in the adult film industry. It was the only time I took an assignment purely for the financial gain.”

She expressed her desire for the public to forget about the event and allow her to move on.

“I adore group scenes, and my fans can attest to that from my movies. It’s clear that I enjoy myself during these scenes, with rooms full of men showering me in the end.

Yet, this event was never a part of my plans, and the whole thing was a disaster. I wish we could lay this topic to rest and focus on more relevant matters.”

Part of her discomfort and regret stemmed from the event organization, which almost resulted in the detainment of the participants.

She recounted,

“The Polish government caught wind of the event and threatened to arrest anyone involved on the spot. So, the event coordinators relocated the event to a secret warehouse where approximately 150+ different men attended.

“… I had hoped the event would mirror the Houston 500, but it didn’t. I was let down but equally relieved to be heading home without facing time in a foreign prison. Oddly, this event led to the removal of my Wikipedia page, and I still can’t figure out why.”

She confessed that she was so uninterested during the event that she ended up ordering fast food.

“The event was so uninspiring that I ordered McDonald’s (a girl’s gotta eat!!). Yes, they do have McDonald’s and KFC in Poland!”

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