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Linda Susan Agar – Shirley Temple and John Agar Daughter


Linda Susan Agar was an American actress, and just like her mother, she also started her acting career in her early years. Linda Susan Agar was born in the United States in 1948 and died in 2000. She is also known as Susan Black to many people. Linda’s parents were both actors, and she inherited her parents’ talent for acting. Although she opted for an acting career, she still managed to keep a low profile.

Linda Susan Agar had a daughter named Teresa Caltabiano, with whom Shirley Temple shared a close relationship. Caltabiano had a daughter of her own, Temple’s great-granddaughter, whom she got to meet in her lifetime.

Proceed forward the reading to learn more about Linda Susan and people related to her.

Linda Susan, John Agar’s Black Daughter

John was born in the year 1921, a year before the start of The Great Depression.

John served in the United States Army before deciding to pursue a career in acting. His and Shirley’s fates were written to be together. Shirley and John met at a young age and fell in love. Shirley was only fifteen years old then.

Shirley and John were starring together in two films when their only child, Linda, was born: Fort Apache and Adventure in Baltimore, both released in 1948 and 1949, respectively.

The happy life turned out not to be so happy when John started having drinking issues that affect their marriage and resulted in their divorce in the year 1949. Shirley, reportedly sued him on the grounds of mental cruelty.

Linda Susan Agar – Daughter of Shirley Temple

Linda Susan’s mother was an iconic actor of her time; Shirley Temple. Shirley was born in the year 1928, during the period of The Great Depression. The impact of being born in a depressing era, unfortunately, must have had an impact on her children.

Shirley Temple made her breakthrough as a child when she was just three years old. She was constantly in front of the camera and grew up with tonnes of people watching her. She tasted peeks of fame during her acting career and eventually ended up making a career in politics in the United States.

Shirley married John Agar and had a daughter named Linda, later, the couple parted their ways and Shirley married again to Charles Alden Black. With Charles Alden, she had two children, one boy and one girl. Shirley changed Linda Black’s surname to Black after her stepfather.

Shirley experienced every season of growth and destruction, from the glamour of the acting industry to the intellectually provocative politics. Shirley finally left this world in the year 2004. 

Linda Susan Agar Siblings

Shirley and John decided to have kids together. Later, after becoming a mother, Shirley summarised her life in a nutshell saying that in her life she had three careers: one as an actress, one as a politician, and one as the mother of three wonderful souls. Additionally, she said that experiencing motherhood was the most spectacular. She quoted, “Being a wife and mom is the greatest of her achievements.”

However, Shirley and John only had one daughter. Shirley remarried Charles Alden Black and had two children. Linda was the eldest daughter and a sister to one half-brother named Charles Alden Black Jr. and one half-sister named Lori Black.

Siblings from the Mother’s Side

Shirley Temple had one son named Charles Alden Black Jr., named after his father and her second husband of the same name, to whom she would remain married until his death. Black Jr. also tried acting just like his half-sister and mother but could not breakthrough, so instead he started focusing on his academic excellence. He got a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Santa Clara University in the 1970s and pursued other academic ventures over the years.

Shirley Temple had one daughter named Lori Black. Lori was an artist and used to admire the art of music. She contributed her youth to the music industry by making music for people. She played bass for the band Melvins. Shirley was extremely proud and involved in Lori’s band, and all of the other members looked up to her as a mother figure. Lori’s life was turned upside down when she became involved in drug addiction. But with the help of her mother, she overcame it under the supervision of rehabilitation.

Siblings from the Father’s Side:

Linda’s father also remarried to some other women after he parted ways from Shirley. John Agar married Loretta Barnett Combs. Linda gained step-siblings, Martin Agar and John G. Agar III, as a result of this marriage.

Their marriage lasted forty-nine years.

Closing Up

We revealed the low-key lives of actress Linda and her parents, who were also actors. Her mother was one of the most iconic actors in America, Shirley Temple and her father was an army brat turned actor. They split up after a series of unfortunate events, and both remarried to different people. Linda naturally inherited half-siblings and step-siblings as a result of this. 

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